Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip Giveaway!

The theme at my house this week must be “pretty and feminine”! You got to see my cute new purse…and now just a few days later, I received a beautiful Flexi-Clip from Paula, a consultant for LillaRose.   Wow is me! My Flexi-Clip is soooo pretty!


I’m smiling beautifully in this picture as a result of the pretty Flexi-Clip , you just can’t tell. :)  Paula let me choose from the huge page of different styles and colors of Flexi-Clip. It was VERY HARD to choose! I love the one I picked though – Princess Tiara Antique Brass. Soooo pretty! (I think I said that already.)

Before heading off to a basketball game today, I decided to try it out. It took me exactly 10 seconds to pull my hair back and secure the Flexi-Clip . Ten seconds to fix my hair? Oh yes, the Flexi-Clip is pretty and simple to use! 

The next test would be how long the Flexi-Clip  would stay in my hair. My hair is fine and a little on the thin side…a pony tail band either slips out easily or pulls on my scalp. Would the Flexi-Clip  be uncomfortable? Would it pull? Would it fall out before the second quarter of the game?

We were gone for about five hours and I don’t think the Flexi-Clip  has moved since I put it in!! THAT, my friends, is quite amazing. I actually forgot it was there. That NEVER happens when I wear a regular pony tail. I usually have to give myself a scalp rub after I take down a pony-tail. Not so with my Flexi-Clip …it is super comfortable!!!  

My Flexi-Clip  gets all my thumbs up (two to be exact). Now, I want to learn to put my hair up in this pretty style that I saw over at LillaRose


You can watch this short and helpful video to see which size Flexi-Clip would work best in your hair.  They come as small as “size extra-small”, which works in the fine straight hair of little bitty girls…all the way up to extra large for thick, looooonnnng hair. Lots of beautiful styles, many varieties of sizes. The Flexi-Clip is awesome.

Paula has offered to give away a Flexi-Clip  (up to $15 value) to FIVE of you!!!  Isn’t that exciting!?! Tough as it is to choose, head over to her site to see which Flexi-Clip you’d pick if you win. Leave a comment here letting us know which one you like best!

For EXTRA entries in this giveaway, do any or all of the following, then come back here and leave another comment: 

I’ll draw five random winners on Monday, November 29! Have fun (and good luck) picking your Flexi-Clip!

This giveaway is now closed…thanks!

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  1. Cathy says

    Wow! What a selection to choose from. I guess my first choice would be a medium silver scrollwork heart, although they are all beautiful. This is a very fun and feminine giveaway–thanks!


  2. says

    I can NEVER keep my hair from sliding out of my hair clips…if these really hold that well AND are this gorgeous?!?… I hope I win one…thank you for the chance! :)

    6-1284 Circle Stoneset AB (Extra Small)


  3. Mary Tieken says

    My daughter has very long, thick hair, and she has to wear it up at work. I would LOVE to be able to tuck one of these beautiful hair clips into her Christmas stocking!! I think she would really like the Celtic Knot. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway.


  4. Deb says

    I could never get anything to stay in my hair but I think this might actually work. I like the Renaissance Cross
    in a small. Thanks for the chance to win!


  5. Dana says

    I have hopes that these would actually hold up my hair when it gets to my waist (then I cut it for Locks of Love – going on the third round!). Probably a large one. Would love to have one!


  6. Misty says

    They are all so beautiful! With 4 daughters I could have several in our house! I would pick a large or XL celtic knot for myself though.


  7. Heather Eide says

    I wear the tails up style EVERY DAY!! This would sure help me dress it up a bit when I venture out in public. :)

    I like the same one as you Laura, 2-1264 Antique Brass w/Roman Cross.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  8. Heather Eide says

    Oh, I was wrong Laura, I picked the cross one, not the princess one. Oops.

    I liked the facebook page also. ;)

    I would choose: 2-1264 Antique Brass w/Roman Cross


  9. Meghan V. says

    I like the Tree of Life, Silver dragonfly, and the Silver deep-set rose (I had a hard time choosing). It would be nice to have something pretty to hold up my long thick hair. All the plastic stuff breaks trying to hold it all up.


  10. Shawna Cale says

    These are all so cute. How do you pick just one? I love the bobby pins (I have short hair and typically have to pull my bangs back with a little girl clip, this would be better choice. My daughter has beautiful long hair and would look lovely with a clip. Her favorite was the Hawaiin flower.


  11. Jessica says

    Do they really stay in so good? I’ve seen them before and noticed how pretty they were, but I assumed not practical for my thin hair. Thank you for the informative post!I really liked the Stoneset Scrollwork ex. small to pull back the top half of my hair. Thank you!


  12. Amy says

    Wow,these are beautiful! I’m always looking for ways to tame my long thick hair, and conventional clips rarely work. I would pick the simple silver band in either the large or extra-large. Thanks!


  13. Rebecca says

    So many options. Trying to grow my hair back, so need something smaller. I like this one…
    6-1396 Etched Lily with Amethyst


  14. Melissa says

    Oh so pretty! I would choose the Medallion Scroll Aurora Borealis (1-1369)…and I *think* size small…not sure what size is best for my hair.


  15. Susan says

    These are gorgeous! I love the Princess Tiara one that you also picked Laura. The Roman Celtic Cross is beautiful too. Very hard to pick. These are perfect in place of the ponytail holder that I wear daily when I write.


  16. Jenny says

    Good grief! I had no idea there were so many to choose from! So hard to make a decision, but after limiting myself to a quick look through I came up with these two: Silver Etched Lily and Simple Band.

    Not sure on the sizing thing though. My hair is shoulder length and heavy. Anyone got a suggestion??


    Paula Reply:

    Watch the sizing video; it is very helpful:

    Also, it depends on which style you usually wear it:

    There are also sizing tips on my Facebook page:

    A quick guess would be a medium.


  17. dayna w says

    It’s tough to choose one. They are all so gorgeous. But I think I’d have to pick one of the Celtic knots, probably the topaz.



  18. Jacqueline H. says

    I had never heard of this company before. I went to the site and LOVED everything. I bought the filigree flower and a rose one for me and my daughter. I would love to win a prominent butterfly in the XSMALL.


  19. Michelle says

    I would get the Simple Band Sunflower Beads in extra small (for my extra fine hair). I think I’ll probably buy one for myself if I don’t win- I always want something more feminine and pretty than a ponytail holder but also easy. This seems to fit the bill!


  20. says

    Goodness! I really like the Pearls and Topaz, but then again there is the Silver Princess Tiara (with or without dangles is so pretty!), the Festive Poinsettia, the Simple Danglie. Not to even mention the many gorgeous Hair Sticks!!

    I guess I’d have to say the Silver Princess Tiara because it would match just about anything, but honestly I could see these becoming something to collect for different outfits like we do shoes!
    I’d never heard of them before so thanks for sharing about them! My daughters and I all have very long hair (mine to the waist, theirs past their bums) so something like this would be great!


  21. says

    This looks so great!! I hate doing my hair and always throw it into a pony tail but this would work great! Quick and easy! They are all so beautiful, but my favorite is the Roman style cross.


  22. Julie M. says

    Love all of the clips. So hard to choose!! I think I would pick the Princess Tiara Antique as a Christmas present for my daughter.


  23. Micah says

    I just looked at her site last night and loved her clips! I can’t wait to try a few of her products. Glad to know they’re good quality; I have fine hair too!


  24. Mary says

    The princess tiara antique that you have is beautiful. I also like the one with the rose in the center. I would love one. My hair is fine and thin too.


  25. Lori says

    I looked at lillarose a few weeks ago and I would love to try their hair things. I really like the sparkling snowflake or the etched lily.


  26. says

    When I saw that it held in your fine hair, I decided I should buy one for my slippery hair! But then I remembered that I cut all my hair off into a bob when I got hot this summer. But THEN, I looked at the site, and I saw the cute bobby pins,little clips and hair bands. I’d really love to buy a hair band and something little for my daughter’s stocking. I think I’ll save it for my black Friday shopping from home!


  27. Courtney Wagner says

    Beautiful! I think I would choose the Danglie Drop in Sapphire for my oldest daughter – her favorite color is blue. She has really thick hair and these actually look like they would hold. So pretty!



  28. melissa najd says

    I love these! I have been looking for pretty hair clips that don’t hurt me or fall out! I would love the tree of life one!


  29. Carmen says

    I can’t decide! I like So Many Swirls, Antique Gold Open Flower AB, Intricately Designed Dangle … and probably a lot more if I’d continue to browse.


  30. 1ofeach says

    I love the Celtic cross and think the small would work for my daughter. They’ve been on my wishlist for a long time, and it’d be great to give one to her for Christmas!



  31. Christina says

    I love how these pretties look in the photos on your site. If I had to choose I think I would go with either the silver mighty celtic knot or the silver princess tiara dangle for daintiness.


  32. Rachel says

    Picking just one is so hard! They are all so beautiful. I loved the medium celtic crosses and flowers. I think that’s the closest I’m going to get in narrowing it down.


  33. Tina Frye says

    It’s awesome that they have the little ones too. I love all things dolphin and whale related so I was excited that they had a dolphin one, I also loved the fluttering humming bird.


  34. Nissa Sutphen says

    These are all so beautiful! I have one thing on my Christmas wish list now! I would choose Circle of Hearts and Flowers.


  35. Melinda says

    Goodness! So many to choose from, how can I pick just one? But if I have to choose I would go with the etched lily because purple is my favorite color. :)


  36. says

    With all these giveaway’s lately, I’m bound to win one, right?! :D

    These clips are awesome! I love all the different styles you can do with them. WOW! My favorite design is the Gaelic Inspired Knot in large. Thanks!


  37. Joanna says

    Oh my gosh, seriously? I have to choose just one? And you sent me to this site?! I am going to have no money left, I love them all! lol. I guess I will choose either the small or medium frestyle princess tiara


  38. Maggilou says

    These are so pretty! I too have thin, fine hair and have had many pony-tail headaches. I would love the antique brass roman cross!


  39. Maggilou says

    I am now a facebook follower! I don’t know how you picked just one. I have chosen at least 6 more ‘favorites’


  40. Emily G says

    My 12 year daughter would love any of the small beautiful hair clips! (and I would too as soon as my hair grows a bit more :)


  41. Gina Faber says

    These hair items are just my style. I’ve just placed an order–for me as well as my god-daughter and my own daughter too.

    I would love to get a Celtic knot flexiclip, in the Extra Small size.


  42. says

    I am so in love with these Flexi-Clips. I have baby fine hair and can’t ever get anything to stay in. These seem like a great solution and all of the different hair styles that you can achieve with them are great. I really like the extra-small Lily design.


  43. Sally says

    I am always in search of good clips for
    my hair, being a mom doesn’t leave much time
    for fuss! Too many other things to do.


  44. Melinda Johnson says

    I like the Crown of Hearts in extra small. I also joined her twitter and facebook pages as well. Thanks for the offer! These are very pretty and I might actually buy some in the future. Thanks!


  45. Sharmista says

    Wow, how do you pick?! After much deliberation, I’ll say the freestyle princess tiara. But there are about 15 that I would love to have! Those are great!


  46. Sandi says

    So hard to choose . . . I think the etched lily, but maybe the tiara. I just saw something similar to this at our Christmas Show and just fell in love with them!


  47. Brighid says

    Ooh! I would love one. I think the Celtic Cross in medium would be perfect. Or the Roman Cross. Or… you get the idea!


  48. Becki says

    Extra small princess tiara, for sure…my girls would love that (if they ever got a chance to wear it!) If not, they can love looking at it on me!


  49. says

    I would love to know if anyone has had experience using these on toddlers? My daughter is two and has fine, straight hair that is more than half way down her back…….I would guess a “mini” size would work…what do you think? Thanks, Karen


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