Lilla Rose Clearance Sale

Check out this Lilla Rose Clearance Sale! You’ll find some great prices on the Flexi-Clips I rave about so much. Scroll through all of the clips on Paula’s Lilla Rose site to find those that are marked at a discount.

Sale ends on July 28, 2012 at midnight, PST.

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  1. laurie says

    I LOVED my Flexi-clip!! On May 18th, 6 days after I bought mine from a local consultant, me and my 6 children were in a horrific car accident. I broke my upper arm (along with some other injuries), and me and 2 of my children were airlifted to the Med and LeBonhuer in Memphis (they both suffered head trauma…my 8yo walked out a miracle 6 days later, my 2yo recieved miraculous healing in the arms of Jesus 5 days after that). On day 9 of my 2 week stay, I was finally getting my hair washed for the first time and I suddenly remembered my Lilla Rose clip!!! I knew I had worn it the day of the accident, but it was lost to the wreckage. :( Bummer!
    Well, at the July Flea Market (where I bought my other clip in May), my best friend was set up next to the Lilla Rose rep! They plotted a little and now I have a new clip!!!!
    But now I have to teach my husband to put it in my hair, because the arm that was broken can’t ever be lifted above my shoulder. :( Oh well…at least I have my clip. :)


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