Let Me Clarify: God Comes First

First I talked about how God and I have been meeting recently for some very important one-on-one quiet time. I have found this time to be crucial, powerful, and absolutely necessary in my life so that I can be in tune with what He wants me to do with my time each day.

Then I shared that some of you may have a hard time finding quiet time in the midst of crazy schedules and the terrible twos (which is so not limited to two year olds – if only). I understand the difficulty that comes with trying to find personal devotion time each day.

The first post was not meant to bring on the guilt. The second post was not meant to give you an out. The third post (that would be this one) is letting you know that no matter what your season in life, God is gracious, God understands what you’re going through, and God should come first always.

Your time with God may look different than mine. It doesn’t really matter what it looks like as long as it looks like something. Yes?

quiet time

Because obviously, this is how we all spend our “quiet time” each day. 
I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.

Let me remind you of an important phrase I used in the second post:  God understands your need for quiet, and will provide it for you when you ask.

Have you asked?

Take time (there’s that four letter word again) to reflect on how you spend your awake hours each day. We likely all say that God comes first in our list of priorities. But is our life a reflection of that conviction? Mine isn’t always. Sometimes I’d rather play than pray, and that’s just the stinky truth of what sometimes hangs out in my heart as I’m choosing how to spend my time. 

Or, if I fall back on the “I’m so busy” excuse, I’m ultimately choosing my kids, my husband, my kitchen, or even my doggone toilets over God. (Although nothin’ says you can’t become one with the toilet bowl while having some powerful prayer time. Been there, done that, glory hallelujah.)

Some questions to consider:

Is the desire to feed your family healthy food taking so much time that you feel “too busy” for anything else?  While healthy food is important (this is the Heavenly Homemakers site after all) – if the time it takes to prepare the food is taking hours each day and stressing you out, something needs to change. Continue to learn to serve healthy foods that are simple and quick. (My book and this site are full of info and recipes that combine healthy with simple.)  Save the detailed, time consuming recipes for special occasions. Scrambled eggs and fruit are healthy and quick, as are hundreds of other meals and snacks. God first, not food. 

When you find yourself with a few moments to spare, do you turn to your Bible and prayer – or to Facebook, blogs, TV, or you-name-it-whatever-you-love-to-do?  None of those are evil (usually), but neither are they as rich in blessing as time spent with God.

Have you signed your kids (or yourself) up for too many activities?  Ask God to show you if you need to cut back. Running all over town (or out of town) is a time and energy killer. Ask me how I know.

Are you involved with friends and ministries (yes, even really good ones) that keep you on the run so much serving God that you can’t find time to sit with Him? Oh, have I been there. Upon reflection, it turns out that God doesn’t need me to be all and do all. (Surprising fact:  He already is all and does all. Without my help.)  When I have taken time to ask and listen, He puts me in place with just the ministries He would like me to be a part of. Imagine that.

Share with us!  What holds you back? What can you say no to so that you can say yes to God?


  1. Faith says

    thank you so much Laura. God used you to speak to me through your post and I appreciate your encouragement and openness too. You are such a blessing to our family with everything you share on here, from the wonderful recipes, to the messages that God lays on your heart that point others to Him. Keep shining His light and I am praying for you all right now! :) Have a great week!


  2. Ashley says

    Hi, I’m really just curious..I’ve noticed you talk a lot about God on here but I never hear anything about Jesus. Why is that?


    Laura Reply:

    Hmmm, not sure. :) You are right, I rarely mention Jesus or the Holy Spirit, but not on purpose. I use God to refer to the God head, three in one.


    Ashley Reply:

    Oh the reason I ask is because muslims believe in a god. Jesus is what
    sets us apart! No meanness intended it was just kind of odd.


  3. Rebecca says

    Laura, I value your posts and this one hit the nail on the head. God’s been poking at me lately because I have not been putting Him first at all and it’s reflected on everything I do (and don’t) lately…with my family, work, my attitude, etc. I am going to really focus on Him and get into the habit of spending my first waking hours with Him. He is first in my life and I need to put spending time with Him daily into action. I thank God right now for using your post to get thru to me :)


  4. Brooke says

    That picture is awesome… And now for a reality check! Lol

    Well the truth hurts. But here it goes. I can say yes to more of God in my life if I said more no’s to Facebook, computer, stress, laziness and other things. Ouch! That hurt.
    I need to be in the word more, and I want to really know God’s word more!


    Faith Reply:

    praying for you Brooke! Pray for me as well! :)


    Brooke Reply:

    Thank you Faith. I will :)


  5. Ashley says

    Never going to please everyone on this discussion, eh?

    As a mom of many (8 & under) it was very freeing for me the first time an older mom told me that I wasn’t a bad Christ follower for not always having an official “quiet time.”

    She reminded me that the hands that rocked my baby were just as holy as the ones that serve communion on a Sunday morning.

    Every season of life looks different in our time with God. God is accessible every second of every day to each of us. It may be that I can only read the Bible aloud to my children because, don’t you know, there is ALWAYS someone who hears me sneak across the house in the wee hours of the morning. Grab the babe a bowl of cereal and start reading aloud rather than “quietly.”

    Thank you, Lord, for older women who love Jesus have been there and done that (like our fabulous Laura). I completely get what you’re saying and am encouraged by it. It’s a freeing message and young moms need to hear it!


    Fletcher R. Reply:

    Amen, Ashley!

    I constantly remind myself that I am in a “season” of my life (and my kids are older!). Every season looks different, and every day is different. I’m happy to get my Bible read in the morning with one cup of coffee before someone is down the stairs and we’re out to feed the animals. Prayer often comes in fits and starts and little burst throughout the day. Sometimes I have a few minutes on my knees after my shower.

    Before you know it those littles will be bigger and there will be “quiet times” for Mom again. I love the reading outloud! It blesses you and the little ears that hear.

    Thank you for the encouragement, Laura. I love what you share and how real you are to share it. Blessings.


  6. says

    Thanks for this encouragement Laura! Time with God is so important, not just because it helps us, but more importantly, because he is WORTHY of our praise!

    As a mom of an infant and a toddler, I find it hard to concentrate on reading my Bible or a devotional if the boys are awake, and they take naps at different times so that can be frustrating. But one thing I have been learning to incorporate more into my life is prayer. I can pray while nursing the baby or driving to the grocery store, or cutting up veggies for dinner :) Thanks for reminding me how important it is to give God the first fruits of my time!


  7. Anonymous says

    Thanks for saying He comes first! We are to emulate Christ. He is our example. We see through the Scriptures that even He would go to the Father in prayer. Let us look at scripture and ask God to help us become more like the Son. If we take time to read the bible we would see what is expected of us all. One thing I have done is eliminate computer on Sundays and also start/end computer time at a set time. This has helped me tremendously to keep my focus on Him. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Jenni says

    So convicting! This has been a topic on my mind and heart lately. I feel like I’m drowning a lot of the time with my 2 year old and almost 1 year old. I definitely have my hands full with them, and I often tell God I really need his help, but neglect to turn off the TV, put down the iPad (and my games), or even go to bed at a decent hour so I’m rested each day. I just don’t make time with Christ a priority and wonder why I’m so worn and stressed at times. Time management is one of my weaknesses, and quite honestly, a wonderful place where God can display His awesome strength in my life if I just let Him. Even in knowing how much I need Him and need to spend time with Him, I still don’t want to give up those other time-wasting activities that get in the way. Oh, my rebellious nature! How do I not let you win? Thanks for the encouraging post!


  9. Daniel says

    Poor god, you have to always make god come first. It seems like it should be the other way around like an earthly parent would do. My wife and children come before me. So, it seems if there were a good god, he would want you, his children, to come first. Thank you.


    Laura Reply:

    That’s the beauty – He does put us first, which is why He sent Jesus to die for our sins. I am so thankful for such a good God, and because of that, I choose to put Him first.


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