Learning to be a Happy Loser

Remember how I told you that we love playing card games around here…especially in the summer time?

Well…you know when you play a game with your kids…someone’s gonna lose. It’s how a game works.  There are winners and there are losers. 

(And I’m SO NOT gonna let my kids win just to save their sweet little hearts from being broken. I’m way too competitive much more interested in teaching them about real life.)

So, here’s what we’ve found that really works for us!

If you are the loser of the game…you get to stand up and do the “I Lost the Game Dance.”  Bust out some moves. Break dance if you want. You’re the one who lost. You’re the one who’s earned the privilege of doing the loser dance. None of the rest of us winners get to do it. We have to just sit there on our boring little bottoms with our big pile of winning cards and watch you have fun doing your version of the “Loser Dance”. 

justusdancesm.JPG   justusdance2sm.JPG

I’m telling you…this system has been a perfect way to take away the sadness of losing a card or board game. Instead of being sad, as soon as a game ends, the loser hops right up and start “showing us what they’re made of”.   Then we all have a nice round of giggles together before we re-shuffle and start another game.

(Don’t you dare even ask what it looks like when Mama is the loser. I don’t-got-much in the way of “moves”. Bless my heart.)

Oh yeah…and if we’re playing “Old Maid”…the one who ends up losing with the Old Maid card at the end has to do their Loser Dance in Granny Style. With an old maid look on their face …and a walking stick…and arthritis. It’s beautiful.

Alright, we’re getting ready to play Go Fish. I’d better go stretch out.


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  1. says

    What a great idea. I’ve got to use that with my 5-year-old son, who is the poorest loser I’ve ever met. Halfway through a game if it even appears that he might lose he starts having a fit. Maybe this will help.


  2. says

    I love this idea!!I`m gonna have to try it!
    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your post about jars you did recently!!
    I did my own post today about your post and how much it helped me get my cupboard more organized:)I wanted to share that with you.Have a blessed evening!!


  3. Julie C. says

    In our family, the loser has to sing a silly song: “You’re the the winner and I’m the chicken dinner, I’m the LOOOOOSER!”. I think a silly dance would go perfectly with this, thanks!


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