Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Testimony (and 40% off the download too!)


I got this encouraging email from Brandy last week and wanted to share it with you:

I just wanted to say thanks for writing your Learn Your Letters Learn To Serve curriculum!  I totally love it!

I am using it with my 4th son (age 5). The best part is the service ideas. We have been taking him to the person’s house and going up to the door (with Daddy), knocking and then he says, “I made this for you.” while looking them in the eye. These are all huge things for a shy kid!

Thanks for teaching my kids to serve and pray for others. Everyone is getting into it and I will totally be using it for my 5th son when he is ready!

Thanks! Brandy

I love this! So thankful to hear that the curriculum is blessing so many.

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