What Does Laura Think About the Instant Pot?

I think I might be the only person left on the planet who doesn’t have an Instant Pot. If you didn’t have one before, you surely got one for Christmas. Me though? I didn’t ask for one; didn’t get one. I’m the weirdo who still cooks everything the “old fashioned way” – in my crock pot, on my stove-top, and in my double oven.

instant pot

Am I anti-Instant Pot? Absolutely not. Research tells me they are healthy to use, and according to everyone (on the planet) who has one, they are fantastic.

So what in the world is wrong with me? Why don’t I have or even want an Instant Pot?

I liken my Instant Pot mindset to the way I feel about a Bread Machine. Great as they are, I never wanted one of those either. Why? Because I’m so used to making bread without one that I don’t have to think about how to make bread any more. I just do it. So if I got a Bread Machine, I’d have to actually read a manual and relearn how to make bread and while surely this learning curve would only take about 20 minutes, I just can’t wrap my brain around the endeavor without feeling overwhelmed.

Some things just don’t make sense, but inside my brain, it all makes perfect sense, so do try to understand. Making bread “the hard way” is easier than making bread “the easy way” because the harder way is easier for me. There. That ought to clear things right up.

I believe the same is true with the Instant Pot. I’ve heard I could cook hard boiled eggs in an Instant Pot in a shorter amount of time than it takes to boil them on the stove-top, but I’ve decided that by the time I figured out how to do it the new way, I could already have my eggs boiled and made into Deviled Eggs, amen and amen.

Perhaps I’m being dramatic. Perhaps I should just admit my abhorrence of owner’s manuals. Perhaps I’m set in my ways and I’ll turn into one of those grandmas who can’t handle change and never gives in to the latest and greatest that promises to make my life better.

Oh my goodness. It’s happened. I’ve become my grandma.

Indeed, my grandma hated air conditioning (can you imagine?) because she was so used to going without it that she didn’t know how to use the window unit her kids installed for her comfort. So she either left it off on 102 degree days, or she turned it on but still left all the windows open so the hot air had to compete with the cold air.

Heavens, what would Grandma have done if we gave her an Instant Pot?

There may be hope for me, and maybe one of these days I’ll go ahead and give an Instant Pot a try. (This one looks promising. Any thoughts? Recommendations?)

No doubt, I’ll love it once I’m used to it. I will admit that it really does sound great (owner’s manual notwithstanding). But in the meantime, I declare that the hard way is easier. If you are an Instant Pot owner, now’s your chance to talk some sense into me…


  1. Katherine says

    Love this post!!! I got an Instant Pot for Christmas 2015 and after using it twice, it sits in the garage for no other reason that I already know how to do everything using other appliances or no appliances. Ha! But at the same time, tomorrow it’s coming out because I’ve been reading that pinto beans in the Instant Pot taste the best so I’m going to give it another try. Maybe it will earn a spot in my kitchen…..or maybe it will go back to the garage. :-)


    Susan Allums Reply:

    they are amazing in the instant pot


  2. Jessica says

    I would love to hear people’s thoughts about this as well. I don’t own one, haven’t asked for one, not sure how I would really use one….(owner’s manuals are a PAIN!) But I would love to hear what other people have to say. I am open to be persuaded :)


  3. Stacy says

    I love my instant pot! I never use my crockpot anymore. Personally, I think the food has much better texture in the pressure cooker. I can cook rice in time and even dried beans in less than an hour if I forget to soak them. I’m not going back!


  4. Rebekah says

    I don’t want to EVER go without having an Instant Pot, now that I’ve had one for a few months. I was skeptical about them too and hadn’t made up my mind about getting one ; then my 8 qt. slow cooker broke and I needed a replacement fast. I went with the 8 quart Instant Pot and seriously, I use it almost every single day. Sometimes twice a day. Sometimes I’m just using it as a slow cooker, sometimes I saute veggies or brown meat in it first before cooking, I cook at least 1 whole chicken a week (25 min cooking time, about 45 min total with building and releasing pressure), then make my chicken stock in just an hour. It’s amazing. I’ve cooked unsoaked black beans in 40 min total. LOVE IT. I want a 6 qt one too. :)


  5. Angel says

    I thought about getting one but then I thought about all the other equipment I have purchased and rarely use that is taking up space in my cabinets like…KitchenAid stand mixer, bread machine, VitaMix blender, a panini grill, etc. and opted not to ask for one. I also have 2 crockpots that very seldom see the light of day….but I will hang onto them for the sake of the occasional pot of chicken noodle soup that my family loves. I’m with you Laura, less is more sometimes and to each his own.


    Kathy Reply:

    You don’t use your vitamix? Want to sell it? When my children left home, they couldn’t imagine life without one. I use mine daily. I know they are pricey, but they last forever and they are just such a great tool.

    Have a blessed day!


    Angel Reply:

    Hi Kathy!

    I have thought about selling it but as long as it took me to convince my husband to let me buy it I feel like I have to hang on to it. I think when we start gardening and our figs come in then it may get more use. It is a great machine, but it is loud! We have made some tortilla soup, ice cream, smoothies and I have ground wheat in it. I know I haven’t utilized it to its full capacity yet, so for now it stays! Thank you for the inquiry though!

    Have a wonderful day!



  6. Jen says

    So I have had an Instant Pot for around a year. I gave in because it sounded so amazing. And there are some things that it makes that are amazing, like chicken broth and good ole goulash type casserole. But the things that people don’t tell you is, it isn’t always quicker. Most people forget to mention that it takes time to come to pressure, and it takes time to release that pressure. So it’s not always faster, but much less hands on. As for the texture, something’s just aren’t the same. A whole chicken is great, but we like crispy skin, not mushy, sticky skin. And as for roasts, I much prefer the texture when done in the Crock-Pot. I’ve made lots of other dishes in the Instant Pot and most turned out decent. I guess that’s just my two cents, but I mostly use mine for casserole and bone broth. Which to me, if I only ever made those 2 things in it, it would be worth it.


  7. Patricia R. says

    I need to chime in here. I bought one on Black Friday in 2015. Didn’t use it a lot but really enjoyed using it. I started to find more tried and true recipes that my family likes. In 2016 I bought another one on Prime day. I couldn’t beat the price. I have actually used both at the same time on many occasions. If I want to cook some rice while I am cooking the main meal, I can do it. I gave away my crock pot. I never had a rice cooker. This replaces all of them. I do not use it for everything, every day. I just don’t get the people who cook EVERYTHING in the instant pot. I use it when it is more efficient. I can make a fabulous quick and healthy mac and cheese in short order without standing at the stove. That is really the best part. Throw stuff in, turn it on, and then take out your cooked food. Is it faster? Not always, but sometimes. But not having to baby some pot on the stove is worth it. I can spend the time with my grandkids and not worry about something burning on the stove. That is why I love it. I thought it would be an appliance that I might never use but I have learned to use it wisely. Find a great deal and buy it if you think you want it. But if you don’t, that’s ok. I have always wanted to learn to use a pressure cooker but I was afraid. This gets rid of the fear as it is foolproof.


  8. Cora says

    Love my Instant Pot!! I use it everyday and bought another 12 qt. off brand pressure cooker as well. This has made my life so much easier. I have 5 kids, 3 of them teenagers, and I can make real food very quickly. There is a learning curve to it. It took me a couple weeks to figure it out (I don’t like to read manuals either). But once I got It, It totally changed my life. I am in the kitchen less than I use to be, which is the way I like it!


  9. Melissa says

    At this point I don’t really want one either. I have three crockpots (overkill perhaps?), but I don’t have room for any more gadgets or the time to figure them out. Lookie, I just saved myself $100 (or however much they cost).


  10. Sheila says

    My daughter talked me into getting an instant pot. I loved my crock pot but she kept saying just try it. Now the crock pot is in storage and I love the instant pot. Give it a try I bet you will like it!


  11. Nancy says

    I got myself an Instant pot before Christmas. Personally I don’t “get it.” I am in an instant pot Facebook group and all the meals sound interesting but not enough for me to learn the ins and outs.


  12. Alexa says

    I have no interest in the instant pot. I follow a few blogs that ONLY post instant pot recipes now and it is really frustrating. I appreciate that you did not jump on the bandwagon. Im not interested simply because i dont understand how they work and i dont believe they really save time. You still spend the same amount of time prepping as you would for a crockpot, but now you are doing it at night. I thought the point of crockpot meals was to use available time earlier in the day. I think its cool that it has so many features but it just seems like a money waster for my family. We too like to do things the hard way!!


  13. says

    I don’t use mine for whole meals as much as I do meal components. Cooking squash, potatoes, broth, the 7in1 scalds milk for yogurt perfectly and all I have to do is press the button, no stirring and checking temp and scrubbing stove when I let it boil over. The set it and forget it part is the best for me. Mashed potatoes- whole potatoes in the IP with a bit of water. The skins get so soft they mash in almost undetectable. Pressure cook 8-10 min (so about 20 min total) then flick the pressure release valve. Drain the teeny bit of water and mash in your butter and seasonings. Then put the lid back on and press “keep warm” and they’ll be perfect for hours. No boiling water, multiple dishes, peeling potatoes or draining boiling water. Magic. Frozen solid venison roast becomes pull apart tender in 2-3 hrs. It’s a rice cooker that’s not Teflon! Cooks beans so much nicer than any other method I’ve used. And you can salt/add all your seasonings before pressure cooking unlike when boiling. We use ours almost everyday for something or another and we love it! My mom and sister now and one and I know my sister’s use it 3-5 times a week and my mom a few times a week.


  14. Christine says

    I don’t have an instant pot but do have a Cuisinart Pressure Cooker. I find it comes in handy on the days when I’m running behind and either can’t get my slow cooker meal started soon enough or when I can’t decide what to make for dinner.

    I can brown meat in mine which is convenient as I don’t have to dirty another pan. I can live without it though.


  15. cassie says

    I bought mine about a year ago using my Walmart savings catcher money. I love doing chicken wings in it. They are fall off the bone wonderful. We’ve changed our eating habits so recently I’ve been cooking a whole chicken in it every Sunday. It’s wonderful. I always hated baby sitting a pot on the stove and my crock pot has to be baby sat too. (My crock pot doesn’t have an 8 hour high setting so you have to be there to push the button to keep it going all day. Crazy!) So, I love that I can get a whole chicken cooked in about 45 minutes. LOVE doing my boiled eggs in it. 5 minutes and they are SO easy to peel. I hate peeling eggs that don’t cooperate. Such a pain. So, is it worth it? Yes, but you have to use it. I look for more recipes every so often. Just did a spaghetti squash in it the other day. It was yummy!


  16. says

    Well, this is all very interesting!

    First, Laura, I am right with you on disliking the reading users manuals and learning the contained information enough to not have to constantly pull it out. I am barely a crock-pot user; that being said, I’m learning more ways to use and love mine, and hope to get a larger one (possibly with a few “options” like a timer, etc.), since I only have one of the round, “old-fashioned” ones.

    My mother never had a crock-pot; sounds sort of the same as what you’re saying. She didn’t want to store more appliances, and never grew up using one.

    But now after reading some of the comments, it sure seems like it could be a good thing! I’ll have to decide if a larger crock-pot or perhaps an Insta-pot are next on my list. And a little “bonus” is that I just read they were designed in Canada, which caught the attention of this Canadian girl living in the US.

    Case in point, I gratefully received my coveted Kitchen-aide mixer this Christmas, took the time to re-arrange my counters to make a good space for it, but as yet have not taken the time to read the manual since this busy beginning of a new year! I will, though, and am sure it will be worth it!


  17. Charlotte Moore says

    I don’t have one because I have slow cookers and a pressure cooker and I don’t use them a lot. I cook pretty much everything on the stove in stainless steel cookware. Our son has one and loves it. I may break down one day and try one. Who knows!! HA!!


  18. Rebecca Armstrong says

    Oh, I became my grandma a long time ago. I have a bread machine, but I like my homemade bread better. My husband uses it to make pizza crust. I have a slow cooker, but I also have a roaster. Guess which ones gets used more often? Oh, and the A/C thing – yep. I prefer REAL air, thank you. :-) One day I may try the Instant Pot, but not now.


  19. Lindsey says

    My husband and I got an Instant Pot for Christmas, and I have really enjoyed it! Now, we are only two people, so I’m not cooking big batches of stuff. But I have used it for single serve oatmeal in the morning for myself, baked potatoes in 30-40 minutes (we usually cook ours for about 1.5 hours in the oven), and black beans in probably 30-40 minutes. I also enjoy using it for pasta in a pinch – 5 minutes at pressure, maybe 5-10 to come to pressure. It doesn’t always actually save time with the fact that it does have to come to pressure, but the fact that I don’t have to be standing at the stove is a life saver. I also like that it can do rice and act as a slow cooker, which means that even though it’s a large appliance, it can replace two of our often used and also large appliances. I even made creme brulee in it for Valentine’s day, and it was so simple.

    I definitely don’t think it’s a miracle tool – some things aren’t great in it, and I definitely still use the stovetop and “regular” cooking methods, but I’ve really enjoyed having the Instant Pot so far. It’s definitely earned its permanent place on my counter :)


  20. says

    You really crack me up, Laura! I completely understand your hesitancy about the latest greatest things, and I hear ya about the hardest part being reading the manual! There is a learning curve for sure. But I must tell you…you’re into simplifying life right now, and I truly believe an electric pressure cooker has completely simplified my life. I have 7 kids between the ages of 8 and 4 months (there’s a set of triplets in there). Time is of the essence! I don’t have an Instant Pot, but I do own an 8qt Power Pressure Cooker XL and a 6qt Cuisinart, and I have a 5qt stainless steel stove top pressure cooker. (I had these electric cookers before I knew of the stainless steel inner pot of the Instant Pot. I’d love to upgrade when budget allows.) These cookers have saved me many a time when I’ve forgotten to thaw meat or a freezer meal or just plain forgot to check my meal plan or failed to plan at all! I can throw in frozen chicken with a few seasonings and some veggies or pasta and be done with dinner in 30 minutes, or I can chop some veggies and throw in precooked frozen shredded chicken and have delicious soup in 10 minutes. Feeling like taco night? Throw in some stock, rice, beans and seasonings and have taco rice bowls in 18 minutes. Many of your simple meals recipes can be made even faster and with the flavor really deepened in a pressure cooker. I often cook 2 or 3 whole chickens in my 8 qt, cool them, pull the meat off, and then make stock with bones in the 8qt pot while I make soup in the 6qt at the same time. The extra chicken then goes in my freezer for all those other meals (like above soup or taco rice). You just posted about mashed potatoes this week. I make mashed potatoes in the pressure cooker by putting about half a cup of water in the pot, throwing in quartered potatoes, cooking for 2 minutes under pressure, then adding in milk or cream and butter and mashing right there in the pot. No need to boil and drain and get out the mixer and make a big mess… So quick and easy! I NEVER made mashed potatoes on a weeknight before the pressure cookers came into my life. I, like you, reserved mashed potatoes for the special occasions. Not anymore! Want a sweet potato with dinner? No prob. It’ll just be about 10 minutes to a perfect baked sweet potato. Every crock pot recipe can easily be converted to pressure cooker, which again, has saved my rear end countless times when I’ve forgotten to get the meal in the crock pot early enough in the day. I use my pressure cookers at least 4 times a week, and often every single day, sometimes a few times a day. Don’t dismiss the idea completely, but also don’t feel under pressure to buy one! (Get it? Haha! That was a Laura kind of pun, yeah?! I feel like we’re friends!) Consider the ways it could save you time in the long run and decide for yourself if it’s worth the time to learn it.


  21. jenn says

    I do not have an Instant Pot, but I do have an electric pressure cooker from another company (which is essentially the main function of the IP with a few other bells and whistles). I love it, *but* I was an avid stove top pressure cooker user before I got it.


  22. Kathy says

    I’m with you. I love my crockpot, but I’m not interested in the Instantpot. Seems like lots to learn, and I have had friends who have “forgotten” the time you have to let the pressure rise and then release, and it has ruined other parts of their dinner timing. At this point in life, what I have works for me.


  23. Jill says

    Don’t have one. Don’t want one. I’d rather devote my learning time to tryng to figure out my i-phone. I don’t have time to learn a new tool, plus re-learn all my favorite recipes. Plus, it’s one more thingamajig taking up valuable space in my cabinets.

    I already use the stove/oven, crockpot, charcoal grill, & gas grill. Plus as a “prepper” I also use a solar oven and a propane camping stove to keep those skills up. I don’t need yet another cooking method.


  24. Lisa Leyboldt says

    I believe if you break down and buy one, you will inevitably write a post titled, ‘I can’t believe I waited so long to buy an Instant Pot!!! Not everything cooks well in it, just like there are meals I prefer in my crockpot, oven, stove and roaster. All meals are not created equal. I did not read the manual initially except when cooking rice. Pinterest users and their recipes have been way more useful and helpful in learning how to use it. Your applesauce making alone would make it worthwhile!


  25. Michelle L. says

    I was the same way about the IP. My husband insisted I get one because I kept talking about it. I got it and didn’t use it for 2 weeks. Then I finally had such a busy day that I needed to get dinner on the table quickly. I decided to give it a try, making a roast. It took such a short time and was so juicy and flavorful. I was hooked! I use it every day now, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. It is a wonderful time saver and is so easy to use. And yes, the boiled eggs are a plus. If you use farm fresh eggs, you can boil them the day you get them and when you are done, the shells fall right off. I’ll never boil another egg again, the IP is worth buying for that alone. We eat boiled eggs almost every day so I’m hooked on the IP.


  26. Vanessa says

    I too got the instant pot IP Duo 6quart on Prime day for $68!! I read a few blog posts about them and google recipes when I’m looking to make something specific. I have to say that I love it!!! We started a grain free diet in January and it has made it so much easier to stick to it. We regularly make spaghetti squash in the instant pot in about 5-20 minutes time. It is a staple in our diet now. My pot has a yogurt setting and it is very easy to make fool proof yogurt from our farm fresh milk without having to babysit the pot! I also love it for rice and cooking 3 pounds of ground beef from frozen in a half hour without having to watch the pot. I know that as I continue to learn how to use it I know I will use it more and more.


  27. Heather E. says

    Hey Laura, I understand where you’re coming from. I only got my instant pot because I had just cashed a couple bonds from my Grandparents and my Grandma loved to cook. I know it would make her so happy to know how much easier the Instant Pot has made it to cook real food for my family. The instant pot is seriously my best friend! I make yogurt every other week for my family of 5. If I make it myself, my lactose sensitive family members can eat it because there’s no lactose in yogurt. It’s the added powdered milk that has the lactose. Also, I use shredded chicken meat in a lot of my go to meals. Many of which are yours. I can cook a chicken in 40 minutes plus the time it takes to get to pressure. This varies depending on how frozen my chicken is. If I can find a good chicken without giblets stuffed inside, I can cook the chicken FROZEN! It’s truly amazing. My biggest instant post save has been the afternoon I had planned baked Chimichangas for supper. I had a busy day with homeschool and hadn’t remembered to soak my dried black beans. So, at 3pm in the afternoon I started with dry, unsoaked black beans, raw chicken and uncooked rice (to go with the chimichangas). By 6pm we were eating supper and it was all REAL food! I know my speed soaking the beans and quickly cooking them probably weren’t the BEST process. But, it kept me from heading to the store for a can of re-fried beans that would have been filled with who knows what. I’ve had my instant pot for almost a year and I feel like I haven’t even learned all the things that it can do. But I do know for a fact that it has made my life less stressful, helped me to feed my family real food and my boys have tried new foods I probably wouldn’t have cooked unless it was easy. Blessings on your instant pot journey. :)


    Heather E. Reply:

    I forgot to add that many days I wish I had two Instant Pots. :) Especially on yogurt making days. :)


  28. Sarah Bomark says

    I own the 6 quart, wish I would have bought the 8 quart. Love making homemade Greek yogurt. Haven’t used it as much as I could, I’m a bit stuck in my ways.



  29. Marsha says

    I have loved it for winter squash, steel cut oats, and eggs. Oh I was terrible at peeling eggs and these practically jump out of their shells. However, my year and a half old instant pot has stopped working so I am not on great terms with it! I don’t know if it can be fixed or replaced yet but if it can’t then I am going with the GoWise brand because several other bloggers have liked it better and it cooks at a higher psi. My mom has the GoWise and it is just as good in my opinion. Either way I do not want to be without an electic pressure cooker again becuase it is just so convient. Frozen meat? no problem it can be thawed and cooked in less than an hour. Beans? So fast Leftovers? pop them in there Best Mac and Cheese ever? YES! AND with snuck in bone broth! Cheesecake? need I say more???


  30. Birdie says

    Please, please, please stay just the way you are Laura, 8-) It’s a delight to receive your posts, recipes, and heart.

    By chance, I purchased one about 40 days ago (another lovely homesteader has been using one and likes hers). I try so hard not to purchase “it” because someone I like has one (envey alert, envey alert!!). What appealed to me is the pressure cooker, ect. that does the things I do over and over. I looooove pressure cooking because the food is so delicious and smells devine (my sense of smell is so poor).

    I take care to budget and this was a very special purchase. As things go with this gadget, I would of purchased it years ago! I was surprised how well it is made. Everything is of great quality and it does a wonderful job of cooking. I’m still leary because of the electronic panel and look forward to seeing how long it will last.


  31. Susan Allums says

    LOVE my Instant pot. Its the only way my family will eat roast chicken any more. Never dry. There is a learning curve and I am still learning; but so worth the $60 I spent on Black Friday. Everything tastes so great. From green beans to potato soup. (I do still use my crock pot on occasion). Love reading all t he comments!


  32. Jayme says

    Ha! I’ve given up too! Well, maybe twice a year. I’m at the opposite end of parenting from you – 4 boys under the age of 5. We like mashed potatoes well enough but I’ve found that we do just as well with baked potatoes. For me it isn’t the extra dirty dishes that I mind, but the attention. To cut, boil, mash takes more attention than I can be guaranteed to be able to give.

    Baked potatoes? EASY!


  33. Aleta Montgomery says

    I’m so with you Laura! I agree that making bread the hard way is easier than the “easy” way. I don’t have an Instant Pot, don’t think I need one either. Believe it or not I’m not even 40 yet. I guess I turned into my grandma at a very young age.,


  34. Tiffani Keyes says

    I HAVE 2!! I LOVE my InstantPots. You need one, or two!

    I simply converted my regular recipes (some are even yours).

    Here’s why I love it.

    Makes the BEST rice….my lids on my old pots leaked out too much steam.

    Yogurt is SO easy to make in it….no need to babysit it.

    I find I make chicken stock every week because it makes it in 90 minutes. Easy clean up too!

    Cook roasted ranch potatoes in 8 minutes, then throw in the oven to crisp, instead of an hour!

    But the thing I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE….with our busy schedules, I make dinner and it keeps it perfectly warm for hours so when boys get in from work or football or whatever, dinner is still perfect, not cold or dried out on the stove.

    I could go on and on. Laura, to convert the recipes is super easy, and we’d all be here to guide you….when you’re ready!


  35. Frieda says

    I would have probably felt the same way about the instant pot and a bread maker 3 years ago when I was still a stay at home mom. But, now that I have a full time job I, just don’t have enough time at home to cook the way I used to. I am out the door no later than
    7:30 am and I am not at home until between 5 and 6 pm. I need to get dinner on the table as quickly as possible. I use as many shortcuts and time savers as I can, including appliances, that allow us to eat real, healthy food that tastes good.


  36. Sheila H says

    I know you are a busy mom (I am too) and the Instant pot has saved my family so many times. I can have a tender and flavorful roast on the table in 1 hour, a juicy whole chicken done in 25 minutes, chicken and rice in 12 minutes and the list goes on. I tried the boiled eggs and didn’t like them but it has sooo many uses and I love the keep warm setting it goes to after cooking. Love it !!!!!


  37. Tami says

    I MUST chime in. :) I’ve had an instant pot for almost a year…and I use mine 3-6 times EVERY day. The best part about it is what I’ve seen other commenters say- you don’t have to stand and stir or monitor it! No, it won’t make crispy chicken legs. Use your oven. BUT, here are some of the things that go into my IP regularly:
    -Oats (we soak enough oats in a big stainless steel bowl the night before, set on the trivet in the IP and set the timer. When we wake up, oats are done! No stirring at the stovetop!) (and we do the same for rice porridge and grits)
    – farm fresh boiled eggs (if you buy these, you know they don’t peel well when hard boiled… UNLESS you cook them in the IP. They can be two days young and the peels still come right off when cooked in the IP)
    -LEFTOVERS (you know all those Pyrex bowls you love, Laura? Imagine taking them out of the fridge, removing the lid, and putting them, still cold, right into your pressure cooker on the trivet, turning it on for 5 minutes, and coming back to deliciously warmed and not dried out leftovers. You take the warm bowl to the table- no extra dishes to wash from warming it up on the stove! Oh, and you can stack bowls too, yep, right on top of each other IN the cooker, as long as you remember to wipe off the bottom of the bowl on top after it comes out, since it’s setting in the food of the bowl under it. But doesn’t get any easier to reheat leftovers.)
    – Chicken broth (150 minutes is the magic number. BEST chicken broth you will ever taste. Beats stove top and crock pot in one swoop)
    – baked potatoes (easiest lunch to fix for my 5 going on 6 kids)
    – yes, beans, rice, frozen roasts, etc etc.
    – coconut milk
    -Soup РSO easy to saut̩ some things in the bottom then add the broth and let her go!
    – whole winter squash

    Again, you use your better judgement- if you want it crispy, DONT use the instant pot! But there are SO many things that make it worth it’s weight in gold just because I can start it and walk away. Or wake up and have the food ready. The timed delay is such a huge help, too. We can get the kids up from naps at 3pm and head to the zoo for a late field trip, and the beans have been set to turn on at 4:30 so when we walk in the door at 5:30, they’re done and the pressure has already naturally released. BIG help when I forgot to start soaking them the day before. At least they get from 8 am to 4:30!

    It can’t do everything, but it certainly does more than any other appliance in my kitchen. The only other thing in my kitchen that gets used 3-6 times a day is the kitchen sink and sometimes the stovetop (and yes, I cook EVERYTHING from scratch and I soak and sprout and ferment and mill and don’t have a microwave…yada yada yada…! Lol. IP has a permanent location on the counter. :)


  38. Deb says

    I’ve been resisting the craze for a while now, but lately I’ve become intrigued mainly because of the stainless steel pot. I try not to think about those reports here and there about the potential for lead in the crock pot, but I would feel better not having to worry about that at all. My crock pot is 10+ years old, and it is starting to show signs of wear because I use it a ton. I have a stovetop pressure cooker, but I am afraid of it and only use it to make beans once in a while. I have a rice cooker, too, and use that pretty often. All in all, I think I would make use of it, so maybe it’s time to start asking the hubby for one…


  39. says

    I am right there with you. I did get an instant pot as a gift and it mostly sits on my shelf. I never remember to use it because I am use to doing things a certain way. Gradually I have used it to make hard boiled eggs, dry beans (only takes 30 minutes!!!), and chicken broth. I am pretty sure I am not using it to its full potential. I have a friend who uses it almost daily and tells me how much time she saves with last minute meals. I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around that.


  40. Cheryl says

    I bought mine when my slow cooker died. It’s amazing. It does so much. Like yogurt!
    I use it to make meals from frozen all the time. And brone broth. I like that in the summer I can cook a whole chicken or roast without heating up the house. Same with making broth. No simmering for a day heating up my kitchen.
    Generally I don’t like adding appliances to my little kitchen. But this thing will change your life. Less cooking time, no heating the house, versatile. It’s worth every penny.


  41. Stephanie says

    I love mine and am a pretty traditional cook. Mine sat in laundry room for a year after my mother gave it to me for a Christmas present a few years back. Now, it’s my favorite. I was intimidated by learning a new thing, but it saves me so much time that it was worth it.


  42. Christi says

    My grandma was all about her pressure cooker, and she was born in 1914 so she would probably be more the age of your great-grandmother. The IP is just the new-fangled (safer) version of a kitchen “gadget” that has been used for a long time!


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