Kids in the Kitchen, pt. 7: Bake up a Surprise!

Here’s a great way to get your kids excited about being in the kitchen! 

Pick a person or two to surprise with a special treat…bake up something yummy…download this free card…and deliver your goodies…along with a little springtime cheer!!


My boys and I are going to bake some Orange Muffins and take them to two elderly couples we like to visit. 


One of the biggest reasons for teaching my kids to cook…is so that they will learn to serve and minister to others. I want them to learn to love blessing others with food.

And this is a great way for them to bless somebunny…don’t you think?!

That’s my kitchen tip for today!

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    Thanks for your comment and idea. When the earlier person commented about parchment paper I was thinking how I could use that ‘upside down’ to do the same thing.

    I’ll definitely be trying that.


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    What a sweet idea! I had planned to fill some Easter baskets with shampoo and other mostly non-food goodies for a family that is trying to lose weight–so I’d keep the candy to a minimum. I know they don’t have a lot of money for luxuries like fancy shampoos, and I have a good stash from CVS. Now I have a cute card to attach to the baskets! Thanks!


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