Join Me In This Free 6-Week Class! A Surrendered Heart: A Wife’s Journey to Love the Jesus Way

The world tells us what love is, which is clearly working out very well for no one. Good people tell us what love is, which might work okay for a time. The church tells us how to love, which works well when we listen. The Bible tells us how to love, which only works when we surrender self.

After 41 years of life and 20 years of marriage, this is what I’ve just discovered: I don’t really know what it means to truly love others. Much of the way I’ve loved people has been self-seeking. I want them to like me. I want to keep the peace. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I. I. I. There is no I in love. Not if I want to love the Jesus way.

The past several months, I’ve been searching scripture and listening as God teaches me that loving others has nothing to do with what I think and everything to do with who God is. These love lessons can be applied in friendship and in parenting, but most importantly, they should be applied in marriage.

I invite you to join me in this journey. This class will not be provided to you by a teacher who has mastered the art of loving her husband perfectly (right, Matt?). Nope, it’s just me. Hi! {waving} I’m just your crazy butter-loving friend – learning to listen, learning to seek Jesus, learning to surrender my heart so I can love the Jesus way.

A Surrendered Heart Invitation

Women can be…shall we say ~ emotional? (God help us. No really.) This class is brought to you by a girl who appears strong to many but is a mess quite frequently. Emotional much, Laura? Mercy.

How do you sign up to be a part of this class? I’ll make it easy. Simply show up right here every Thursday for the next 6 weeks. Come as you are. You don’t even have to brush your hair. Shoot, I don’t even have to brush my hair. {high fives all around}

God loves our messy, seeking selves. He loves our desire to love and to be loved. He rejoices over our surrendered heart.

Join me!!  Who’s in?

A bit of housekeeping:

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A Surrendered Heart - Join Our Class! sidebar

We’ll be journaling our way through this class, taking time to reflect, and examining scripture. There will be printables. There will be a test (not really). Click on the link below to download the cover page for your journal.

Download A Surrendered Heart Journal Cover Here.

You’ll get new printables each class to add to your journal. I recommend spending 33¢ on a folder like this:

surrendered heart folder 1

Then glue your cover on the front like this:

surrendered heart folder 2

Then each week you’ll get printables to add to your folder like this:

surrendered heart folder 3

I’m keeping this journal right by my Bible to work through as I can – and as I need to refocus my heart to love my husband the Jesus way.

Alrighty? Have any questions? Invite your friends, invite your neighbors, invite people you’ve never met. This class is free, no strings attached. I’m excited to explore A Surrendered Heart with you!

Leave a comment here letting us know you’ll be joining our class! We’ll officially begin with Class #1 on April 23. In the meantime, prepare your journal and be praying for God to help you surrender your heart to love the Jesus way.


  1. Joy says

    Can’t wait to join you in this study! I have been feeling conviction in this area so your study in timed perfectly (isn’t God’s timing alway perfect?). Such pretty artwork on the cover page.


  2. Deena says

    I so needed this, how do you know these things, Laura? It’s kinda frightening how you seem to post these types of things right in the midst of when I need to hear them. Did my husband call you? Ha, Ha.


  3. Deena says

    I so needed this, how do you know these things, Laura? It’s kinda frightening how you seem to post these types of things right in the midst of when I need to hear them. Did my husband call you? Ha, Ha.


  4. Rhonda Nice says

    This is perfect! God has laid it on my heart many times that I have trouble with loving others as I should. Thanks.


  5. says

    Laura, I have read your blog for quite a while and our family is enjoying many of your recipes as we strive to eat more real food. But most of all I love your honest, Christian heart for Jesus. We are in a music ministry ( my husband and me, and our three girls…ages 8, 10 and 12) and I homeschool and we live on a farm. I am constantly “serving” others….three meals a day, cleaning, schooling, practicing, feeding animals, gardening, etc. …. But I also know that daily I must commit my life, my hours, my minutes, my days and my actions to Christ. I cannot fall into the world’s trap of “being appreciated” (Hey, Look at ME and all I do!) and comparing all I do to what I perceive others as doing (nobody works as hard as ME!). These thoughts reveal a heart that is not focused on serving The Lord by serving others, but one that is looking for the appreciation and recognition of others. Thank you for your online ministry and I look forward to this study! God Bless you!


  6. Anne says

    I’ve been married for almost 36 years and I am so happy to participate in this study! God is good and we always have the need to refocus! Thanks.


  7. Jessica says

    I’m looking forward to this. Thank u for your faithfulness to The Lord. And being willing to teach other.


  8. Diane says

    I would love to join in this study. Thanks for the invite. Learning to love in a biblical way is something I have longed to do.


  9. K. Ann Guinn says

    I also, need to work on loving my husband of going-on-twenty-six years better! I would be honored to be included. Thanks!


  10. Pam D says

    I’ll be here with you every Thursday – as I am most every day. I so appreciate your encouragement and inspiration as a Christian wife and mom, and I’m really looking forward to this study with you. Thanks so much for all your hard work!


  11. Sarah T. says

    I was just playing last night for help in not nagging and help reminding me why I still love My husband. I definitely think He is telling me what I need to do since this post was in my email this morning. I’m looking forward to learning how to love as I was meant to! Thank you for hosting these, Laura!


  12. Edith says

    I’m in! Even after all these years, there are times i wonder if i know what love really is. Looking forward to it!


  13. Nanabella says

    God’s perfect timing… I prayed on Sunday that He would help me to better love my husband… And here YOU are Laura… Thank you Lord…


  14. Tiffany says

    Hi all! I’m new to this website and I will defiantly join in .I need help on this matter especially in my marriage. We have gone through so much and I can’t seem to get it right . I’m willing to try anything just to be a better wife and mother to my children.


  15. Rebecca says

    I was just looking for a six week study to do before the busy summer starts. I’m very excited to see you are hosting one. I will join the group.


  16. Emmy says

    This sounds great! Thanks for doing this and for the journaling pages. I have just started journaling, so this comes at a great time!


  17. Christi says

    The devil wants our marriages. And in Jesus’s name, he’s not getting mine! Thank you for doing this!!


  18. Rebekah Walden says

    I have been married for 47 years but I’m always interested in learning more about what God says to us about how to love. Thank you for doing this.


  19. Angela S says

    Very much looking forward to this. My oldest daughter is graduating in just a few weeks, too. I need God’s word so much right now as we celebrate and I begin to let her go.


  20. Michele Rowell says

    I’m in! Looking forward to it. It sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Doctor Jesus that is.


  21. Karen says

    This type of love has been on my mind recently, because of a photo and link of a gentleman in Waco, TX who, along with his wife, go around the city praying for the people and churches. My friend actually saw the gentleman two weeks ago, on an overpass, a staff in each hand and wondered what the crazy guy was doing. Nothing stays a mystery for long with Facebook. To be able to love others more than myself, even family sometimes, can be a challenge many days. Looking forward to the class.


    Bethany B. Reply:

    I live in Waco and see him often…he definitely loves our city well!!


  22. Kristina says

    I’m in! Looking forward to it. This is probably a dumb question, but do we need to check in at a certain time on Thursday’s? :)


    Laura Reply:

    No certain time. (I should have made that more clear to everyone.) I’ll post my thoughts, offer the printables, and open it up for discussion Wednesday night and it will be my top post all day Thursday so that everyone can access it when it is convenient for them that day. :)


  23. Leela says

    I’m in! I am going to share this with my sister, she and I had been doing Bible studies together with our Pastor’s wife for a few years now, until she moved away. Maybe she can join us from 3 hours away from me!


  24. Heather D says

    i’m in! Expecting Baby #3 (our first girl!) July 5th, and celebrating 15 years of marriage to my sweet hubby (we met at 15 and 17, married at 19 and 21! We were SO young!) Looking forward to prayerfully and thoughtfully investing in our marriage while I’m still in this quiet waiting season.


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