It’s the Week of the Chicken! (You Know You Don’t Want to Miss It)

It’s the Week of the Chicken!! I am so excited! ;)

Do you want to know my thought process for how the Week of the Chicken came to be, or would you prefer to be blissfully ignorant of how my brain works? (Keep reading at your own risk.)

It’s really not a very exciting story – I simply got a lot of chicken at a good price last Thursday. Smart Chicken brand is the only brand of chicken breasts that I can get locally that I (mostly) trust, but it tends to be very expensive. When my friend Emily informed me that it was on sale for just $2.99/pound – I was out the door before my shoes were tied. What can I say? We’ve been chicken nugget deprived as of late, and the homemade barbeque sauce could wait no longer.

Back at home with many, many packages of boneless, skinless chicken breasts – while making plans as to how I would use it all, I thought to myself, “Well this is sure going to be the week of the chicken”. And there you have it. The Week of the Chicken idea was born. I decided that if I was going to have a Week of the Chicken, I was going to drag you along with me.

In light of this important announcement, I suggest that you cancel all appointments, and in general, block out every day this week so that you will be free to schedule every moment of your life around the chicken.

Because I’ve been so busy preparing to make the Week of the Chicken everything we could all hope for it to be, I did not write out a menu plan for this week. Blame it on the chicken. If you need some menu plan ideas, please click over and read through all of my menu plan archives (which is what I’ll be doing this week – unless, of course, we end up constantly eating chicken!).

Stay tuned for lots of chicken fun, which includes a very exciting sale, and of course, new chicken recipes and some helpful chicken hints.

To get our Week of the Chicken off to a good start, we are giving away TEN $10 Gift Certificates to the Heavenly Homemakers Shop! How can you win one of these certificates? Here are some options:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite way to make and/or eat chicken. (“With a fork” is an acceptable answer.)
  • Tell your facebook friends about the Week of the Chicken, linking to this post, and then come leave another comment here telling us that you shared on facebook.
  • Tweet, Pin, or otherwise spread the news about the Week of the Chicken (such as by dressing up like a chicken and running up and down your block to tell your neighbors – pictures required).
  • Subscribe to HeavenlyHomemakers via RSS or Email so that you don’t miss any important chicken information, then leave an additional comment here telling me that you subscribed. If you’re already a subscriber, be sure to also leave a comment.
  • Keep watching for additional chicken posts this week that will give you more opportunities to win one of these fine certificates.

Ready? Let the Week of the Chicken begin!

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  1. says

    I like a recipe I make called Ginger Peanut Chicken. I like it as Katsudan and baked in breadcrumbs and garlic. I like it bbq and in almost every dish I make. Chicken is one of my favorite foods!


  2. Rebekah says

    Tonight I am actually making “Salsa Chicken”, just pour a jar of already-made salsa over chicken breasts in a casserole dish to cover, place aluminum foil on top, put in 400 degree oven until your chicken reaches the proper temperature, then sprinkle a bag of mozzarella cheese on top, put back in oven until melted and voila! The salsa makes the chicken tender and flavorful. =D


  3. Bernadette says

    I so need to find a great chicken sale! My goal is to freeze a bunch of chicken nuggets for lunches, I finally threw away a bag that I just couldn’t handle feeding to my kids anymore. I need to feed them real food! Thanks for the week of the chicken!


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