It’s That Time of Year Again!

It’s time to feed the York College Ladies Soccer Team again! 

My husband is an assistant soccer coach at our local Christian college, something he loves and is very gifted at doing. Each year, I am privileged to feed the team several meals when they come into town for pre-season workouts and practices. Having me cook saves the soccer budget quite a bit, as reimbursing me for my food expense costs less than feeding the team in the cafeteria.

This has become somewhat of a tradition that the girls look forward to each year, and I love being able to bless them in this way with home cooked meals and special treats. 

Today and tomorrow, I’m getting a jump start on all the work since the fun begins on Sunday evening. Today Elias, Malachi, and I went to the store to get all the groceries. Two full carts later, we were ready to check out.

Why no, we weren’t finished yet at this point. Still had to hit the frozen food section!

Can I just say how nice it was to have the boys along to help? Last year I went by myself, thinking that it would be easier. But, no, it was not easier. I am not capable of driving three carts, which is what I had after checking out. (Thankfully a kind man from church happened upon my poor struggling self and helped me to my van!)  This time, Elias and Malachi helped push carts, fill carts, load groceries onto the check-out counter. And don’t forget unloading once we got home! That was an entire family affair. Phew!

With that, I’m off to start making lasagnas. I’ll share my entire soccer team menu on Sunday, and as much as possible, I will take pictures to share with you. 

Now you know why it was so important for me to try and get ahead a few weeks ago! :)



  1. shannon hillary says

    I almost have six children and love your site. This item sounds wonderful. Something worth trying. I love natural.


  2. says

    Laura, when you feed a crowd like this, do you maintain the same nutrition standards that you do with your own family?


    Laura Reply:

    No, I compromise a bit when I cook like this. I still stick to my “real butter only” and make food from scratch ideas, but I buy white lasagna noodles and shredded cheese and non-free range chicken. I feel that at least it is homemade and “mostly” good for them. :)


  3. says

    You are truly amazing! And such an inspiration. Can’t wait for the recipes. Thanks so much for sharing all these little pieces of your life!


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