It’s a Thanksgiving Shark! (And this is the last day of the Healthy Living eBook Bundle Sale)

You know all of the 30 something eBooks you will get if you purchase this amazing Healthy Living eBook Bundle? The recipes and ideas you’ll find in those books will knock your socks off. (But put them back on, because…brrrr.)

One of the fun many recipes we’ve used from these eBooks is one for Chocolate Peanut Butter. Be still my heart – this stuff is delicious. And versitile. You can spread it on just about anything, or eat it right off the spoon. What a great gift this will make! (This stuff is better than Nutella, I’m telling you.)

Well anyway, a couple of weeks ago when my cousin came to visit, I asked her four year old son to help me pick out cookie cutters for our homemade breakfast donuts. He decided that we should definitely make turkeys since Thanksgiving was coming. And then he grabbed out a shark cookie cutter too – because what four year old boy can resist a shark? None that I am aware of. 

And so, we made oodles of turkey donuts and a quite a few sharks. We then spread on some of the Chocolate Peanut Butter, poured ourselves some milk or coffee, and had a lovely breakfast together.

Really, is there anything better than a Thanksgiving Shark with Chocolate Peanut Butter spread all over it? I think not.

It is very fun to bite the head off of a shark. 

I hope you’re able to join me in diving into all the wonderful contents of the Ebooks in this Healthy Living Bundle. This is the final day it will be available, and you really can’t beat this deal. (Over $300 worth of eBooks plus $73 in bonus products – all for only $29!) 

Click here if you’d like to buy now.

The hundreds of recipes I’ve discovered in these books are awesome. The gift making ideas will never run out. And I will forevermore be able to put Chocolate Peanut Butter on my Shark Donuts. ;)

Read all of the details of the Healthy Living eBook Bundle here. I’d love for you to experience the blessing of enjoying all of these books. I have learned so much and am so thankful that this is being offered for such an incredible price.


  1. Micah says

    I never thought to cut out shapes with cookie cutters, how cute! And yes, anything covered in chocolate and peanut butter is wonderful!! We had peanut butter chocolate milk with popcorn for supper last night. It was supposed to be a smoothie but I didn’t have enough frozen bananas to make it nice and thick, therefore it was just milk. No, my husband wasn’t home or we’d have had meat with it too!


  2. Amy says

    Laura: When you mention one of the yummy recipes or ideas from the ebooks, would you mind including the ebook title/author as well? I have all the books, but with 2 little ones, time to go thru them all is at a premium. Thanks!


    Laura Reply:

    Sure – the Chocolate Peanut Butter Recipe comes from Real Food, Real Easy (from the Humbled Homemaker). :)


    Amy Reply:

    Thank you! And that book led me to Stacy Makes Cents which led me to an article on frugal & useful stocking stuffers…hmmm…distracted, but useful!


  3. Melinda says

    Laura – I love chocolate and I love peanut butter and I love to eat both together – but better than Nutella? Peanut butter is hard to find in Italy and all we ate for years was Nutella for snacks. So not sure I can believe anything is better than Nutella.
    I enjoy your website, keep encouraging the newly married.


  4. Kristi says

    Hi Laura,
    I purchased the eBooks and Safari is unable to download them….can i get a link sent to a different email so I can open it in windows? Thanks!


    Laura Reply:

    Email ryan at keeperofthehome dot org and he will help you out!


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