It is a Fact That Plastic Drawers Bring Me Joy

It doesn’t take much to make me squeal. 

Just provide me with some rubbermaid totes with snap on lids and you’ll be my friend forever.

We recently acquired several new (to me) big rubbermaid totes…AND some of those cool plastic drawers. (It’s a long story of how we acquired them.) 

The plastic totes are SO gonna help me get a handle on all the wonderful hand-me-downs we receive for the boys.

And the sets of plastic drawers? I gave those babies (and myself, by default) a good scrubbing, then Malachi and I headed into the school room with them.

Do you think we needed to?


Oh, I’m sorry. Maybe I should have told you to be sure you were sitting down before you looked at that. Scary isn’t it?

Want another view?


And you ask, “LAURA?! How could you possibly let your school room turn into such a disaster?!” 

And I’d say, “Well, it was really quite simple.”  ;)

We don’t really do our school work in the school room because it’s so much cozier to read history on the couches in the living room and to do math on the rug in front of the fireplace. Our school room has now just become a “hub” where we keep our books and stuff.

Therefore, after the boys are finished with a book or an activity, they go put it in the school room. And slowly but surely the idea of putting the book or activity in it’s place just didn’t hold any appeal to little boys who would rather go-play-with-legos-because-they-finally-got-all-their-work-done!!!!   Plus, I’m pretty sure that room is full of hot lava.

My coping strategy was to simply close the door and walk away.

But seriously, I can hardly stand that much insanity in a room for so long before I begin to break out in a rash.

I finally sent the big boys in to put their books where they belonged. Then, Malachi and I used the new plastic drawers to organize his activities and fun pre-school stuff.

Here he is putting his little counting frogs into his “Counting Tools” drawer. 
He’s counting them as he goes of course…


Ah, the joy of organized little plastic drawers. WITH labels on them. Doesn’t that just make you want to go get some beads out of drawer number four and string ’em up in a pattern?


Now.  We’re starting a new week of school work. Hot lava or not…I think we’ll try to do a better job of keeping the school room looking like this!

Does anyone else get a kick out of plastic storage containers as much as I do?


  1. Julie in Australia says

    I love them. They hold all our toys in the Toy room. They are also great for under bed storage for extra blankets and towels. Easy to grab when guests come to stay!


  2. Kathy says

    This is beautiful! I never have enough plastic storage stuff. In fact, you’re inspiring me to go get some and tackle my guest room (which is a hub in our house… for whatever lands there). Thanks for the motivation!


  3. says

    The room looks wonderful. I love storage containers of any size and baskets are also wonderful. Things could be piled up on something and look messy. Then you can piled the items in a basket and life is much better. I dream of having a nice school room like what you have. Thanks for the pictures and inspiration.


  4. Emily Kay says

    I love love LOVE plastic drawers and baskets and rubbermaid bins! I seriously get a high from finding a “home” for all the stuff in my house. And, it makes it much easier for my kids to clean up when they know where things belong:) I love it!


  5. says

    It’s funny actually about what you said about doing schoolwork anywhere BUT the schoolroom. I was homeschooled and we always ended up all together at the kitchen table! I would read outside on a bench soaking up the sun.


  6. Barbara says

    I love plastic storage totes with labels on them! They stack so neatly and easily. It’s so much easier for the kids to put their toys away, which makes for a neat play room. And they are a great way for me to sort and label clothing by person, sizes and season. BTW – we have a schoolroom too, but many times it ends up looking like yours for the exact same reason ; o) Gotta love homeschooling!


  7. Serenity Summers says

    My little girl Emily (3 yrs.)walked by as I was looking at the “after” pictures and asked “can we move into that house?” We are buying a house and she is used to seeing pictures of possible houses but your school room won her heart!


  8. says

    OH yes… little totes and organizing stuff is a huge HOT thing for me… I LOVE them… IKEA is like heaven on earth (ok, maybe not like that, but almost!)
    Give me a label machine and a tote and I am a happy mama!!!!


  9. says

    This post made me laugh out loud!

    My husband made a rule in my house that I cannot come home with another plastic drawer! (Subject to appeal however:)

    My name is Kathy… and I am a plastic drawer addict. =)

    Great room!



  10. says

    Ooh. Nice job. I love plastic drawers. Our bed side tables are those wonderful contraptions (I’m happy they come in sage green), and I think the tubs help me keep my brain organized.

    Do you know what I thought when I saw the second picture? Ooh, I love her doorknobs. :) The door paneling is pretty too, and the floor is just lovely. We are praying about our “next step” home. Maybe God will bless me with some antique doorknobs too. :)


  11. says

    I got a kick out of your school room. I recently bought some Rubbermaid plastic shoe boxes for our homeschool and,after labeling them, I discovered I LOVE HAVING EVERYTHING ORGANIZED!!I try to keep up with the playroom and all the rest of the house but seeing my organized little school storage makes me smile!
    We also do school at the kitchen table most of the time. It allows me to cook etc while my child finishes her assignments. Bye Brandi


  12. says

    I’m with you on the plastic storage…and unfortunately on the messy school room, too! We are hardly in ours yet it looks like a hurricane went through!


  13. says

    Oooh, it looks great! I ADORE plastic storage containers! My husband also does not quite understand my deep love for them, but its so nice to have a good, durable, place for everything so everything can be in its place!


  14. says

    Wow, it looks beautiful! I also love pastic containers, in fact, next week my husband is planning on building me some shelves in the closets where I’m going to start keeping ALL of the kids toys (in plastic bins, of course!) I’m so excited about this!


  15. says

    It looks awesome! I love those drawers too…the price is great and their functionability can’t be beat that is for sure.



  16. says

    I LOVE plastic storage containers. Oh, and of course the label maker. They just work so well together. And my life would be chaos without them.

    The school room looks wonderful. Great tackle!


  17. says

    I love plastic storage containers. In fact this past week I have bought two three drawer carts. The plastic drawers are so versatile. I’ve used them all through the house. I even used them when I worked at my desk since it didn’t have any drawers and used business cards as labels in hopes of keeping people out of them.


  18. says

    LOL! Like another commenter here, I can no longer come home with plastic drawers unless they have a pre-approved purpose. I just love them so.



  19. says

    It looks GREAT!!! Those containers are AMAZING!! LOL I think I could see myself squealing to get some of those plastic drawers! he he he I would love some for the grandbabies toys and books. :)


  20. says

    Wow, I love how you organized your stuff. Very neat. Hope you don’t mind me asking but where did you buy the white plastic drawers?


    Laura Reply:

    You can buy them at Wal-mart..we actually got them for free from someone who moved. :)


  21. Kristin says

    Love it! I just happened on this post as I was about to read your mozzarella cheese-making post (I’ll get back to that in a second). But this caught my eye since I just bought our son an Akro Mills 44 PLASTIC drawer organizer for his Legos! Made me laugh, your comment about your boys and their Legos (great idea on the school work first, then Lego play fellow homeschooler!). All the best!


  22. Maria says

    Where did you find those cute colorful plastic drawer?


    Laura Reply:

    We got them from someone else, so I’m not sure where to purchase them. :)


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