It Happens in a Blink

Some of you have asked me to share more about what led us to our decision for Matt to resign from his job to work at home with our family. You’d like to know more about what we’re planning to do and what our “new life” will look like.

I can’t share much yet about what our new life will look like as it hasn’t actually started yet. Incidentally, it will start on Thursday the 16th at precisely 3:01 pm, at which time you WILL hear me shouting and banging on pots and pans in celebration. 

We’re setting goals and making plans and praying. Once we settle into January, I’ll be able to share more with you about what we’re doing with our time and how the new plan is working with our family.

What I can share though is a little more about what led us to this decision. I mentioned previously that Matt didn’t want to have regrets about how he spent the time God’s given him on earth. Our boys are growing quickly…and they need the guidance of their daddy. Our marriage is strong and we’d like to keep it that way. We have ministry ideas that we’d like to explore.  Matt’s current job situation hasn’t allowed us to do for our family what we feel called to do.

Ultimately, we had to ask ourselves the questions:  What are we doing for the Kingdom? Is our life in balance with what God wants us to be doing for Him?

We did some evaluating and knew something needed to give.  (Later I’ll share a formula we came up with to evaluate the balance of each important area of our lives.)  We asked God to show us how to create a more balanced life, while still providing for our family.

The following song, Blink, by Revive pretty much sums up our thoughts. I’d really like you to listen and read the words as it plays because it’s quite convicting. 

It happens in a blink…what are you doing with your life?

For the record, we are definitely not advocating that everyone should turn in their two weeks notice tomorrow. That family you love so much does need to eat and have shoes. :)  We are just sharing what we’ve felt called to do for our family. We had a financial plan in place before making this leap and have spent many months praying about this decision. We simply want to encourage each person to examine how they spend their time and feel like we should all ask ourselves:  Am I making the most of every moment God’s given me?


  1. Sea says

    I think it is exciting! In our home we are a two-income household. I am a teacher and this will be my last year for a period of time unknown to us. Like you, our kids are growing so fast and God has placed it on us that I should stay home for awhile with them. We will have a little cushion financially, but by no means well off, but again God placed it on us that he will take care of us! We are following God’s intention for us and putting family before work for some time! Good luck to you and I can’t wait to read about your journey and perhaps it can inspire us too!


    Katherine Reply:

    I will pray for you tonight Sea!
    I used to work outside of the home, so it was a huge adjustment for me
    to transition to a Stay At Home Mommy- but at this point I can’t even
    imagine leaving my kids to go to work again! God is Faithful and He will
    provide abundantly for your family. In fact, it’s funny, but we actually
    have more money left over at the end of the month than we did when I was
    working. That is the Amazing God We Serve! God Bless You, Sea


  2. says

    I will patiently wait for you to share what your family has decided to do. It is an amazing gift you are providing to the world, and your family.


  3. says

    This is exciting!!! About 5 years ago my husband quit his job to work from home after I had a “vision” during one of our prayer times. It was a huge leap of faith as we live in Southern CA ($$$) and that same month we closed on a 2nd house. While the housing market hasn’t been wonderful, we’ve never regretted our decision to go freelance full time. God has provided and the time we have as a family has been priceless. (I home schooled last year and now homeschool 2 days a week.) The last 5 years haven’t always been easy but they’ve been an adventure. This coming year we are planning to move into an RV for a year and travel the country. This is only going to be possible b/c we took a leap a faith 5 years ago. Wishing you the best on your new journey!

    PS I checked yesterday and TJ’s beef jerky doesn’t have MSG. :-)


  4. Rebecca says

    It seems like many Christians are coming to a turning point and new chapters.
    We are facing similar situations.
    Ours includes my husband leaving long haul trucking, to be home more. He found a great local job that he then got laid off from. He was then unemployed for six months.
    Now we are facing our second floreclosure (we got the first one stopped).
    We are’nt going to stop this one, unless the house sells first. We have been trying to sell for three years.
    We feel stuck where we are (and doors keep closing) and feel like God is calling us elsewhere.
    We plan on leaving in the spring, and our excited for the journey ahead.
    Looking forward to see what God has in store for your family, Laura.
    I read this article yesterday and was moved by it. It reminded me of my husband and I. I thought you might also enjoy reading it.


  5. says

    The “blink” just like the “dash” is filled with choices. You my sweet sister have chosen wisely. God Bless you. Can’t wait to hear about the journey! Enjoy the blink!


  6. Debbie says

    This goes right along with some things my husband and I have felt God leading us to lately. We’re praying through different aspects of living more simply in order to give more generously and live more for the Kingdom. I’ve been praying for the past few months about what it should look like for me to live in light of Eternity. I’m convinced that the specifics of living with eternal perspective works itself out differently for each family and person, and we each need to pray to see how exactly God desires to use us in our specific situations. It is encouraging to hear about how God is leading you and your family. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Jenny says

    I can’t thank you enough for adding the “For the record..” box. Too many times people make life changing decisions that seem to say this is what everyone should do if you want to please God. And then too many people make poor decisions for their families or end up carrying around guilt. What pleases God is living the life He gave us, being responsible with it. I totally agree with your way of thinking and the process by which you came to your decision. I pray the best for your family!


  8. says

    What an exciting step!

    Not yet a year ago hubs decided to become a stay at home dad. He was sick of the traveling and being away from us and I wanted to expand my business (freelance writer).

    Things worked out! Hubs enjoys seeing the kids grow and we enjoy being a family more than evenings and weekends.

    We’ve finally learned to “slow down.” Good luck in your venture!


  9. says

    I was actually quite surprised when you blogged about your husband taking the restaurant job. That area of work is so demanding and the hours are just insane. Good luck on the next adventure! It’s always a little exciting and a little scary to step out in faith.


  10. says

    Wow, thanks for sharing, how courageous of a decision to trust fully in the Lord. I will pray that He blesses your family as you step forward in faith!


  11. says

    How exciting! My husband’s last day at the conventional full-time job was Dec 1. He’s now working full-time as associate pastor at our church. We had been praying for awhile about what to do, and suddenly the church said finances were great and they wanted to hire him!


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