Introducing the Very Beautiful: Simple Recipes, Volume 1 (How you can get it for FREE!)

Look what we’ve been working on!

Simple Recipes excitement

It’s a brand new eBook, full of all the Simple Recipes I’ve shared recently. It’s beautiful (thanks to my designer!). And at the risk of over-using the word simple – it simplifies the Simple Recipes you’re using to put Simple Meals on the table.

(Side note: Can we actually over-use the word simple? I don’t think so. All of us, everywhere, want our days and our lives to be as simple as possible, right?! Let us all, therefore, apply the word simple to everything we do.)

Here’s a little peek at what the pages inside this new Simple Recipes eBook look like:

simple recipes sample page

Simple Recipes, Volume 1 is filled with over 24 recipes – all of which:

  • Utilize real, whole food ingredients
  • Take only a few minutes to prepare
  • Are absolutely family friendly
  • Take the stress away from meal prep!!

Simple Recipes ebook cover

Simple Recipes, Volume 1 eBook
Simple Recipes, Volume 1 is filled with over 24 recipes - all of which utilize real, whole food ingredients, take only a few minutes to prepare, are absolutely family friendly, and take the stress away from meal prep!!
Price: $6.95

How you can get Simple Recipes, Volume 1 for FREE!

We’ve got this eBook priced with the frugal in mind – only $6.95. But if you’re a Simple Meals member, we’re adding this to your collection of the free eBooks you have access to!

HUGE PERK of being a Simple Meals member: First, we give you a $10 coupon to use on your Simple Meals purchase. Then, we give you over $60 of free recipe eBooks. Well, now you can make that $67 worth of free recipe eBooks – because our newest Simple Recipes, Volume 1 eBook will be added to your free eBook file!

Is Simple Meals worth it? I’m pretty sure I just proved it (because you get more in free product than you actually pay for your entire one-year subscription!). But more important than all the free books you get with your purchase, you get an entire year’s worth of weekly Simple Meals Plans (for less than a $1 per week, which is practically ridiculous, but true).

Also? The weekly meal plans come with bonus recipes, bonus time saving tips, a complete grocery list, gluten free adaptations, and more. EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Please join everyone who is loving Simple Meals!! You can’t beat the price and you will be amazed about all that is included in this subscription!


And as of today, this beautiful new Simple Recipes, Volume 1 eBook will be added to the free eBook collection for Simple Meals members. Let’s keep the simple, real food, real family recipes coming!

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