Icy Cold Milkshake Treats

I’ve been sharing quite a bit about coffee treats lately. Iced Coffee, Homemade Chocolate Frappe, Chocolate Whipped Cream for Coffeeyum. This is great for everyone except for those who don’t like coffee, right? Yes, well. This post should take care of that.

My family definitely fits into the “don’t like coffee” category of people. In fact, they really don’t understand why I’ve suddenly started loving the stuff. Okay by me. It’s the one and only food/drink in this house I get all to myself. Ha! It’s mine. All mine!! (she says, lovingly.)

So for all the “don’t like coffee” people out there, including my family, who thinks my Homemade Chocolate Frappe looks really good but tastes really bad – here’s what I’ve come up with as a delicious alternative. Icy Cold Milkshake Treats.  Instead of starting out with coffee ice cubes, simply start out with regular ice cubes. Instead of adding cold coffee and milk, simply add cream and milk. Instead of adding chocolate…oh wait. We’re still adding chocolate. Unless you want straight up vanilla. That works too.

Icy Cold Milkshake Treats
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Milkshake
Serves: 3 servings
  • 2 cups ice cubes
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Liquid stevia to taste (I use about 10 drops NuNaturals brand)
  • 3 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder (omit if you prefer a vanilla milkshake)
  1. Blend ingredients together until slushy-like. Serve right away.

You’ll love how easy this is, how “real food” this is, and how it’s a treat completely void of sugar. It doesn’t get any better. (Unless you add coffee, but we’ve been through this already.)


Icy Cold Milkshake Treats

Most of the ingredients in the list are in “give or take” proportions. You’ll figure this out if you actually try to measure 2 cups of ice cubes. Rectangle shaped ice cubes don’t cooperate very well in a round measuring cup.

In addition, you may want your shake to be creamier, smoother, sweeter, chocolatier, or with coffee. Oh wait. This one doesn’t have coffee in it. Well anyway, feel free to add more or less of any of the above listed ingredients to make this shake just what you want it to be.

As for me, I’m going to stick with the Homemade Chocolate Frappe. And I’m going to drink the entire blender of coffee goodness all by myself because no one else in my house likes it so I don’t have to share, so ha! (she says, with kindness.)

What do you think? Which will you like better? And which will your family members like better?


  1. TINA szymoniak says

    Thank you, Laura! You have so many great ideas! These were yummy. We made strawberry also by substituting the ice for strawberries. I suppose blueberries and peaches would be great too. Have a joy filled day, Laura and everyone else reading the post! : )


    Ann Reply:

    Thank you, you too :)

    Psalm 29:11 The Lord will give strength unto his people;
    the Lord will bless his people with peace.


    TINA szymoniak Reply:

    I forgot to mention that the strawberries are frozen. : )


  2. says

    In our home, we have two coffee lovers, and to who think it’s bitter. My son and I don’t mind the other two not drinking it because, like you said, more for us. We’ll stick with your frappe recipe, but this one is great for the those who choose to miss out on the good stuff. :) Thanks for the recipe!


  3. Tracie says

    Stevia upsets my stomach, so I used 1 banana (frozen) in place of half the ice cubes. I do like a very dark chocolatey flavor, so use more banana if you prefer a sweeter taste.


  4. Lisa H. says

    Your posts always cheer me up! You are so funny!
    Thanks for the delicious sounding recipes…. one of these days I’m going to have to try one of the coffee ones, but I have to share, because I have 3 other coffee lovers in my home. (Yay… she says, lovingly…..) ;-)


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