I Was Wrong! You Can Get it Free, and It’s Easier Than I Thought.

Remember earlier in the week when I told you about how you can get the upcoming Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle for free? I wanted to mention it again, because I was initially wrong in some of the information I shared. I love being wrong (when the freebie opportunity is even better than I thought)!

I thought 10 of your friends had to actually purchase the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle when it comes available soon. I certainly hope they do purchase, because it’s a bundle of amazingness for a price that blows me away. Why would we all not purchase this? But you know how you can get this bundle for free?  If 10 of your friends simply sign up to learn more about this bundle, you’ll get it for free. That’s it.

If even one of your friends signs up through your referral link, you’ll get an automatic $5 off the purchase price. If five friends sign up, you’ll get the $5 off, plus a 12-Week Audio course for free. If ten of your friends signs up, you’ll receive the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle for free. They’ll just send it to you, all gift wrapped with a bow on top.

This is a fantastic little way for the Ultimate Bundle team to say “thank you” for spreading the word about what they are offering. We want this bundle put into the hands of everyone.  Once you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why. I’m sworn to secrecy right now about the specific items being offered. (Over $1,000 worth of items to make your healthy living experiences and efforts easier – for less than $30. That’s all I can tell you, which is why I’m about to explode. I saw all the contents early since I’m one of the authors, and I got to redeem my bonuses early and I’m using six them already and seriously it is killing me that I can’t tell your more right now. Obviously, my face is currently bright red because I have forgotten to breathe. Cute.)

When you sign up (that’s my referral link), you’ll be on the list to be the first to know all the details about the bundle. Once you’ve taken the three seconds to sign up, you’ll be given your own referral link to share via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Your friends can then sign up, and you’ll be on your way to a discount or even a free bundle.

Do this. You will be so glad you did. More details coming soon.

With love,
Yours truly, trying not to explode while I wait patiently for permission to tell you more

Did You Sign Up Yet?

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  1. Tiffany says

    I had a friend signup with my referral link and it isn’t showing on my signup page. Is there someone I can contact to find out what is going on?


    Laura Reply:

    Hmm, it may take a little time to show up, but I don’t think it should take very long. If it hasn’t shown up in a few hours of refreshing the page, you can contact Ultimate Bundles here: http://ultimate-bundles.com/contact-us/


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