Hurry Up and Get Your Kids in the Kitchen!

You know how I often talk about how important it is to get your kids in the kitchen with you?!

I have just proven myself completely and totally and absolutely right about the whole thing. (Just in case we had been wondering about that.)

I’ve been sick the past few days…but everyone around here still wants to eat. Don’t they know that when mama is sick, the world must stop until I wake up and feel better?  Huh-uh…it just doesn’t happen.

I have NEVER been so thankful that I’ve taught my kids their way around the kitchen. Daddy’s doing great taking over in there, but sometimes he’s not home when the boys are hungry. Or when I need something to eat. AND, Daddy has been working hard trying to juggle all his work and mine too. How nice for the boys to get a meal started so that he doesn’t have to come home and do all the cooking too.

My boys aren’t at the point where I can just turn them loose in the kitchen and tell them to whip up some spaghetti. But because of all the time they’ve spent in there learning and working with me, they can go in there and do the whole thing with me just laying on the couch telling them what to do. I’m so proud of them.

So just in case you’ve been meaning to do it, but you haven’t yet…here’s my Works for me Wednesday tip:  Get your kids in the kitchen with you so that when you need them to take over, they can!!!  (Here, I’ve written an entire series on it.)  Read it then do it. It’s important for their future, and someday when you’re sick and need your kids to bring you something besides a box of cereal with a plastic fork, you’ll really be glad you did. (Yesterday I walked Asa through making us some awesome fruit slushies that totally hit the spot with me. He did great!!)


For the record this Works for me Wednesday…being sick….does not work for me. To quote my youngest, Malachi, “My don’t love it.”  :) 


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    Cereal with a fork…creative.

    I agree. My oldest three girls cook a hot breakfast by age 8 and cook for a hundred by the time they were 15 (we did a lot of church dinners).

    When I had my heart surgery my 2nd oldest daughter took care of me with yummy gormet meals each day. So it paid off. ;-)


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    Oh, I can’t wait for this day! I’ve heard that when your oldest turns 6, things start to get much easier. Was that your experience too? Right now mine are 3.5, 2 and 9 months, though. Although my 3-year-old can put together plates of ham, cheese and crackers for us.


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    I am doing exactly this! In fact, my WFMW last week was about this. I truly believe like you do that kids need to know how to cook! All three of my kids are getting their own day to cook dinner (with me of course)! It’s great and we have a fun time spending that time together!


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    My kids were such a huge blessing to me during my pregnancy and I was so glad I had let them help and learn along beside me in the kitchen and all areas of the house. Praying you are well soon!


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    I haven’t read your series yet (I’m going to read it as soon as I finish typing this), but I totally agree! It is SO important for boys and girls to have the knowledge and experience in the kitchen!


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