How To Warm Your Food at Work Without a Microwave

I was so excited when reader, Elaine, shared this idea. So I wanted to pass it on to you right away!

Many of you have wondered – how can my husband or I warm up food while at work when the only thing available is a microwave? If you’re trying to avoid using a microwave, this can be tricky.

But Elaine shared this wonderful idea:  Get a tiny crock pot.  This 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer is perfect. I also found the 16-Ounce Little Dipper on sale, which looked great.

I love this idea, and think this would make a great gift!

Thanks Elaine. It’s so lovely to have such smart readers. I love learning from you all! :)


  1. Jessica B. says

    So, do you pour and plug as soon as you get to work for it to be hot by lunchtime? Or wait until an hour before lunch to get it started?

    I have one of these little crocks that was gifted me – but I’ve never known what to do with it. This looks great. Thanks! :)


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, I was reading the info at Amazon, and it seems that you simply plug it in a work and your food will be hot at lunchtime. I love this idea!


  2. Becki says

    We have a little dipper cockpot. Its pretty small. And it doesn’t have a removable crock, do make sure you clean it, can’t exactly soak it later. But that is a great idea, hadn’t thought of it for work lunches.


  3. Nia says

    Hello Laura,
    I read the article about Microwave use- from the link you provided. Reading about radiation and how microwaves change food has me thinking about organic food. Since becoming so popular, I’ve heard that organic fruits and veggies aren’t grown with pesticides or herbiscides,but are zapped with radiation to be considered safe to eat. I don’t really know how to verify this do you have any ideas? Have you ever heard this? No doubt microwaves are harmful and are still being sold, it is possible someone could be giving the ok for radiation of our food. And I’m now wondering do I decide between GMO/ frakenstein food, “natural” food sprayed with poison, OR food zapped with radiation? HMM……


    Laura Reply:

    My understanding is that organic food isn’t radiated, but it could be that my information is outdated. Ugh. I’ll check into it. It’s frustrating that we hardly know what actually IS healthy anymore. I’m glad God is bigger than all of this. :)


    Nia Reply:

    That sure is the truth. It just reminds me to pray over any food I’m taking in.


  4. says

    Not to put a damper on anyone’s plans, but check with your workplace BEFORE buying one. Where I worked last was a large office and extra plug-in items were no allowed. This was because it would become a fire hazard if too many people had extra plug in items. If you already have a radio and a fan I discourage you from adding a crock pot too. Electric circuits within workstations can blow and cost a lot of money. Also, all the outlets within a room aren’t designed to be used all at once. Some should be free. So, please, speak with your facilities person or office manager first.


  5. Lana says

    I have always used a wide mouth thermos for hot food for my husband. I warm the thermos with hot water while heating the food to put in it. My husband says that often the food is still too hot to eat at lunch time.


  6. Misty says

    I have been doing this for years at work with the little dipper crockpot! Now as some of you have mentioned, they make one for lunches with removable liners. The girls at work always make jokes about me not using the microwave but that’s ok. I put my food in an hour before my lunch time and it hot and ready to eat! No standing in line for the microwave to get it radiated and no cold spots in my food! Perfectly warm all the way through!;-)


  7. Brighid says

    The tiny crockpots are also nice gifts for long haul truckers so they can have some hot food on the road. My FIL is one such trucker.


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