How to Take Your Oils With You (A Great Giveaway from Got Oil Supplies!)

It takes one to know one. What I mean is, if you are an essential oil user, you can quickly recognize another essential oil user. I’ll give a friend a hug and say, “Mmmm, you’re wearing Frankincense.” or “Uh-oh, I smell Thieves. Are you not feeling well today?”

It’s the common language of EO users. I love the smell of almost all oils, and of course I love that they are so beneficial. I try to have some of the basics with me at all times, even and especially when we are on the road. But of course, it’s easy to walk out the door without them. So hooray for my two newest items that I’ve acquired for my Essential Oils!

essential oils bag11) A beautiful necklace so that I can put a few drops inside and actually wear my oils
2) A handy travel bag that holds 10 oil bottles

Using both of these will be so much better than my current system which has been “throw several bottles of oil into my purse and hope they don’t get lost.” See the handy little pockets inside the travel bag? Fabulous. And it’s the perfect size to stash inside our snack tote so that between games or events if my kids come up and say, “What do you have for my sore neck/knee/throat/head/arm?” I don’t have to scrounge the bottom of my purse in hopes of finding the right oil.

essential oils bag2Then, of course, there’s the pretty necklace I’ll be wearing that holds a few drops of whichever oil I need for the day.

essential oil necklace

I received these from and am excited for you to check them out!

I’m most impressed with the quality of their products paired with their inexpensive prices. My favorite of all they offer is the jewelry and the travel bags, but you’ll see that they have all variety of essential oil necessities.

Check out all their Diffusing Necklaces to pick your favorite, allthewhile thinking about the people on your Christmas list. Then pick out your favorite Travel Bag because Got Oil Supplies is giving one away to FOUR different winners!

Do you see how inexpensive these are? Their prices make these purchases so doable. Hooray for practical items that are so cute and reasonably priced!

Ready to make it easy to take your oils with you?

Enter to win this great giveaway in the Rafflecopter below. I’ll draw 4 random winners on Thursday, October 12.

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  1. Amanda P says

    How pretty and practical! I’m impressed with the prices too and would love to snag the pendant diffuser necklace and the pink polka dot bag (easy to see when heading out the door!).


  2. Lee says

    The bags! I’m a sucker for bags, especially ones that help keep those bottles in place. I also love the diffuser jewelry. Pretty!


  3. Jaimie Adams says

    I love the idea of the necklace so that I can have whatever oil with me for the day. I love the natural lava stone essential oil stripe pendant necklace.


  4. Kimberly in NC says

    I like the arrows locket necklace. I’m not much of a necklace wearer, but if it was to use oils for health, I would. And the three arrows would be significant for our 3 sons. Cute.


  5. Melanie says

    Wow – their products are so very affordable!! Thanks for introducing us! :) I love the damask bag with the hot pink trim. The jury’s still out on which necklace I like best. That little sea turtle is awfully cute, but I also like the cube. Decisions, decisions!


  6. beetree says

    I love the arrows necklace, and the black keychain bag w/the amber rollerballs…no more essential oil spills in my purse! :) thanks for the giveaway!


  7. Barbara says

    So many cool oil accessories! Love the purple (favorite color!) w/white polka dot bag and did you see the adorable paw print necklace?! Love it!


  8. Marya Puchner says

    I love the damask bag, the turtle pendant and the circle of life diffuser bracelet! I can’t wait to share this site with my oily friends!


  9. Laura A says

    I love wearing a diffuser necklace! It let’s me have oils close to me without overpowering others around me.


  10. C. Webb says

    I like so many of the necklaces. I can’t decide if I would like the lava ball or felt pad better. Does anyone have experience with either of these?


  11. Keri S says

    So many cute and practical things! I love the pink polka dot bag and the birdcage necklace — I need that. :)


  12. Melanie says

    Thanks for sharing these great items! I love the rose gold necklace and the damask with pink trim bag . Oh and also the brown zipper bag. So many to choose from!


  13. Heidi C says

    Good Idea to be thinking about the people on our Christmas list while looking at all the cute bags and necklaces! :)


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