Homemade Peppernuts {Gifts in a Jar ~ Day Eight}

Ahhh, Peppernuts. Little bites of delicious memories from my childhood.

One batch will go a long way – filling several jars for gifts! If you’ve never had peppernuts before, I can only describe them as spicy, sweet, munchy, crunchy bites of Christmas. My grandma made them each year at holiday time, and we all loved them. They are great for gift giving – and great to keep in a jar on top of your refrigerator! :)

Click on the link below for the recipe!
Homemade Peppernuts

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  1. Elaine says


    Our family is in the midst of making changes to a healthier lifestyle….but can I ask what may be a dumb question. How do you avoid gaining weight?


    Laura Reply:

    Not a dumb question at all – people ask me that all the time! If you’re asking in regard to all the treat recipes I’m sharing in the Gifts in a Jar series, you need to know that I’m not making all of these and eatint them – they are gifts! Otherwise, yeah, we’d be struggling with our weight! :)

    Regarding the day to day eating of whole foods – we find that if we limit sugar and don’t over eat, we have no trouble at all maintaining a healthy weight, even though we are eating a high fat diet of real foods. This is just the short answer and I need to do an entire post to answer this, but since we are eating real food in their whole form, our bodies recognize them, and utilize them for nourishment, and they are not stored as fat in our bodies.

    Hope that helps. Eventually I’ll get around to writing an entire post to answer this. :)


  2. Laura Gregory says

    i love peppernuts! my great aunt always had some when we visited,and whenever i see, taste or hear of them i think of her. my mom makes them now, i supose i should learn how too :)


  3. Betsy says

    I made peppernuts last year and loved them! The only problem is that it’s way to easy to grab a handful as you walk buy.


  4. Erika says

    Ohhhhh, Pfeffernüsse! German little treats that do remind me of my childhood and my grandmother too. I just found out that they have English and Dutch roots as well. But wherever they’re from, it cannot be Christmas without them. If you’ve never had peppernuts, they are spicy and sweet kind of like a pumpkin pie is spicy and sweet. Yummy! My grandmother made two varieties: light anise-flavored ones, and the darker, flatter, spicy ones. The dark ones are my favorite!


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