Hit the Re-Start Button – Join Us This September

It’s been a great summer! For many of us, there has been downtime, traveling, fun in the sun, and lots of crazy good times.  Likely there’s been some difficulty, frustration, and troubled days too.  Perhaps there have also been a few more than normal ice cream cones and trips through the fast food lane. No worries.  We’re not perfect, nor are we health-nut-Nazis.

But now that Fall is upon us, who’s ready to settle into a nice routine? Who’s ready to get some healthy food prepared ahead of time, get the house more organized and manageable, fine-tune the budget, start exercising regularly, get the natural medicine cabinet stocked for winter – any or all of the above?!

I always feel this way when September hits. I super-love the flexibility of summer. But I’m ready for routine, I’m ready to find more organization in my days, and I’m ready to breathe in a fresh breath of all that this season offers.

Who is with me? Let’s hit the Restart button!


Through the entire month of September, we’ll be hitting the restart button together around here. We’ll have new recipes, freebies, sales, rockin’ giveaways, tips and ideas, and encouragement. Hey, I’m doing this for me as much as I’m doing it for you. Actually, technically, you’re doing this for me. Sharing these ideas refreshes me – so thanks for the kick.  Bam.  Smack that Restart Button! Here we go.

First off – let’s start with a giveaway. All the books, eBooks, and eCourses in my shop are geared toward making your real food journey easier. They’ll help you hit the restart button – so how about we give some away? Leave a comment on this post sharing what you’re most excited about this fall as you hit the restart button. Wednesday, September 3 I’ll draw 5 random winners who will each win a $10 gift certificate that can be used on any downloadable product or eCourse we carry. Let your comments begin:

What are you most excited about this Fall as you hit the Restart Button?

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  1. Hannah says

    I am looking forward to the changes a new season brings…cooler temperatures, toddlers, increased time in the kitchen, and an increase in the time spent with family.


  2. Kathy says

    I am looking forward to sitting at the dining room table each morning doing schoolwork with my children. Seriously! Probably sounds crazy, but summer life has been such a whirlwind of activity that making time to just sit down and enjoy doing schoolwork together sounds very pleasant!


  3. Susan Parker says

    I am glad September is here. Growing up and going to public school, we never started school before Labor Day. When I had my first daughter, she started after Labor Day. But things have changed and public school starts before Labor Day now.

    In my mind, (living as my carefree, childhood summer days) summer is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. So my children starting school before for my Labor Day has always thrown me for a loop. But last year I decided to take my youngest (and last in public school) out of public school and homeschool her. In doing this, I went back to my childhood days – we start AFTER LABOR DAY!

    I love it. My daughter loves it. While everyone else is rushing around to get supplies, and ‘things ready’, I keep taking summertime at an easy peasy pace, up to and through Labor Day. So my Re-Start Button is all about new tasks, organizing, and more of routines and meals ready to eat.

    Fall is the season I love. The crisp air, leaves changing colors, yummy smells from baking more, hearty soups and stews, bazaars, apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides. I must say I am blessed to live here in New England. Although I will never see a palm tree, or oranges growing on trees – I do see the beautiful colors of God’s majestic landscape in mountains,oceans, color changing leaves and snow. And in all of this ‘re-starting’, helping my daughter with her December wedding.

    Feeling Blessed,
    Susan Parker
    (p.s. I hope I win, because Sept. 3rd is my birthday and would be a great gift) :)


  4. K. Ann Guinn says

    I’m most excited about a new start in my own life/career, as after ten years of being a teachers’ aide in a Christian school (ie. doing a little of anything and everything), I was not rehired. As much as in my flesh it hurt, I realize that this is God pushing me out of the nest and on to the next season he has for me. I won’t lie and say it won’t take some time and healing to move on from this difficult, yet rewarding time in my life, but I trust that God has not only my best interests in mind, but those of my family. He is already opening doors for me, and I’m hoping for a schedule that will allow me to take care of myself and my family a little bit better. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Debby W says

    I am looking forward to cooking/eating better, and exercising on a more regular basis. I am hoping my family will JOIN me, too. ;)


  6. Dawn says

    I am looking forward into getting back into a routine to our days and the joy of learning together as we homeschool.


    Dawn Reply:

    Sorry -looking forward to getting back into


  7. Valerie says

    We are hitting restart… and moving from TX to IN. It’s a leap of faith, as we don’t have all the details worked out. We are trusting that God does though, so we will just go and pray that the house and job all come together. God is good.


  8. Susan says

    Structure in our days with homeschool, watching my baby take her first steps, being able to go to the playground mid-day without fear that the slides will be too hot.


  9. Shell J says

    I am looking forward to the fall colors and smells and cuddling up with my little ones under a warm blanket. I am also excited to watch my kids learn and discover new things as we start out our school year together.


  10. GLADY says

    I am looking forward to the Daughters of Scotia convention in Hartford, Connecticut. I am the delegate so will be representing my Lodge. Then after convention I am taking another week with a friend and exploring the area. I have never been there so thought this would be a great opportunity. The it is back to the Phoenix area and hopefully cooler weather. I love the heat, but by this time I am looking for opportunities to be outside and enjoying the beauty of Arizona.


  11. sally mcquaid says

    I am excited about the routine and pattern. But I am going to miss the free time. For my family summers are busy but we have less commitments. As soon as school starts we have daughters tae kwon do practice two nights a week, sons basketball practice 2 nights + games Saturday, volunteering at church 2-3 times per week + school work, work, and everything else that happens in life.

    I love this challenge to restart. I need to restart my schedule and adjust it to meet this new phase in our lives.


  12. Krista says

    I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine of (home)school and restarting my personal healthy living journey. I’m trying to lose weight and get my body in (some kind of) shape before my 10 year anniversary next year. :-) I love your blog and the inspiration and encouragement you give. Thank you!


  13. Sanica says

    Hello! I’m looking forward to settling into a routine this fall and homeschooling my oldest child. We’ll be using the curriculum you created, “Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve”! I’m excited and a tad bit fearful but I know God has everything in control. Thanks for the opportunity to win. God bless!


  14. Acmommy says

    Restart in Setember? Great idea!!!! I am most excited about hitting the restart button on getting back to a routine & schedule…and getting back to our treats/desserts on the weekend only. ;)


  15. T.R. says

    I’m excited about just restarting in general. For the past several months I’ve just been letting it all go. It’s nice to get back on track and move forward to a more healthy life.


  16. Lennelle says

    I am looking forward to the triumphs & challenges homeschooling brings. Also, getting back to a routine where I am spending more time with The Lord and getting me right on the inside. All while I work on working out physically to get the outer body right. I know with God all things are possible and I’m looking forward to the possibilities ahead!


  17. Betty S. says

    I am looking forward to seasonal colors, cooler weather and trying new healthy recipes. Also want to make exercise a priority.


  18. Emily says

    I’m starting back to work after a year of maternity leave, and at a new school to boot (I’m a high school teacher) so my routine is all new! I’m very proud of myself for how well I’ve been staying organized and planning ahead in order to try to maintain good work/family balance, and I’m looking forward to more of that!


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