High Five Recipes: Roasted Italian Potatoes

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It’s been months since I posted a High Five Recipe, so just in case you’re new around here…let me introduce you to this special recipe feature we have going on. Are you ready?

It is a fact that there are lots and lots of healthy recipes you can make which only take five or less (healthy) ingredients!  I’m talking about REAL INGREDIENTS too…not just “add a packet of this and stir in a can of that”.

Real ingredients, real easy recipes. I LOVE High Five Recipes! You can scroll through all of these posts to see the other High Five Recipes I’ve posted so far!

This Roasted Italian Potatoes recipe comes courtesy of my friend Anne. Remember last year when I put some of my homemade Italian Dressing Mix in her stocking? What, you don’t remember? Yes, my friend Anne and I exchange Christmas stockings. Grown-ups needs stockings too ya know. And because she and I love to live on the wild side, we put items in each others stockings that are incredibly outlandish like paper clips, pot scrubbers…and yes…Italian Dressing Mix.

Yes indeed, Anne and I create one great big rowdy party when we come together.

Anyhoo…after Anne tried the Italian Dressing Mix I had given her, she fell in love with it and keeps coming up with yummy things to make with it. She is out to prove that Italian Dressing goes way beyond tossed salad. See? Told ya she was a crazy one.

Roasted Italian PotatoesYum

3 pounds red potatoes, scrubbed (or dirty, whichever way you like ’em)
1 Tablespoon olive oil
2 teaspoons Italian dressing mix

Cut potatoes into bite sized pieces. Toss ingredients together in a bowl until the potatoes are covered with olive oil and dressing mix. Pour potatoes into a baking dish. Bake uncovered in a 350° oven for 20-30 minutes or until potatoes are tender. If you like, you can broil them for a few minutes at the end of their baking time to brown them up a bit.

Now, I am creatively thinking about what I should put in her stocking this year. Maybe some other great ingredient so she can come up with another high five recipe? Perhaps something to do with, I don’t know…chocolate???


  1. says

    I’ve recently found a roasted potato dish like this one that calls for adding diced tomatoes (I’ve used tomatoes strait out of the garden with the guts(seeds)squeezed out, and canned- both work great) and topping it with cheese. Delish!


  2. says

    Roasted garlic and dill potatoes are tasty and easy, too! I use butter (a stick probably), sprinkle dill all over, and press some garlic (a few cloves). My red potatoes take longer to bake than yours, so I usually plan on an hour (1st half with foil on top). I think I need to make some potatoes for my dinner now.


  3. Vicki Ronsick says

    This recipe also works in the crockpot. Potato wedges like the picture will take 5 or 6 hours, but when you chop them into small cubes they will be done in 3-4 hours. Perfect for a potluck. You can also use other seasoning combinations too. We like parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme with a bit of salt and pepper.


  4. Courtney says

    Thanks for the recipe! We had these tonight with roast chicken – yum! Mine took almost an hour in the oven and then I broiled for a few minutes, as you suggested.

    Do you use organic herbs? I have been trying to decide if it is worth it to replace all my spices with organic, which are pretty pricey.


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, I do use organic herbs as much as possible. I buy them through my health food cook at a reasonable price. If you look on my Healthy Disounts Page, click on Mountain Rose Herbs and you’ll see some great prices there too! http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/heavenly-homemakers-healthy-discounts


  5. Julia says

    After cooking in the oven for nearly an hour and they were still partially hard, I gave up and threw them in the microwave to finish cooking. Yummy, but required much patience…


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