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I’ve been excited to get the Real Food Reality Resources Package into your hands because the contents within answer so many of the questions I get so often about where to start, how to keep up, how to get ahead, and how to save money while on your Real Food Journey.   It’s always great to hear your feedback and to know that the information we share really is helpful to you!

Here’s what Kelley said after purchasing the Real Food Reality Resources Package:

I bought the  Real Food Reality Resources Package last night and have already devoured most of it!! ABSOLUTELY loving it!! Thank you soooo much for all you do. It is GREATLY appreciated :) Blessings to you and your family!!”

And here’s a fun comment I received from Melony:

Just a thank you for your amazing resources. Your website has helped make our transition to whole/clean eating so simple and painless. It is nearly dinner so I am off to make some of your delicious Corn Muffins.”

I’m always encouraged when I read comments like those…so thank you!

For just a few more days, we’re offering this Real Food Reality Resources Package, worth $24.95, for just $19.95. We want you to succeed on your real food journey. You can do this!

Reality Resource Sale 2

Get all of the details about the Real Food Reality Resources Package here.  Not only will you receive loads of helpful ideas and instruction, you’ll receive more delicious (and easy!) recipes too!

Real Food Reality Package

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  1. Birdie says

    Hello Laura. Thank you so much for making your package so affordable for me. I had a peak at everything and it looks good, good, exceptional!! Your assistants and you did a great job!


  2. Kathi says

    I have already purchased everything in this offer except for ” do the funky kitchen”. I love your e courses. and your e books. I am becoming a real food mom and wife. my family is enjoying all the new fresh foods I put together for our meals. Thank You!!


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