Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Remember all the lovely pictures of our garden that I took on Monday and shared for Gratituesday? Those pictures are all we have left of our garden.


Here’s what our spinach and lettuce looked like on Monday.

hail garden 1

Here’s what our spinach and lettuce looked like the very next day.

Tuesday night (yes, the very Gratituesday I had shared those happy garden pictures), a huge hail storm hit our town. It smashed our garden all to bits.  Seeing how this hail storm effected all of our garden areas, we sure hate to think what the farmers around here may have lost.

Can we replant? Probably. Will we? Yes, it’s not too late to replant some of it. Is this the end of the world for us?  No, but it is a huge disappointment. It was a lot of work, many hours, and quite a few dollars worth of plants and seeds – down the drain. I know this loss could have been a million times worse. Our home is fine. Our children are fine. Nobody was hurt. Still, waking up to a sad garden mess was disheartening.

hail garden 2
Most of the leaves on our pepper, okra, and tomato plants were broken off.

The moral of the story:  We can make plans, work toward a goal, and look forward to something – but the end result is never really up to us. We just get to sit back and trust God.

We’re thankful that God knows what we need and that He will provide – even if it might look a little different this year. We’ll be grateful for the handful of plants that seem to maybe be surviving.  We’ll get back out there and put more seeds and plants into the ground. Who knows but that “Garden…round 2″ may be better than ever?!


  1. Jessica says

    So sorry… you’re poor plants. We live down in the Southeast corner of Nebraska. We were spared from any hail. Thank God. Just 2-3 miles west of town the corn and crops in the field we completely shredded. I’m glad every one and the house was fine.


  2. Jennifer M. says

    I’m so sorry to see what happened to your garden and that your family was safe. I heard about the storm, thank goodness hear in Central Kansas we didn’t get anything but rain! We are thankful to God for the moisture as we have been very dry all last summer and winter. Hopefully you can replant some stuff I think it is pretty early enough. We know how devastating it can be after you work so hard, we had bugs 2 years ago kill a lot of our garden. Just a thought but maybe you can find someone who grew some extra pepper and tomato plants and ask them if they would mind selling or even giving them too you! Our pepper and tomato plants all died about two months ago (started them myself) and my kind 85 year old neighbor (who still does a garden) brought us over some extra tomato plants he had when he heard we didn’t have any.


  3. Dawn says

    We also got significant hail and wind damage, as well as repeated flooding here in NW Iowa. Interestingly, I was just looking out my window this morning thinking, “maybe I can just replant some of it and not lose it all”. You are not alone. :) It’s been a crazy year for weather here, and I’m starting to wonder if a garden is just not doable this year. :/


  4. Michele M says

    I’m so sorry. I know how that feels. Several years ago, my husband and I went to watch fireworks in a neighboring town on July 4. Our garden was doing nicely and our sweet corn was within a week or two of being harvested. When we got home, our pigs were in the garden and had destroyed everything. I was so mad and I chased those pigs around the garden. My husband likes to tell people that we had “fireworks” again when we got home!

    You have a really good attitude. I know it’s hard, but it’s good that you realize in Whom to put your trust.


  5. Jennifer M. says

    On a earlier post I meant to say that glad your family was safe! I never noticed that I had typed that wrong.


  6. Jennies says

    I know how you are feeling! Mine was hailed out Tuesday up by Valentine. My pepper and tomato plants were reduced to bare, 3″ sticks. Strawberries ripped to stems (they should recover). Then I replanted and have pulled the plants up twice since….

    Sorry this happened.


  7. Leigh says

    I’m so disappointed with you about your garden but also thankful with you that your family is safe and your home is intact. Your attitude is amazing and encourages me to have a better outlook. God is good all the time.


  8. CW says

    I’m so sorry your garden was damaged. That happened to a friend of ours whose beautiful garden was her pride and joy. Amazingly, the plants recovered, and she had a great harvest. Maybe yours will bounce back too.


  9. Sarah says

    Lift your head up my sister in Christ! Cut the tops off your spinach (leaving about 4-6 leaves on each plant) and they should grow back even stronger in just a couple of weeks. It looks like you still have lettuce there…you just need to baby it for a week or so. Use some fish/seaweed blend liquid fertilizer once a week, make sure you water very well and all things will be right back! Love ya!


  10. Shelley says

    So sorry about your garden. I know what it’s like. If it’s not the weather, it’s the insects, ground hogs, chipmunks, birds, rabbits etc. around here at one time or other. It always seems like God will send someone to ask if we can use their extra produce, and it’s exactly what we need.


  11. Karen says

    My sympathies are with you! . . . The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. (Job) Thanks for your example of finding the good things to be thankful for in the midst of the disappointment.


  12. Karen Dee says

    Oh! Your poor garden! I am so thankful all else is ok and I know you can regrow. Just so sad looking after the beautiful pictures we saw! Prayerfully, soon you will have more.


  13. Lana says

    As a green thumb gardener I would advise you to just leave everything be and keep it watered. It will most likely recover and put on new leaves. God made plants to be such resilient amazing things! A good friend whose brother is a farmer had his mint crop completely destroyed one year and ended up with double the yield because the plants recovered and flourished. Yours will likely do the same!


  14. says

    I’m so sorry for your loss, but I am so thankful for the lesson you are teaching others with your grateful attitude and your faith that God will (and does) provide. People are watching to see how we handle these types of circumstances. Matthew 5:16, right? I will be praying for your garden while I am watering, weeding, and praying for my own.


  15. Birdie says

    Hello Laura. A few years back hail came through and destroyed gardens and crops. We had some building and vehicle damage. The day before I had praised God for the fantastic garden and the abundant crops. It was such a shock to see all of the damage. In the end everyone was alright, garden and crops came back. I think that I am glad for the event because my garden and the crops are so special. A reminder that God created and we must value every part of it. Keep your chin up and praise God that all of you were safe.


  16. Janet says

    So discouraging! After getting a good start on the season last year, we faced similar losses (the garden gate was left ajar, and a deer got in–anything it didn’t eat was literally pulled out of the ground and baked in the sun!). Instead of cheerfully getting right back out there and replanting it the very day I found the damage, I spent over two weeks of perfect summer weather on useless complaining before I grudgingly replaced the plants. By then, it was too hot for the new transplants to thrive. While everyone else was passing on their surplus garden bounty, I was still bitterly waiting for my first tomatoes. I learned my lesson–yet again–that when I cannot change the situation I can only change my attitude!


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