Help for Haiti…the Giving Challenge!


Oh, this is SO exciting. 

I already posted here about sending money to people in Haiti via Compassion International.

Now…another way to help! Crystal (Money Saving Mom) has issued a challenge of sorts. I decided to join in to help raise a little bit more money for families in Haiti.

Here’s where you come in. Figure out something you can do to help the hurting people of Haiti. Anything

  • Can you give up coffee or soda or another special treat for a month…then donate the money you would have spent on that treat to people in Haiti?
  • Can you put off buying that special splurge item and send some money to Haiti instead?
  • Can you save a few dollars in groceries this month by eating from your pantry and freezer stockpile?   It may not be as exciting, but the money you save could go toward people who need food and water in Haiti.
  • Can you sell a few items you don’t need anymore and send the money to Haiti?
  • Can you gather your children into the room, show them Haiti on the map, talk about the situation and pray together?

Prayerfully consider what you and your family can do. It may not be much. It may be a lot. 

I dare say…any little thing you can do IS a lot. 

And if you don’t have any extra money right now and “all you can do is pray”…oh please, please pray. What a wonderful gift you’ll be giving these families.

Blog about what you’ve already done, what you are in the process of doing or what you plan to do to help. Then come link up here on this post.

For everyone who links up…I’ll donate $.50 to Compassion International for the children in Haiti. (If there are 100 links…that’s $50!!)

Beyond that, for every single comment left on this blog post…I’ll donate an additional $.25.

It doesn’t really sound like much.  It actually sounds like a rather pitiful amount. Oh, but if you all get busy blogging and leaving comments…it could really add up! 

I hope you blow my socks off! I hope so many of you link up and leave comments that I have to raid my kids’ wallets  eat beans and rice for a month! 

No really…thanks to all the canning and preserving and stocking up I’ve done…we’re good around here on food for a long while. It’s  absolutely humbling.  THAT is the very reason I want to do this. Parents in Haiti are struggling to even find a bit of fresh water for their babies. And I’m sitting here with a freezer full of strawberries (and oh so much more).

Start praying, writing, linking and commenting!

OH, and visit Crystal’s site and link up there too! She and her husband are donating $10 for each link!!!!! Wonderful!

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  1. Kari says

    This first sentence is from a NY Times article yesterday. And then I offer one of the many prayers I have been praying.

    “Beni Swa Leternel,” they sang. “Blessed be the Lord.” Lord Jesus, make swift the feet of those who are bringing help and hope. Sustain the efforts and the prayers. May we be reminded that all are our neighbors, across the street, across the country, across the world. And may the song offered by the survivors continue to rise.

    Thanks Laura for doing your part and for teaching your children to pray about what they hear in the news.


  2. Ginger says

    Thanks, Laura for doing all you can to help w/the relief effort. Our church has a missions team on the ground in Haiti. They flew in just before the earthquake struke on Tuesday. We are gathering money and medical supplies to send to our group. All the supplies sent intially have been exhausted. So I know that the banding together of family (church or blog) can be powerful.

    Pls pray that God will continue to provide His protection to the survivors and the workers. I pray the people of Haiti will see His provision, healing, hope and order. He is mighty and compassionate always.

    Pls also pray for our servicemen and women who are responding to the call. My husband and bil both left this week as part of the Navy’s response to the tradegy. Pray they will be used in a wonderful way to provide relief.


  3. Sheila says

    We have a local woman who is a missionary in Haiti (Cape Haitian). We have gotten word that she is ok but her supplies go in through Port Au Prince so her supply route is limited right now. She is doing all she can but supplies are limited. We can do so much by sending a donation for much needed supplies. Thank you Laura for doing your part.


  4. Suzanne says

    Thanks for this Laura- you are an inspiration and our family is going to talk this weekend about what we will do.

    Hope you get lots of response :-)


  5. Ashley says

    We donated to the American Red Cross this morning. Thanks for using your blog to help convince people to donate.


  6. says

    For some reason, I ended up linking to an old post of mine about pumpkin fritters! Totally not what I intended to do! I have re-posted the link to today’s post about Haiti. Sorry!!!

    I am so thankful that you’ve been blogging about this, Laura. And I think I am going to try talking about the tragedy with my 3 year old daughter today… See if I can bring it to her level. Thanks for the inspiration.


  7. jennie says

    We donated to the US fund for UNICEF and also to a local (Kentucky)-based charity called Ten Kids whose goal is to provide a safe home, education, etc. to Ten Kids I like the idea of giving to an organization meeting general needs of the people of Haiti and to one meeting the needs of specific children. We are so blessed–I can’t imagine the losses of the Haitian people.


  8. Virginia says

    Oh, is raiding your kid’s wallets bad? I have “borrowed” from my 2 year old’s piggy bank-I always pay it back! Thanks for what you are doing!


  9. JeannaMO says

    I pray that all of the efforts of everyone around the world can be utilized in the most efficient way possible. That some organization can be created out of all the chaos there and that the donations can actually reach the people in need. Praying for the people of Haiti.


  10. Kimmy says

    Our family is planning to give. Our church ususally takes up an offering for disasters like this, so we plan to give through our church. They give the money to a missionary or organization they trust to help distribute the money. If our church doesn’t take up an offering, we plan to donate the money through Compassion Int. Thank you for your generous heart.


  11. Pam K says

    My heart is breaking for the Haitian people. I pray that the Lord will bless and keep them safe. I have contributed to the American Red Cross and encourage others to do the same.


    Danielle Reply:

    Actually the last organization I would donate to is the Red Cross. After Katrina, and hearing somuch of the money never made it to the victims but in the pockets of the chair people. I’ve been leery of donating ever since. So now, I have to research HEAVILY who I give to.


  12. Alicia Taylor says


    I am already giving to an organization called International Missions Outreach. We have personal contact with these missionaries who work in Haiti. We also support a child on a monthly basis to go to school. They are also fed and clothed through the school. So we will be giving additional money through this organization. Thanks for getting the word out to others.


  13. Susan says

    Love your blog. You’ve reinspired my journey of healthy eating. It really needed a breath of fresh air and that’s what God has done through you. Love your heart for the being the hands and feet of Jesus. I pray (not to break your bank:) you are overflowing with comments today!


  14. Janet says

    Thanks for doing this! I am wondering what our family can do, and as I try and figure it out, I am glad to do some small things along the way. Like leave a comment. :-)


  15. says

    We felt our family could do this month was contribute our January dining budget to this ministry real hope for Haiti . I know that every small amount of finances people can offer will add up! And maybe making mention of our giving away the monthly dining-out money can help others; motivating them to think creatively on where they can come up with some extra money to serve those in Haiti. Fifty dollars is not a lot, but we can definitely forego eating out (and serving ourselves) and use that money to serve others instead!


  16. Sarah says

    I am also glad to be able to do even the smallest thing to help…like leave a comment here and the most important thing of praying for Haiti.


  17. says

    Laura, thanks for this! I blogged about it over on NanaHood and theNanaBlogs, hoping to send a few more folks your way (and to Crystal too). I probably won’t have time to post on my own blog, but we’ll be donating straight to Compassion as a family too.


  18. Christine from France says

    Dear Laura,
    Thanks to you I decided to give next week food budget. We will have pantry and freezer meals, and if not enough breakfast for dinner next week, and nobody will suffer from it !
    Thank you for all you do


  19. says

    As I go through the blogosphere today, I amazed at the generous and concerned people I find. Praise the Lord!

    It is amazing how much a cup of coffee can make across the world!!

    Our family is sending up prayers to the One who can do the most!!
    Our church also took and sent contributions in.
    My heart breaks especially for the little ones affected. We truly are blessed and I am thankful that we are able to bless others in return!


  20. Amanda says

    We’re giving to Compassion International. I’ve also heard good things about Cure, so we’ll be looking into that. Thanks for doing this!


  21. sweetsuelv says

    I am donating to the red cross and my churchs humanitarian aid. I am also posting a comment on all the blogs that are donating. Thanks


  22. Susan says

    I have already been praying, but you have inspired me to do more. Thanks!

    Oh, and by the way, I have read and enjoyed your blog for a very long time. :)


  23. Monica says

    Thank you so much for what you are doing and for the money your and your family are donating to the people of Haiti. My family and I are praying for these people. We pray that God will be with them and help them by giving them the strength they need to get through this devestation. Devestation that many of us cannot even imagine.


  24. Tiffany says

    Due to our financial situation, I am visiting as many blogs as possible and commenting to help raise donations. Bless you for not only helping but providing a way for everyone to help too!


  25. Chrys says

    I donated all my swagbucks for the cause, posted about this drive on Facebook, and plan to donate money, though still deciding which organization to donate through. Thanks for doing this.


  26. says

    For anyone in the DC Metro area, the Haitian Embassy (2311 Mass Ave, NW) is collecting donated items on Sunday from 11am-4pm. Items needed include baby stuff (formula, bottles, diapers, clothes), first aid kits, hand sanitizer, toiletries, socks, blankets, flashlights, batteries, candles, flip flops, clothes (t-shirts, pants, etc) and nonperishable food (not… in cans). I am going to pick up some things to donate tomorrow. And we will, of course, continue to pray for the people of Haiti and for all of the people who are giving their time, money and talents to help.


  27. Beth B says

    Thank you for all you are doing. I am praying for the people in Haiti. I donated $10 via text to the Red Cross for Haiti. I posted on Facebook and challenged others to donate. I am also visiting other blogs like this to help with donations.


  28. NYC gal says

    My husband is a Haitian American, and we are devastated by this disaster.
    I appreicate all you do and keeping people in Haiti in your prayers. We donated to Red Cross and Direct Relief International. We are also planning on donating to other organizations as well. Again, thank you for your help.


  29. Misti McKivitz says

    You are doing a wonderful thing here with your blog, and your family by giving to those poor people in Haiti…Lord that is so terrible and tragic what they are going through. I can’t even begin to imagine…thank God for people like you and those who are there giving their time and resources…and to all those lifting them up in prayer.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family hun.


  30. Carrie says

    thanks for making comment-fueled donations! I donated via text message & am commenting on blogs to increase the donation potential :)


  31. Rachel says

    My family is praying for the people of Haiti and we decided to donate to Compassion International and Samaritan’s Purse.


  32. Robyn says

    We donated to Catholic Relief Services which goes directly to Haiti, and my 6 year old son wants to donate the charity portion of his allowance to Haiti. You’re doing a great thing!


  33. says

    I’m giving $10 eCOUPONs to my online gift store Gifts For One Gifts For All ( to those that have donated to organizations helping the Haitian earthquake victims. When the eCOUPON is redeemed, 10% of the purchase will also be donated to organizations helping Haiti. Read my blog for more details at http:/


  34. tadpoledrain says

    thank you for doing this. i’m so impressed with how many bloggers are doing something similar — i’m trying to leave comments wherever i can. came here from


  35. says

    thank you. I will be sharing heartwarming stories that bring hope and a sense of togetherness and friendship for those who are lost and/or suffering; we all can be that friend, that someone who can make a difference, if only we look a little deeper, and dare to think a little greater… in loving memory of ga


  36. Jenna says

    Great idea, Laura! We know some Bible School students who are going down there to share the Gospel and are supporting them going down there.


  37. Tracy Compaan says

    I thought I’d already posted, but I think I did it on someone else’s blog. We donated to Samaritan’s purse. It seems like such a small drop in a gigantic bucket, but every little bit might help. I’m glad you’re offering to do this.


  38. Mary says

    God has blessed this nation with plenty and it is so great to see America continue to give when there is a need.

    I will donate through my cell phone service and through church.


  39. Melissa says

    May God bless you for what you are doing. We have donated money and bottled water to a local Christian radio station that is sending a team to Haiti. After reading your post we will try to donate to Compassion as well! We are so blessed to live in the USA and I believe it makes God smile when we take care of His children all over the world especially in a time of tragedy.


  40. says

    Blessings Laura… I just came across this today but what a wonderful way to HELP HAITI! I wish I had thought of it or posted something more, now that I see the way to help. This is so fabulous of you! May God bless you as you bless Haiti & allow others to link and make a difference. My regular blog also mentioned HAITI at different times but not once did I think of doing a post like this, I just asked for people to please PRAY for Haiti, the people and the rescue workers like this one with photos from there with a song:

    Thank you for doing this! May God bless you abundantly!


  41. Danielle says

    I just heard on the radio that of the 255 million dollars the American Red Cross raised for Haiti, ONLY 80 million went to Haiti. the rest went to the general fund of the American Red Cross. For future disasters. If they keep on “pocketing” money, soon they shouldn’t need ANY help.

    Apparently writing for Haiti on donations etc does NOT help it go to Haiti.

    This is not the first time the American Red Cross has done this, Tsunami, Katrina, SF Earthquake (’89) etc. And the one time the President of the American Red Cross was fired for his handling of funds.

    This is the SOLE reason I refuse to donate to the Red Cross. the money does not get to the people who need it.


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