Help for Eczema! (a Giveaway from MadeOn Skin Care Products)

I have recently begun a relationship with Renee from MadeOn Skin Care Products and I’m not sure who is more excited…me or my hands.

Really, you should see my hands flying all over this keyboard in their soft and smooth joy. NOTHING has ever worked this well for my dry, cracked hands. In fact for as long as I can remember, my hands have cracked and bled every winter, for the entire winter. It’s miserable, and while I try to keep coconut oil or chemical free lotion on them, it’s never been enough to really help. After thirty-ish winters of painfully cracked hands, I really had given up on ever having relief. You just get used to it, you know?

And then (on what has become marked as the best day of my hands’ life), Renee sent me a BeeSilk Lotion Bar, one of her wonderful dry skin products. I knew the MadeOn Products certainly wouldn’t hurt my hands, because they are made of completely pure, wholesome ingredients. But I’ve been so used to product after product just sort of giving me a short time of relief without really offering any kind of healing. When I rubbed on the BeeSilk Lotion Bar, right away my hands felt great. Okay, I thought, I wonder how long this will last?

Well, this is where the exclamation marks start to fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The relief has NOT ended!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you hear me shouting?!!!!!!!!!!!  I used to be constantly rubbing oil into them – all day long just for some brief relief. Now, once each day, I rub the BeeSilk Lotion Bar on my hands. Not only are my hands not dry, cracked and bleeding…they are SOFT. Soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hands are SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’ve never had hands that have been so dry that they’ve cracked and bled, you may think I’m exaggerating or being weird. I’m telling you though, thirty years of painful hands in the winter. My mom even took me to the doctor for this when I was a teenager and people have always looked at my bright red hands like they were diseased. I’ve always felt bad that my hands haven’t been nice and feminine for my husband.

And now, they are SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeeSilk Lotion Bar will now be a permanent part of our lives. It is made up of three ingredients:  Shea Butter, Coconut oil and Beeswax. All safe, all pure.

We’ve now begun using the BeeSilk Lotion Bar on Malachi, who as you know, suffers from chronic eczema. I’ll keep you posted on how this is working for him. His eczema is severe (mostly on his legs at this point in his life), so the healing is taking a little longer for him. I’m thrilled to finally have a product that I’m not afraid to use that will actually hold moisture in his skin!

I can’t say enough good about the BeeSilk Lotion Bar, and I can’t wait to try more of their products! Renee is offering three of you a chance to win a 3 Pack Dry Skin Care Package, which includes a Family Size Lotion Bar, a Pocket Size Lotion Bar and a Lip Balm (which is also fabulous, by the way!)

Leave a comment here letting us know if you’re interested in winning one of these great prizes!  For an extra entry, click over and “like” MadeOn Hard Lotion on Facebook!

In addition, Renee has created an exclusive Heavenly Homemakers discount for us! You can use the coupon code HHFEB at checkout for 10% off your purchase, good until the end of February.

This giveaway is now closed…thanks!

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  1. alleli says

    I would love to try it, I especially want to win a free sample for a close friend whose hands bleed and crack all year long!!


  2. Ann says

    I too have hands which crack and bleed in the winter and in summer too unfortunately – I’d try anything to cure the problem.


  3. says

    I would really like to try this. I have suffered from eczema all my life. My carpenter husband’s hands crack terribly from the work and elements. I would love to find a cure. I usually lurk (2 years), but this has inspired me to leave a comment!


  4. Elissa says

    My 3 children all have very dry skin. My youngest (21months) has what sounds like the same problems as your son. We have been looking for something to help her. Thank you for all the information on your site!


  5. Ruth says

    Both my daughter and I have Darier’s Disease (a rare hereditary skin disease). Darier’s Disease comes when it wants, where it wants and stays as long as it wants. There is no cure and it itches something fierce. We have tried various prescription creams, ointments and lotions. They only help a little.
    I would like to try your product for free.
    Thank you.


  6. fiona says

    I’d love to win this. My mother has suffered from dry,cracked hands and especially fingertips for years and I’d love to be able to help her. Thanks for the offer.


  7. Emily says

    Would love this for my son (5) who has had eczema since he was a baby. Have had a terrible time finding products that work. Thanks!!


  8. Erin says

    Enter me please. Three of my fingers are so swollen with eczema that I can’t even bend them. Please send me some relief!


  9. Debra says

    This product sounds great. I am always looking for a natural product that I can use on my skin. I have hypersensitive skin and allergic most things on the market. On top of that I am now washing dishes by hand, which dries out my skin and now I have exzema on my hands that just won’t go away. I will most certainly give these products a try.


  10. ElaineDavis says

    I would love to give these products a try…we also suffer from dry, red, cracked skin : ( Thanks for the opportunity!


  11. Melinda says

    My son and husband suffer from psoriasis and I would love to be able to try this for them. My husband, especially is having a hard time finding anything that will help him.


  12. Stephanie says

    My husband works at the hospital and gets terribly dry with big red splotches from all of the hand washing. If this product really works, we would love to try it!!!!!!


  13. says

    This product sounds wonderful! I have a 6 month old that suffers from patches of eczema here and there, and my hands are not used to this northern cold weather and constantly are dry and cracking. I’d love to see how these work. Thanks for a chance at a freebie!


  14. Karen Schwarz says

    I’m so excited to try this! My hands hurt, itch and burn so bad. I just ordered the combo pack. Thanks so much for sharing about this product!


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