Heavenly Homemakers Vanilla Extract For Sale (While Supplies Last)

It’s time! We’ve got a batch of Vanilla Extract bottled and ready to go. There is a limited quantity, and each time we offer this, it has always sold out quickly, so get it while you can! I will update this post throughout the day to keep you informed as supplies run low.

We encourage you to look into making your own vanilla extract, and are excited that Olive Nation offers all of us a 10% discount on their vanilla beans, if you use the code home.

But if you don’t want to make your own, or yours isn’t ready yet, we’re happy to offer four and eight ounce bottles today. Our vanilla is completely pure, not watered down, no sugar added. You can see how we make our vanilla here. Because this vanilla is so strong and pure, you can use half the amount called for in a recipe. Therefore, this vanilla should last you twice as long! More bang for your buck!

We are only able to ship to the U.S. The prices you see include shipping costs.

Heavenly Homemakers Vanilla Extract

4 ounce bottle
Sold Out!

8 ounce bottle
Sold Out!

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  1. Jackie Leyba says

    I absolutely LOVE this vanilla. I was wondering if you were going to be able to offer it for sale. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m glad I was able to order some again!!!!


  2. Leslie Graves says

    I just got my vanilla beans in the mail yesterday! Time to start making some of my own vanilla!! Tropical traditions is amazing! I love their coconut oil and palm shortening as well!!


  3. Charlotte Moore says

    I ordered my vanilla beans from Olive Nations and so pleased withe the company and product. I order my coconut oil from Tropical Traditions and love their company also. Thank you Laura for referring these companies.



  4. says

    I just ordered from them last week and am anxious to try the coconut flour out this week. Also, thanks for mentioning that it freezes well. I like to buy in bulk :)


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