Heavenly Homemakers eBook Overload Package – Get 10 books for $20!

We couldn’t have a month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen without offering an awesome sale!

For one week, you can get our Heavenly Homemakers eBook Overload at a huge discount off of our original price. These books would be over $51 if you buy them separately, and $40 when you buy them as a package.

But now through Thursday, September 27 – this eBook package is only $20. Yep, that’s just $2 per book! Read more about each eBook by following the links listed here.

Interested in having many of my favorite recipes right under your nose? That’s what you’ll have when you purchase this package deal. These recipes are basic, simple, and call for wholesome, real food ingredients. 

Be sure to take advantage of this deal before Thursday, September 27!

Heavenly Homemakers eBook Overload


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  1. Jennifer says

    How fortuituos! (did I spell that right?!) I was just looking at this package yesterday, but at this price I’ve snapped it up! :)


  2. Crista C says

    I already have all of your ebooks. I picked them up the last time you had a super duper sale. I love everything I have cooked from your books so far. :-) You are my go to person for simple real food recipes that come out tasty.


  3. Jami says

    This is an AWESOME deal!!! Totally worth every penny!!! Bummer though, the only one I don’t have yet is “What To Do With The Cocoa In Your Kitchen.” :)


  4. Marie says

    Sorry I don’t have the money right now to buy the cookbooks because, oh, the recipes you mentioned sound so yummy! Been craving chocolate pumpkin bread lately! :)

    Thought you might be interested in case you don’t already do this… because I know you make whole wheat tortillas. You might try your yogurt peanut butter dip on whole wheat tortillas to make wraps. I have a similar sounding yogurt pb recipe for a spread that uses a little raw honey for sweetener, and some orange juice and a dash of cinnamon for a nice sunshiny flavor and mix it up (you can also add flax seed if you want). I keep it in the fridge for my kids to spread on w.w. tortillas, add sliced bananas and roll them up. They love these and make them for lunch, breakfast and afterschool snacks.

    How funny but it never occurred to me to use my yogurt peanut butter spread as a dip. I will have to put it out for snacks w/ fruit. Thanks for a great idea.


  5. tina says

    I really enjoy your site!

    I just viewed the email concerning this great sale,
    but it is over now. Will you be offering again soon?

    Thank you and have a joy filled day !


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