Gratituesday: When the Wind Blows


Jesus had just finished speaking to a group of people as He sat on the side of a mountain. In His sermon, He had given His blessing to those who were mourning, to those who were being peacemakers, to those who were poor in spirit. He admonished the crowd to check their hearts to be sure their anger wasn’t taking them down a path of destruction. He encouraged them all, letting them know that they were the salt and the light, created to be a blessing to those around them. He counseled the crowd not only to love their enemies, but to pray for them. He spoke to them about prayer, about giving, and about seeking the Father and storing up treasure in heaven.

Perhaps you’re quite familiar with this “Sermon on the Mount” as we often call it. You can find it in Matthew 5-7.

What strikes me most about these words of Jesus is how He ends His speech:  “Therefore anyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”

The Rock

I pause to emphasize that He does not say “a rock” but “the rock.”  THE rock. Shall we continue?

“The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against the house; yet it did not fall…”  Why?? “…because it had its foundation on the rock.”  Jesus, of course, goes on to say that the foolish fella who does not listen to Him and put His words into practice is like one who built his house on the sand. The rain came, the streams rose, and the winds blew, and the house fell to the ground with a crash.

What do the wise man and the foolish man have in common? They both experienced the rain and the wind that beat against their house. Jesus does not tell us that if we listen to Him, obey Him, and “build our house on the rock” that we will not be hit by a storm. He tells us that if we plant ourselves firmly on the Rock, then our house will continue to stand strong through each storm.

Instead of being discouraged, I am comforted by the fact that Jesus says “when” not “if” in regard to life’s storms. Why should I be naïve or in denial about the fact that there’s always going to be something going on in life that is (from our perspective) less than ideal? We aren’t in heaven yet, after all. Sometimes the storm may be mild, coming in the form of a few sprinkles that spit against the windows and make them smudgy. Sometimes the storm rages, appearing as a hurricane that seems to have no ending. It’s not fun. It hurts. It’s hard.

So we obey Jesus’ teaching, look up toward the Father who promises to hold us fast, and build our house on the Rock. When the rain and wind come, we stand firm. And we look forward with hope toward the promise God gave us. We’re not gonna fall. Our Foundation is mighty!

Now your turn. Share what you’re thankful for!  Leave a comment on this post letting us know how God is working in your life. If you’ve written a blog post about what you’re thankful for, leave the link in the comments so we can visit your blog to read about it. We love sharing and reading about God’s blessings!


  1. says

    I am tankful 2 GOD 4 making me, my families,neibors,friends & well wishers 2 be among d living in d land of d living.Thank u faithful JESUS.I luv ur site.


  2. Audra Devine says

    Matthew 5 and 6 is my reading today! Not at all surprised that God tied your post today into that. : ) That’s how He works.

    I am thankful for my church family and how we love and support one another through lifes storms.


  3. Missy says

    I just realized this morning that many of the blogs I subscribe to and read, and many of the Facebook posts I see are about taming the tongue and being wise about the words we use with our family. I don’t see that as a coincidence. I’m thankful that Jesus puts these things in my path during the day to remind me.


  4. ms.p says

    Changing the way I look at life. Even though we are still going to the rough patch in life. Instead of looking at the negative I am looking at the postive. My relationship with god is stronger. My hubby is closer to my youngest daughter. My church family been very supportive. I have lot go some people go in my life. Since then my aniexty went down to were it don’t effect my daily life.
    I haven’t turn to food for comfort.


  5. NancyWilbur says

    How timely! I experienced a disappointment recently, but you brought it into prospective! It really was just a raindrop, not a hurricane!
    Thank you.


  6. says

    What a blessing to be reminded of the things we already know but don’t think of when the storms of life are raging. Thank you for sharing it really helped and blessed me today!


  7. Jennifer says

    Oh Laura thank you. Amen. Amen. Amen. I read the sermon on the mount yesterday and god shared those same
    Thoughts with me! I am going through a storm- a mighty wind, and I feel shaken. But I cannot fall when I keep my eyes on Jesus. Thank you for gospel ing our hearts.
    Bless you


  8. Marsha says

    I am thankful for answered prayers!!! I just learned that my best friends uncle was able to be taken off life support and is starting to recover from a very large aneurism that he suffered on Saturday. My dear friend thought she would be attending a funeral today, on her birthday, but instead we can be thankful for his strength & answered prayers. Also thankful for the skill that God gave to his surgeon. He still has a long road of recovery and another surgery ahead but with faith & prayer his future is bright!!!


  9. Sharon says

    I am thankful that no matter what physical problems I and my fami l y have, that I can always turn to God to keep me strong. It’s good to know that we have Jesus example for how we should lead our lives.


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