Gratituesday: Weekend Highlights **UPDATED** Mr. Linky has joined us finally!


I just experienced one of the most wonderful, relaxing, family-time filled weekends ever!

One of my favorite parts was spending time playing games. We played many a lively round of Apples to Apples Jr.   Two evenings in a row Matt, the two older boys and I played games of Settlers of Catan

I didn’t even win ANY of the games…and I still had a blast and was nice to everyone and all of that. (This might have had something to do with the fact the the games occurred after it was way past my bedtime and I couldn’t complete a sentence correctly, much less get super competitive.)  ;)

But my favorite, favorite part of the weekend happened on Friday.

First, we slept in…the best thing (in my opinion) to do on Black Friday. 

Then we dragged down all of our Christmas decorations.

THEN…I did something new…which might just have to become a new Christmas tradition.

I took each boy, ONE AT A TIME, out to do their Christmas shopping.

First, Elias and I went to the Dollar Store. He had his very own money. He had a plan. He bought a little gift for each of his brothers and for his Daddy.

We went home and hid his presents…I grabbed Malachi and out the door we went. His experience was a little different, since he doesn’t understand money very well yet. Plus…he tried picking out things HE liked instead of things others might like. (“Actually Buddy, I don’t think Daddy is very interested in a Yo-Gabba-Gabba toy.”)  Malachi was very proud to carry his very own shopping bag out of the store.

After I took Malachi home, Justus and I went to Wal-mart. I loved this time with Justus because I realized just how thoughtful and generous he is. He loved it and even put up with me when we had to look at a few grocery items I needed because, “That’s okay Mom. It will give us even more time for just you and me by ourselves”.

Finally, after Daddy got home, I took Asa out shopping. He had been the patient one all day long…waiting last in line for his time out with Mom. He had been the helpful, selfless babysitter all day for the other brothers while I took each boy out shopping one at a time with me. Asa’s night out with Mom was well deserved. It was a great time away with my very grown up (and almost as tall as me) kid. 

I wasn’t even tired after coming and going all afternoon and evening long. I was energized. I think the kids were too. Time alone with Mom is rare. We are SO going to do this more often.

Oh, and in case you’re worried, Daddy will take all of the boys shopping for Mommy some night soon. That’s another great tradition in and of itself. Quiet night at home for Mom. Daddy and the boys and a list at the store picking out pink things for the only one in the house who likes pink.

christmasdecor091smWe finished up our weekend by getting all of our decorating done!

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as wonderful as mine!

What are you grateful for this Gratituesday? Write about it on your blog, then come link up here. If you don’t have a blog, be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you’re grateful for!


  1. says

    What a fun tradition to bless your boys with! Since mine is 2, we’re just focused on not falling out of a shopping cart right now. But one day, we’ll both appreciate times like these!


  2. says

    ”That’s okay Mom. It will give us even more time for just you and me by ourselves”.

    Oh my, that made me cry big fat real tears. I am thankful that I have a precious daughter who might one day say the same thing to me!


  3. Carmen says

    I just finished trying another one of your great recipes. It then hit me that it is Gratituesday and I should tell you that I am really thankful for you!! Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful recipes. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.


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