Gratituesday: This and That


God is good…all the time. Here are a few bits and pieces I’m grateful to be able to share with you:

  • When Matt’s cell phone fell out of his pocket as he was leaving for the airport on his way home from California last week…he dropped it IN our sister-in-law’s car. Not on the sidewalk…not in the driveway…not in the middle of the airport. He could have lost it forever…but it was safe inside Kari’s car. Good ol’ Fed Ex had it to him two days later.
  • Last week I caught a sinus infection.  (Which beans by dose is pretty plugged right dow.)    With by asthba my asthma…any kind of infection I catch usually makes it’s way into my lungs, then it takes me a LONG time to get over it. This time my lungs stayed clear and felt much better in only a few days! Yay!
  • At just the right time over the weekend when I was experiencing some moments of discouragement, my friend Char called. The phone call was just what I needed and I’ve felt better ever since. Aren’t Christian friends the best?
  • The past two mornings, I’ve actually heard birds chirping outside our windows. In FEBRUARY. It’s the sweetest sound…and holds the promise of spring!
  • Through Facebook, I’ve re-gained contact with several high school friends. I’m really excited about that. What a neat tool for keeping in touch with people!

I love that God works in big, bold ways…and that he works in simple, everyday ways too. I love that he never tires of blessing me.  


How is God working in your life? What are you grateful for? Read the details here, write about your blessings on your blog, then come link up with us. If you don’t have a blog, please leave a comment letting us know what you’re grateful for!

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  1. says

    I also love that God works in big ways. Funny that most of the time we do not realize how big it really is until later. Have a wonderful day.


  2. says

    I am so thankful that God has allowed me to have my parents around for this season of life. I spent a good deal of time talking to them on the phone last night and they always have such wisdom to share. By the way, this is my first comment on your blog, but I have been “lurking” for several months now and enjoy it very much!


  3. Emily Kay says

    first of all, thank you for your transparency. It is refreshing to read that you sometimes feel a little discouraged, too. I only say that because sometimes it can seem that other people “have it all together” and are doing everything that needs to be done every day and praising Jesus all along the way. I feel like I am very blessed with a wonderful husband, 3 beautiful children, a precious family that I am so close to, awesome sisters-in-christ that bring me joy and so much more. But, I still feel a little down sometimes. And, then I feel guilty for feeling down. It just made me feel better to know that you were feeling a little down, too. I don’t know. Anyway, Thanks:)
    Also-I LOVE FACEBOOK! It is a wonderful way to keep up with people near and far. So much fun!


  4. Step says

    Coincidentally, this asthma afflicted mama caught a bit of a cold last week but dodged the full blown asthmatic bronchitis and need a round of antibiotics (bleck!) that usually goes with any virus I might catch. A good thing, indeed!

    Otherwise, I’m grateful for the break in the bitter cold weather that we had in December and January. Cabin fever was beginning to set in with the kiddoes and the warmer weather came just in time.


  5. Janet says

    I’m thankful for my family, for my husband’s job, for the one day a week I get to work and the blessing it is to take my youngest with me so I don’t have to hire a babysitter! And for the Christian family that watches my other son, knowing that he is in such good hands!


  6. Amy says

    I didn’t get a chance to read my favorite blogs yesterday so I read this one today and I have to say…what I am most grateful for yesterday is that my sister got GREAT news that her biopsy on a mass in her neck came back negative (NO CANCER!!) and that both of my kids (who have been sick for a few days) are on the mend and starting to feel better.
    Praise God!


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