Gratituesday: One Day at a Time


I mentioned here that Matt’s job future was a bit uncertain. Matt’s boss has a definite moving date now, so his final day of work with him was last Monday. 

We have known for over a year that this would happen, so we’ve been planning for it.   We feel very strongly that God wants us to stay in this town to continue building on the relationships we have here. 

Matt has decided that as long as it works, he’ll just continue to do construction/home repair work on his own (plus soccer coaching in season). He’s already lined up several jobs and every day another possibility comes up for more work. 

He also purchased a nice snow blower at an auction and has been talking with various downtown business owners (and homeowners) about snow removal. Already, he has some contracts worked out to remove snow for people. (Sorry fellow Nebraskans…never thought we’d say this…but our theme song around here is “Let it Snow!”.)

Beyond these two things, we also plan to continue to cater auctions and are looking into other possible catering ideas. (Since we know a thing or two about food and enjoy it so much.)  :)

We’re excited about the possibilities. By doing a little of this and a little of that…it should add up to enough.  God always gives us enough.

Sometimes I look too far into the future and get a little nervous. Sure, he has jobs lined up for now. What if the jobs stop coming in? What if it doesn’t snow much this winter? What if, what if?

I finally decided…Focus on one day at a time. That’s all any of us can really do anyway, right? Each day has enough worry of it’s own. One day at a time…God will provide.

I love being able to rest in his promises.

How is God working in your life? Write about it on your blog, read the Gratituesday details here, and come link up with us! We all want to read and share together about God’s greatness and care for us! God is so good!

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  1. says

    Oh Laura, what a great attitude. You are so right – the best way to get through is to lean on God at all times and trust Him to take care of the details. He always does, one way or another.

    We absolutely relate to your situation. That is pretty much how we’ve been living our lives for the past 4 years. Sometimes are more financially difficult than others, but we control what we can control and lean on our faith for everything else.


  2. Mrs. S says

    Just wanted to encourage you. You have such a great attitude already. I wish I had had that attitude when my husband went out on his own a year and a half ago. But I was so full of fear! God really has shown me that He is in control of our lives! What a blessing it has been to “reliquish” control (as if I had it in the first place LOL) to the Lord. And you know what? God has been so faithful to meet our needs. People would be amazed at how well you can live on how little! The Lord knows when a sparrow falls, how much more does He care for us His children?! Keep the attitude of Thanksgiving. And when that week comes when there is no work (and it will come at some point) remember that He is still faithful. Just when I start to stress, my husband’s phone will ring! God is so good!!


  3. says

    What a wonderful attitude! What a comfort it is when you serve the Living God!
    “I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly”


  4. says

    We’ve been living like this for years! But it’s a beautiful and spiritual place to be in.

    When we know and I mean REALLY KNOW that God is our ONLY (and I mean ONLY;) Source and Supply, we can really SEE Him move.

    It is EASY to know a pay check is coming in, but living by faith alone! Whew!

    But OH what a wonderful MARVELOUS thing it is to have NO promise of a pay check and no business lined up and to get a bill— and then, to take it to the Lord on your knees, get up from your prayer and have an email or the phone rings!

    And my children…WOW!…I know they are so dear to His heart! He has proven Himself a very faithful Father to them. I could tell you a gazillion stories! Miracles!

    Once, and I’ll never know this side of Heaven who did it, we were going through a VERY tough time, several years ago. NO money had came in in 8 weeks! I told the Lord, “These are Your babies. You know their needs. Lord, please show them Your faithfulness to them.” I went outside and stuck in my windshield wiper blade, was a gift card to Walmart for $400!!!! I ran in the house yelling “Boys! Boys! Look what God did!”

    I’ve kept the children right in the middle of things too. Some say, don’t make them worry, don’t scare them…but I say LET THEM WAIT AND WATCH THEIR FATHER! And for the sake of their soul, teach them to pray for daily provision!

    And just wait ’til you see my post today!


  5. says

    Dear GOD,
    You are the GREAT GIVER…THE GREAT I AM! You take care of Your sheep! Thank you! We are so grateful! Please let Matt and Laura rest in You as their GOOD SHEPHERD! Thank You, in advance, for all You are going to do for them, in them, and through them! We give You the glory! Because of Jesus, Aman
    I so appreciate the comments so far and really connect with Donna as I see God’s hand in it all…from newlyweds with no groceries, we had someone hand us a bag of eggs saying, “You wouldn’t be able to use these would you?”…to no crib for our firstborn, yet with a knock at our door we opened it to find a brand new crib on the other side…to years later the buyout of our business…to mortgage payments paid…to a years salary given…God knows our needs even before we ask!!!


  6. says

    God has always provided for our needs, sometimes in amazingly miraculous ways. I pray that He will bless you with peace and excitement as you wait to see what He will do!

    I read somewhere that we should think of trials not as a test of our faith, but as a test of His Faithfulness….and He will always prove himself true to the promises in His Word.

    Your testimony and example is very encouraging. Thanks for sharing!



  7. says

    Praise God for how He provides for us even the birds of the air. HIs blessings abound everywhere! You are such an encouragement in your attitude! Thank you!


  8. says

    You have a wonderful attitude about this all. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. It is such a great thing to know that God is in control. He never closes one door without opening many more.


  9. says

    How wonderful that the Lord is providing for your family. I am sure that you will grow in may ways as you learn to trust completely in Him and His provision. Have a blessed day!


  10. says

    These stories are amazing! We are also in a time in our lives where we were uncertain what the future would look like. We have watched as God had provided the next step every time to cross the bridges of uncertainty. Though we aren’t through them all yet, we know that He will provide!


  11. says

    A God who holds the whole world in his hands, holds us especially close when we trust in his will. Blessings to you and thank you for sharing your heart with your cyber-friends! Teresa


  12. nikki says

    Hi Laura,

    Just wanted to tell you, I will be praying for you and Matt. I know that God loves us all, we are the apple of His eyes so there is no way, He would abandon us. Thanks so much for encouraging a lot of women out there. You are a blessing.

    Nikki Woodhead


  13. says

    Thanks for hosting Gratituesdays! It’s truly a blessing to read all the amazing things God is doing in the lives of people all over the place.


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