Gratituesday: My Prayer Mugs


Through the years, it’s been interesting to discover what items trigger a memory of someone I care about. The laundry detergent I use makes me think of one of my sisters-in-law, because she is the one I purchase through. My painted toe-nails remind me of my cousin, Carie, who paints a fun design on my nails each summer when I see her. And last summer, someone at church comment on my flip-flops. From then on, every time I put on the flip-flops, I think of her.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I believe that when someone comes to mind, that is the Holy Spirit prompting us to pray for that person. Therefore, doing laundry reminds me to pray for my sister-in-law. My cute summer toe-nails remind me to pray for Carie. And my flip-flops? Well, it just so happens that the person I had that conversation with and that I always think of now when I slip on those shoes moved out of state a few months ago. She and her husband are away from family for the first time while she is in grad school. She and I weren’t close really – more like acquaintances. But I tell you what. She is very dear to me now, through the power of prayer. I believe God has used each of these “silly little things” to remind me to pray for those I might not likely think to pray for throughout the day. Isn’t He cool?

At Christmas this year, our family carried on our tradition of “Mom taking each of the boys shopping, one by one, to shop for each other.”  It’s a riot, it’s a little bit exhausting, and I absolutely love it. Each boy has a set budget, and an idea of what he’d like to buy as a gift for each of this brothers. He and I have one-on-one time while we shop together and he makes his purchases.

Last year, Malachi had a difficult time figuring out what to purchase that would fit into his budget and that his brothers would enjoy. He finally spotted a variety of mugs – gift packaged with marshmallows and hot chocolate mix. There were four different colors, so he could pick a mug for each brother based on what color he might like.

There was just one problem though. If he got one mug for each of this brothers, everyone would have a mug but him. I mean, he was in the giving spirit of Christmas, but still.  He thought maybe he needed one of these cool mugs too.

Therefore, into the cart went four different mugs. Under the tree went the gift wrapped mugs: “To Asa, From Malachi”; “To Justus, From Malachi”; “To Elias, From Malachi” and in true Coppinger silliness, “To Malachi, From Malachi.”  They had a blast opening their mugs and enjoying their hot cocoa packets. Anytime I make hot drinks for the boys, I serve them in their special mugs.

boys mugs

But here’s what I love best about these mugs.  In the mornings, while the boys are still sleeping, I get up early to have my coffee and time with God. Each day, I choose a different color mug. Each mug represents the boys who owns it. The morning I am drinking from their mug, I pray very specifically for that particular son. Obviously, I pray often for all my boys. But there’s been something very special and powerful about spending specific prayer time for the son whose mug I am enjoying that morning.

I’m so grateful for the way God works. If He can use coffee mugs, flip flops, and even toe-nails to accomplish His purposes – I’d say we serve a pretty awesome God!

Now your turn. Share what you’re thankful for!  Leave a comment on this post letting us know how God is working in your life. If you’ve written a blog post about what you’re thankful for, leave the link in the comments so we can visit your blog to read about it. We love sharing and reading about God’s blessings!


  1. says

    Love what you have written about the mugs as in our family mugs have always reminded us of people or events so they are great memory joggers. Plus of course I love a nice mug for my coffee, puts a smile on my face.

    So it’s quite appropriate that my blog post from Wednesday was about a mug and I am thankful for the mug and the memories and encouragement it brings me.


  2. says

    I am thankful for Tuesday drum lessons for our 14-year old, and the time spent with the younger children in the van while we wait. Each week we break from our normal chapter reading from the Bible and read from the latest Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Even my smallest child is learning to be grateful for the spiritual freedom we enjoy and to have compassion for those who are suffering for the sake of the Gospel. It has been a real eye and heart-opening experience for me, and I am thankful that the children also have the opportunity to understand that the spiritual freedom we take for granted is not how all believers live.


  3. ms.p says

    Thankful for my life in general. Hopefully soon we will be changing our life. Praying for my hubby gets a different job soon. Wonderful to watch god plan may not be mine but in the end I will always be great with god leading me not me.


  4. Shannon says

    I loved this post. I’ve never thought of using those little “this makes me think of_____” to remind you to pray for that person.

    I’m grateful for a husband who shows me everyday just how important I am to him. I see so many women who feel that their husbands don’t appreciate them or the things they do. I’ve NEVER had that problem. Mark always tell me and shows me that he is grateful for me and that makes me grateful for him.


  5. LeAnn says

    I love this article. I am the same way. Little things remind me of someone and I pray for them. Also at night when either I can’t sleep or am awaken during my sleep for reasons I don’t understand I ask the Lord to please be with whomever it is that needs Him. While I don’t know who or what the Lord does!

    I am grateful for God’s gentle reminders of people we need to pray for.


  6. Ashleigh says

    I love mugs. And I love the idea of having special ones for each kiddo. I’ll have to remember this post when my kids are big enough to drink from big mugs.

    Today, I’m grateful they are little. And I’m grateful to be 38 weeks pregnant with our 3rd little one.


  7. Cathie says

    Today, I am thankful for GratiTuesdays, to remind me to be thankful. And I feel the same way about when people pop into my head – say a little prayer for them.


  8. Sheila says

    You are a beautiful person. In the midst of my feed reader entries (how to grow your blog, look at my etsy shop, try this product – not that there is anything wrong with any of these things in themselves, but they become tiresome), I find this, and I am grateful for YOU.


    Birdie Reply:

    I stand in agreement Sheila!! I only have a few sites that I value. They have products to offer, but it’s done tastefully. I see that these people have a love of sharing their hearts more than trying to sale. One of them is Laura. She blesses more than she sales. Hee Hee!


  9. Birdie says

    I am so thankful for my awesome God, who I can lean on for strength as we are faced with three difficult situations. I am so thankful for my dear husband, who appreciates my support through these difficult times. I am so thankful for my dear children, who want to be home schooled and who look forward to my cooking. I am so grateful!!! Yes, my dear family have picked out their own mugs and glasses.


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