Gratituesday: My One Defense

Hello from camp, again. :)  This week, Matt and I are teaching Bible classes each day to senior high campers. We love these kids!

My internet time is limited, so for Gratituesday today I wanted to share one of my favorite songs. I love worshiping along with this song:

I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for this week. Leave a comment and share!

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  1. Nia Hanna says

    Hi Laura,
    I know you’re at camp this week but I just wanted to share a great deal I found at K-mart online for a Nutrimill (for those that don’t know K-mart is a partner of Sears). So anyway Sears online has Nutrimill grain mill for $181, but I decided to check K-mart to see if the price was the same and it was actually a little cheaper at a price of $171 (of course it blesses our families when we save money), so I had to share this. Also a two year warranty runs an extra $30 for those that want it. I’ve never seen these mills under $200(even without a warranty) so I’m very excited that for $214 (this includes a warranty) a Nutrimill can be had for those interested in taking advantage of this. Oh and orders over $59 at K-mart and Sears ship for free so of course this qualifies!


  2. Lana says

    A long time dream of our church began yesterday. A 2 week camp for inner city kids ages 11-14. I am so grateful for all those who are giving of their time, talents and money to make this camp a reality.


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