Gratituesday: My Marriage


About a week and a half ago my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. By “celebrated”…I mean that we hardly saw each other because there were three soccer practices that day! No matter. While I love having dates with Matt, I don’t NEED them to feel loved and secure.

Sorry to get all mushy here…but Matt does an awesome job cherishing and caring for me. Every day. He shows me by working hard to bring home the paychecks. He shows me by getting excited about the food I cook. He shows me by being grateful for his clean clothes. He shows me by being a wonderful daddy to our boys and being the spiritual leader in our home. He shows me by choosing me to be his best friend.

Matt and I work very hard to protect our marriage. We never let our guard down because WE CAN’T. The devil would like us to. And he’s waiting for us to. 

We’ve seen too many marriages crumble apart. It’s been devastating and painful to watch. It makes us realize even more how precious God’s gift of marriage is to us. 

I don’t ever want to take my marriage for granted. It is the greatest treasure I have on this earth.

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  1. says

    Congratulations on 15 years together. My hubby and I celebrated 18 in July. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything and I look forward to many more to come.

    One of the best ways all couples can help protect their marriages is to pray for one another daily. To never stop saying “I love you” and showing it as well. To show our kids that we love and respect one another.

    Mine is linked but won’t appear until Tues. morning.


  2. Jennifer says

    Congratulations! My husband and I are soon to have our 12th anniversary. They’ve been 12 wonderful years – I could so identify with your post today.


  3. Jenn says

    Thank you for the reminder. It is so true, Christian marriages are really under attack by the devil! My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in June, so we are by no means experts, but thanks to God’s grace we have several Godly, mature couples in our church who have been married for several decades and can set an example for us and instruct us in God’s way.

    I am so thankful for my husband and the special relationship I have with only him.


  4. says

    Happy anniversary! We celebrated our 9th back in May. What a great reminder to NEVER let our guard down! We have from time to time and have paid dearly. The best advice we have ever received – don’t be ashamed to seek help – everyone should get a marriage “tune-up” yearly! We are off to a great marriage retreat this weekend!


  5. Jamie says

    Aw, Laura, this post got me all teary-eyed! My husband and I celebrated 13 years yesterday…separated by thousands of miles, as he is stationed in Afghanistan, and the kids and I are, well, not! So for now, I am grateful for the modern technology that enables us to “chat” and show each other pictures on the computer every day, and I am grateful for and to the One who sustains us and our marriage. :)


  6. says

    Happy Anniversary! I understand about how you feel. Just yesterday I realized that we had both forgotten to celebrate an important date. We had been so busy with returning from vacation that it completely slipped our minds for the first time in 6 years!

    I have realized that a big part of marriage is about all those things that our husbands do for us on a daily basis, and if we are noticing them then it is easy to be grateful!

    Sure I get annoyed with my hubby, but everyday I am grateful for the wonderful husband and amazing father that he is!


  7. says

    A wise woman protects her marriage. I am glad to see you and Matt put a hedge up. Very important. :)
    Congratulations on your anniversary.
    THis Saturday we celebrate 32 years!


  8. Mari says

    Happy anniversary and thanks for the great post. I needed reminding that even though my husband and I don’t have romantic dates all the time and even though he doesn’t bring me long stemmed red roses everyday, he shows how he cares by working hard to be a wonderful provider, husband, friend, and father.


  9. Rebekah says

    That’s great Happy Anniversary!!! Can you give us some good examples of not letting your guard down??? Been married almost 5 wonderful years and hope to be Godly example of how fun marriage can be!!!!!!!!!!


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