Gratituesday: My Family


Last week for Gratituesday, I featured my in-laws

This week, I thought I’d talk a bit about what’s going on with my side of the family…as they also deserve to be appreciated!

In 2004, I lost my mom to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Such a painful loss…but God is good. Some day I’ll write more about that time in my life.

Today though, I want to tell you about how things are going with my family currently.

Last winter, my dad announced to us (all nervous and giddy-like) that he was going on a date…his first one since Mom died. 

Well, talk about mixed emotions for me… Happy for him…wanting him to have someone in his life…not sure what to think about it…feeling freaked out that my Dad was going on a date…knowing this was normal and good…

Several months later, I was standing up with him at his wedding. (Another day of mixed emotions!)

So, let me tell you about my dad’s wife, Tacy. 

What a wonderful lady.  

Tacy lost her husband to cancer just about a year before my mom died. She and my dad share the understanding of what it’s like to lose a spouse.

She has two adult children…who are also wonderful. Really wonderful.

Tacy loves the Lord, loves my dad, loves my children, loves me.

I’ve heard of some crazy situations when a parent gets re-married. You know, the stories of how, “Dad’s new wife spends all his money…never lets him come see his kids and grandkids…tears the family apart…”

I am so thankful that Tacy is just Tacy. She’s sweet and giving. She treats my boys like her very own grandkids. She’s happy to hear my voice and see me when we visit. She encourages my dad to be the great man that he is. Tacy is an answer to prayer.

I’ll always miss my mom. We all will. But God gave us a blessing when he put Tacy and her family into our lives.

And for that, I am grateful.

Please join me this Gratituesday and share with all of us what you are grateful for! Leave a comment here…or grab the Gratituesday graphic and share today on your blog. Be sure to leave a comment here with your blog address so that we know to come read about what you’re thankful for at your site!

Give thanks to the Lord…for He is good! His love endures forever! Psalm 136:1


  1. says

    Aw, you made me cry with your post, Laura. I’m so glad for you and for your dad and your family that God brought Tacy along and blessed everyone in the process.


  2. jayme says

    She IS just so sweet. And so willing to be open to the family. You just can’t get that by accident. It has to be God-sent. :)


  3. Sheila h. says

    I never met my father-in-law due to ALS but am glad that your dad found happiness again. My mother-in-law does not date, even 15 years later.


  4. patsy fromherz says

    I have somthing to be very greatful for. my husband works for Britton Transport a trucking company longhaul. On August 1st he left for Massachusettes for a good long run and he took our daughter Bernadette with him to give her a nice small vacation before she had to go back to collage. Well on their way back from the trip while in Wilks-berre Pennsylvania the transmission in his truck blew and they had to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks waiting for the truck to get fixed and of course no miles no money,. Well I am thankful that Bernadette was with him, because the hotel room had a microwave and she was able to help her Dad with the food problem, you know, what to buy from the store and of course how to cook it in the microwave. And she was there so that he was not all alone for those 2 weeks missing his family. I am also very thankful that the company paid him down time for those 2 weeks so that when he came home he still had a paycheck even though he made no miles. The company also paid his hotel bill. So I am very greatful. God was watching out for all of us. I am also greatful that the Tornado back last spring down in Tennesee went over the top of my husbands truck and did not touch down. and my husband lived to tell me about it Thank Goodness. God is Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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