Gratituesday: My Chefs


Last Saturday it was HOT. I was feeling rather useless by late afternoon. All I felt like doing was sprawling out under the ceiling fan in my recliner. And so I did.

Imagine my joy when Elias and Justus came to me and asked if they could PLEASE make dinner for everyone. I have no idea what made them want to do this.

Side note:  Saturday afternoons are the hours we’ve allotted in the week for the boy’s Play Station time. I couldn’t even believe they were giving up those precious minutes to make dinner. Without being asked. Or threatened.

So off they went (while I stayed in my cool, useless position in the recliner) to scrounge up some dinner. They put together the greatest meal!   Seriously, you should (have your kids) make these sometime. (And I should have my kids write their own ebook.)

Elias spread mayo on the tortillas he found. Then he topped them each with the cooked chicken leftover from a few days before.


In the meantime, Justus carefully cut up tomatoes….


And carrots…


Then Elias stuck a piece of spinach on each tortilla and some tomatoes and carrots.   Check out his cute little tortilla assembly line!


Now, wrapping them up was a little tricky because they were so full…so I had to get my lazy self off the chair to help. It’s okay though. I’d already gotten my lazy self up to snap the above pics. 

For ONE WHOLE HOUR they worked hard on that dinner.  They were amazing and darling little servant-hearted angels. And they were SO EXCITED to be making dinner for the family.

Hearing their sweetness and joy in the kitchen was all the refreshment I needed on that hot summer day. (And wow…was my tortilla wrap YUMMY!)

I’m so grateful for precious moments like this with my kids. (It’s good to have these moments to hold onto when they’re tearing my living room and each other apart.)  And I’m grateful that they are learning to serve.

What are you grateful for this Gratituesday? Blog about it, then come link up with us here. If you don’t have a blog, leave a comment letting us know what you’re grateful for!


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    What memories! I am sure that your boys will remember this their whole lives! When we lived in Texas our boys hosted a “Cowboy/Cowgirl Tea” for their sisters and their girlfriends (all elementary age)!
    It makes me sad for Cristi Schwamb who is not able to be experiencing these things with her other children while she is in her sixth month in a hospital room with her daughter Lauren who awaits a heart transplant.
    I am so grateful for this whole family and what they are teaching me! I share their video on both of my blogs today!


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    Oh how sweet! Speaking of sweet– that’s what my kids would do if I turned them lose! They’d stuff pita pockets with chocolate chips, coconut, and honey! :-)

    Your boys did a great job!!!!

    Love the new look!


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