Gratituesday: My Boxcar Children


You’ve read The Boxcar Children, right? If not…you HAVE to read The Boxcar Children. Hands down…it is my favorite children’s book series (which is saying a lot, because I love, love, love Little House on the Prairie books. I’m not trying to rub it in or anything…but I did end up having my very own boxcar when I was little. That may have had something to do with why I love these books so much.

This book series isn’t exactly and entirely what this post is about. This post is actually about what I walk into each night when I go tuck my boys into bed. There they all are…lying on their beds…all completely still and quiet for the first time all day. And there is Asa (our oldest) propped up by the lamp reading the latest Boxcar Children Mystery to his brothers.

It is so sweet.

I would capture it on camera for you…but um…the boys’ summertime jammies aren’t quite Heavenly Homemaker website friendly. They resemble a little something close to what I don’t like hanging out on my clothesline…and I’m not talking about their socks (although their socks are not always presentable either).

Oh, and neither is the floor of their bedroom.

Anyway, what I’m grateful for this Gratituesday is for the sweet memories my boys are making. They don’t know they’re making memories. The littler boys just think their biggest brother is reading to them so that they can stay up later. :)

Of course they’re right. It does cause them to stay up later. What like twenty…thirty minutes later? I’ll gladly let them do that while they let these books take them on adventures together. And…while they’re on these adventures…I may or may not stand outside their bedroom door just listening to the sweetness of this time. And feeling proud of my oldest guy who loves reading to his brothers.

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  1. says

    My daughter absolutely LOVES the boxcar children. She has listened to the original countless times, and we read aloud the mysteries in the series as much as time allows. I’m looking forward to when she is able to read them herself! Not that we don’t love reading them to her, but there are only so many hours in a day! :)


  2. says

    My kids went through spurts reading alone or reading together. Some of my richest treasures were finding them reading the Bible together before bed OR when they were in high school all engrossed in Frank Peretti books. GIGATTAATTGIG!


  3. says

    These are treasures that you store up. They will be wonderful memories when they are older! God bless you as you raise godly young man. Our world sure needs them!


  4. Barbara says

    My kids have been reading Boxcar Children for at least 3 years now – they love every adventure, over and over again. They keep asking Daddy if he will buy them a box car!


  5. says

    So sweet! My boys just started sharing a room a couple months ago and I already love the added bond this has given them. I really don’t mind hearing them giggling for a few minutes after lights out because they are enjoying each other!

    Great reminder about The Boxcar Series we are going to start reading that together! Oh, and totally laughing at your boys pajamas, my 6 year old sleeps in the same thing! And the floor in their room? Also, so very not presentable!


  6. says

    We love the Boxcar books, too! It’s a special time before bed when I read them to our 6yo. Pretty soon she can read them to me! ;-)

    Might not have time for a Gratituesday post today… just know that I’m grateful for another bloggy meet up! Going to see Crystal today, and meeting Carrie from Wish you were here!


  7. says

    I’m so glad you shared this! What a sweet memory… for all of you! It also reminded me to enjoy those moments in my own home. Even if it does mean they’re staying up a little later than normal.


  8. says

    Aww… I loved the Boxcar Children growing up… I used to be able to quote most of the first book. ;) Sadly, I’ve found the quality of the “franchise” books (you know, like… #112-#298…*rolls eyes*) make them not worth the effort. But the original ones are really fantastic. Have your boys done Swiss Family Robinson as a read-aloud yet? Man… I dog-eared my copy by the time I was 9! :) We never had a boxcar, but we certainly had some pretty elaborate tree houses! Congratulations on raising boys who love to read (esp. to each other)!


  9. says

    I loved the “Boxcar Children” books! We actually got one on tape from the library a few years ago to listen to on a road trip, just for fun… and this was before we had kids! :)

    What a great memory!


  10. says

    I loved the Boxcar Children series (though my adoration of Laura Ingalls is probably more complete). I’m glad your kids are getting a chance to learn those lessons through adventure together. Thanks again for hosting!


  11. says

    I can just picture your boys together. I’ve always wanted a house full of boys, but so far I only have one child. I think kids really need others to grow up with. Life can be tough sometimes, but at least they have each other to lean on.


  12. says

    We have always loved the Boxcar Children! Our two oldest spent a lot of time with those books and now we’re beginning to enjoying them with our littles. The best part of this post, other than the great reading material, is the relationship building that’s going on between your sons. It warms my heart!! Thank you for sharing this!


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