Gratituesday: More Jars!!


I can’t help but be grateful for jars today. Thank you all for putting up with me. :)

I thought I was the only one who loved jars at the level in which I love them. I was wrong. Take a look at Jodi’s jars!!!!!    I loved the beginning of her post with her pics…but as I kept reading and seeing more and more jars…I could hardly stay in my chair! Oh, beautiful jars!

Anyway, as the fresh fall produce just keeps making it’s way in abundance into my kitchen…I was suddenly running out of empty jars. That’s saying something because I have over 300 of the delightful jewels.

The day after I used my very last jar to can tomato sauce, I ran into my dear friend Lorna Mae. She asked if I would like some tomatoes. I told her I would LOVE some tomatoes, but I was out of jars to put them in!

Then she said,  “Oh Laura. If you need jars, I can give you some jars!!!!!!!!”  (Okay, maybe she didn’t say it with that many exclamation marks, but I heard it with that many!)

The next day I went to her house and picked up a basketful of tomatoes and THREE big boxes of jars. And she THANKED ME. She’s hated that her jars have been sitting empty and unused…so she was thrilled that I would fill them up to feed my family.

Here’s where you say, “Laura can we please see your new jars?”

Why SURE. I thought you’d never ask:


Many of them are just your average jars waiting to be filled with delicious food. A dozen of them are wide mouth (my favorite!). A couple of them are antique.

But some of them.  Some of them are completely unique and special. It was all I could do to keep myself from jumping up and down in Lorna Mae’s basement!

Look at these beauties:





Can’t you just picture these with tomato soup, or applesauce? (She says with a long contented sigh…)

I’m so grateful that Lorna Mae was so willing to share her jars with me, and that she felt equally grateful that I helped her clear off some shelf space in her basement. 

I love how God gives simple gifts to his children.

What are you grateful for this Gratituesday? Write about it on your blog, then come link back up with us here. If you don’t have a blog, be sure to leave a comment here letting us all know what you’re grateful for!


  1. says

    Can I just covet your jars??!!:)
    That’s really neat, Laura.
    One thing I have been doing lately is–
    If I buy store-bought spaghetti sauce (I know, I know), I save the jar. So I am building quite the little collection, courtesy of Prego,Bertolli,Classico, etc :) (and doing my part to recycle!)


  2. says


    I love it! You are too cute. I am running out of jars all the time, too, even when I think I don’t need to save anymore from storebought spaghetti sauce (it’s my first year canning anything, so I’m not quite as on top of all that as you). The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jars, perhaps, if all of us jar-loving bloggers get together? ;)


  3. says

    Oh, I am jealous! Well, I shouldn’t be, because I have been blessed with many jars this summer too. But I love them as much as you! As much as I like seeing a ton of empty jars waiting to be filled, it is much nicer to look at them already full with yummy foods for my family. Can’t wait to see the pictures of them full. Oh and my favorites are the blue ball jars from long ago. I even have a half gallon jar.


  4. says

    I am oh so jealous, Laura! I just want to touch them. You know like when you see a man with really nice, healthy hair? Do I seem crazy?!? :)


  5. Jenn M says

    I love my DH. We are on the same wavelength and so often he is my biggest cheerleader and a rock of stability when I need it. :)


  6. Sandee says

    funny you should post this, i was just wishing for more jars this morning for the applesauce im making from all the apples we’ve been blessed with.

    we also use gallon jars for our raw milk — we get them from local restaurants. they’re usually pickle jars.

    on another note, in effort to “simplify my life” ive cut back to just following a couple blogs, one of which is yours. i feel like i really connect with the things you blog about, and youre not ridiculously obsessive about things like eating completely organic, no sugar, etc.


    Danielle Reply:

    LOL…. I had to laugh at the last paragraph. some of those blogs just make me roll my eyes out of my head!

    But I do learn a lot from them. Right now, I’m focusing on simplifying. I realized I have more clothes than space to put them in. I’m tired of clothes baskets!

    I truly wish the Salvation Army/Goodwill accepts clothes OUT of season. I have so many Summer clothes I want to give away, since I lost a bit of weight. I may just have to Freecyle them!


  7. Sarah says

    I am super thankful for the random people God sends our ways who have jars they don’t need anymore! I am in the throes of putting up all sorts of things for the winter in jars, and came close to running out (esp of the wide mouth ones) when I “randomly” bumped into a lady I didn’t know at a local general store type place. We exchanged numbers and a couple days later I went over to her house to pick up 3 boxes of wide mouth jars! So blessed! :-)


  8. Maggielou says

    Another jar junkie here. Just 2 weeks ago a dear lady from my choir overheard me talking about canning (yet more) tomatoes. She asked if I take old jars (hmmm, just let me think LOL) I went to get them a couple days later & she also thanked me, more than once. I was very pleased to get them, and will be sure to take her something home-canned :)

    Oh, & I prefer the older/odder canning jars also.


  9. says

    Very sweet about your ‘new’ jars, Laura!

    No time to post at my own blog b/c the phone just rang — I’m off to get 3/4 bushel of green beans to freeze this afternoon (from my ‘egg lady’s’ garden)!

    Praise the Lord for yesterday’s overdue rain!
    (and Mrs. Spear’s abundant garden!)



  10. says

    I love your jars. I have never canned in my life and I don’t have a garden either. But I love the idea of it and would love to start with maybe a small container garden this spring and see how I do! It’s never to late to start, right?


  11. Stacey Kirasic says

    I am thankful that I can nap when my toddler is sleeping & my 6 yr old is at school, so I can nourish the life growing inside me filling me with so much joy…
    Love that you love jars, they drive me crazy! We save all ours for canning too & it seem like everywhere I look there is another jar or another lid!


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