Gratituesday: I’ve Been Waiting A Long Time To Write This Post…


It’s been a long, painful road. You know…the kind you can’t possibly walk through without God’s holding you up?

Matt’s brother Randy and his wife Kari have been on quite a journey for the past several years. They’ve dealt with pregnancy and loss…excitement and disappointment…triumph and tragedy. 

Too many times.

It’s been painful, for all of us…Randy and Kari most of all. They’ve clung to God through it all. Because all the time…God is good.

Two years ago, God gave them a new opportunity. The opportunity to adopt.


With this new possibility came a new kind of joy…and a new kind of fear. This adoption process was not a simple one. (are any of them simple?)


There were times it sounded like the whole thing would all fall through. And then it would all seem okay again. And then it wouldn’t


I think we’ve all been holding our breath for two years.


Until last Friday. Friday, we could let out our breath and jump for joy!


The sweet baby boy God gave to Randy and Kari back in October of 2007 is officially and totally theirs! 


This is the best Gratituesday ever.

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    Oh man, you totally should have WARNED me… lil Allan wants to know why I’m crying…

    So, so, SO happy for Randi and Kari and the entire family.


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    Oh how awesome! What a blessing. He is absolutely adorable and I’m so glad he’s finally home with the mom and dad God selected for him.


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    Life can be sooooo hard, but God is soooooo good. Praise Him for one little boy who now has a real live Mother and Father. GIGATTAATTGIG.


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    Making all us Mommys cry this morning! How wonderful for them. I have a sister who was adopted and it is a wonderful feeling when you know for certain that it is final. Such a blessing!



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    Oh my! Congratulations! Some good friends from church adopted- so I understand that feeling of waiting and hoping, but not hoping too much or getting to excited. Wow. I am so happy for them!


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    Oh my word…what an amazing post. :) As someone who is taking the first step towards adoption TODAY, this is just so encouraging. How exciting!! Praise God and congrats to your entire family!!


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    YAY for your family!!! So thankful that he is now and forever more part of your family. Not that he wan’t before, but the whole waiting thing! Grrrr, maybe laws need to be changed in that regard….


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    YAY! How wonderful! What a great God we have! As a child of adoption, I know what a wonderful gift this is to everyone involved. So excited for them! I wish you guys all the best~


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    Okay, I’m so amazed how small this world is!!! I’ve been reading your blog for only a couple months but I love it. I want you to know it’s wonderful, and right up my alley and you do an awesome job of inspiring me while not seeming at all hoity toity for all your homemaking talents. :) When I first saw your last name, I thought, “Hmm, that’s funny. I suppose there are many Coppingers in the world”. I have no idea what state you even live in. Now you post this and I’m dying. My husband and I graduated from Pepperdine, we know the Coppingers well (my husband’s sister knows them even better), we know many friends of theirs and in general have been in the loop of their pregnancy/adoption struggles. Wow. Who would have thought. So anyway, tell them hello from the Spicers. This is fabulous news about their little boy. And I’ll be sure to pass on the news to my husband. Thanks for your blog!!


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