Gratituesday: I’m WARM!! (**UPDATED**)


I feel a little bit silly writing this post…but really, you can not imagine how grateful I am to FINALLY BE WARM!!! I can not stop thanking God that I am warm, and that’s no joke.

I have been cold, almost constantly since about October. I try to stay warm…but our big old house is just never really toasty warm…and well…I live in Nebraska. I was so tired of being cold.

And now I’m warm!!

In fact…a couple of times…I’ve even been hot!!  I have been cold for so long, that I will NOT complain about being hot!

I’ve been sitting in the sunshine as much as I can (gotta soak up that vitamin D, you know) and just praising God for spring. 

And our windows are open, letting in the spring breeze…and our sheets are hanging on the line…and the birds are chirping.

And I’m WARM!!!

Good luck coming up with a comment to leave on this post. “Laura, I’m so glad you’re warm” is about the only option I’ve given you today. Sorry ’bout that. Maybe you can be more creative than that.

Right now…I’m going back outside to breathe in the springtime!!

Oh…and I hope that you too are warm! Hooray for being warm!

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**UPDATE**  Mr. Linky seems to be out enjoying the spring weather too. Doesn’t he know he’s not supposed to take any days off?! If you wrote a Gratituesday post, please leave your link in the comments section until Mr. Linky decides to get out of his hammock. Thanks!

Also…my overall site was having issues earlier too…sorry about that. Nothing scares a website owner more than when her website is not working. Shew. HOPEFULLY it’s all good now?!  :)

***RE-UPDATE***  Looky there. Mr. Linky is back. Let’s hope he stays for a while…

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  1. says

    If I’m doing this wrong please forgive me. I’m still new to this blog stuff. Anyway, Laura, I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and just wanted to say thank you for sharing your world with us. You inspire me and always keep me giggling. I am so thankful to have a place to come where I know I’m not alone in “Mommyville”. By the way, I am very glad you’re warm. On the same note I am glad to be dry! April showers bring muddy dog paws. Thank you Lord for sun!


  2. says

    Lesley-I just realized that I’ve been linking wrong the WHOLE time-sorry Laura. I’ve been doing this for a while!
    Laura PLEASE don’t shoot me! I promise I’ll change my ways! And I’m so glad you are warming up!


  3. says

    Haha – I had to laugh, because while we have fairly mild winters here in California, I too have that “ready to be warm” feeling come February/March… Of course, by the time we hit 115 in July for 5 weeks straight, I’m really QUITE done being warm… but it’s still fun in, say… May? :)


  4. says

    Soaking in the sun rays, yah! Just think Laura in 20 years you will be warm no matter the temperature of your home. Ah, the joys of menapause! LOL


  5. says

    The best part about spring is being able to have open windows to hear the birds!

    I live in the South, so I have a lot more warm than cold, but our open window season is pretty brief. It’s either too hot or too cold to have the windows open most of the time. So, I love it when I can!


  6. Step says

    Yes! Warm is good — very good. We live in Michigan and it doesn’t get much colder. Well….maybe in Alaska, but you get the idea. I was actually able to wear capris yesterday — YAY!!!!

    I love feeding and watching my birds and there were actually 5 rabbits all at one time in our yard the other day. We live in a subdivision, so this is not the norm. So, I’m grateful for spring and warm weather too.


  7. says

    So happy you are warm… I am warm now too! Living on the border of WI/MN it just started to warm up… and yes, I have been HOT a couple times too!!! THANKING GOD right along with you!!!!


  8. says

    Tee-Hee.. she is “warm.” We had a swimming party here on Sunday – complete with pool and one of those huge blow-up water slides. :-) Add in the few dozen kids from age 2-18 and we had a blast!

    I am grateful everyday for living on the Gulf Coast… ok execpt every few years when we get a Katrina or an Ivan… even then, we get warning… much better than a tornado or earthquake that just hits BOOM. :-)


  9. says

    :) This is so funny because I am so cold today! I live in Brazil and your cold has moved over here, did you send it my way? :)

    I wrote about being grateful here. (Mr Linky’s not working) I like your blog, very nice! :)


  10. Diana says

    First it’s “who has gas?”…now it’s “Laura is hot”!! Too funny! Well I’m SO envious because I just planted seeds in the rain the other day and it has been pouring down hard rain ever since! In the North West we may not get 80 degree weather in May, but the Lord does give us “FREE” water for our gardens and grass. BTW, I just made my first peanut butter the other night and we are hooked! I have a Vita Mix and realized that instead of trying to clean out my blender after making p.b that I should make some homemade peanut butter milk shakes! That way none of the peanut butter went to waste…my family was thrilled! Thanks for all the fun posts Laura!


  11. says

    Oh yes! I’ve been waiting for this wonderful warm weather too. I really don’t like being cold. We turned our thermostat down this winter to save money, and I just kept dreaming of spring. Thankfully we live farther south than Nebraska, but I’ve told my husband over and over that I would love to move to Mexico for the warm weather (seriously). Yay for sun! :)


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