Gratituesday: Grape, Pineapple or Raspberry?


Have I ever told you how smart my husband is?

Matt is quite visionary…he’s business minded and has a wonderful entre…entrepren…entrepreneurial spirit. (sorry…I never can pronounce that word without stuttering over it three times…and then I still can’t say it.)

He works so hard to provide for our family…and is always praying and dreaming about things to do that will help our family financially, as well be a light in our community. He comes up with ideas that I would never think of. 

So, here’s the latest idea that he’s been working hard to get off the ground…

On June 1, we’ll be opening a “Shaved Ice Shack”…just down the road a few blocks from our house. We purchased a shaved ice machine (which is SO cool), and we’ve been experimenting with different flavors of 100% juice. (It’s a tough job, but the boys and I have tried not to complain.) (SLURP!)  :)

He’s hired three responsible teen-agers to run the “Shack” for us this summer. He’s spent hours on the phone and computer working out all of the legal stuff and details. 

I’m just so proud of him…and excited about our new business venture. And I wanted to share the news with you!

This Gratituesday, I’m very thankful for my smart husband and his great ideas. Come on over for a shaved ice sometime!
So what are YOU grateful for this Gratituesday? Leave a comment and tell us about it! Or…if you have a blog, please write about it and come on back and link up with us here! We can’t WAIT to hear how God is working in your life!

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    How exciting Laura! I’m sure it’s going to be a very fun and tasty summer for all involved. Aren’t entrepreneurial husbands fun?


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    I wish I would have know about the shack, I could have gotten you 3! Our not so lovely neighbor has them parked on our street! It looks like we’re having a snow cone convention! Good luck on your new enterprise!


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    Oh how neat! I bet your boys are loving this whole idea! -that is if they’re anything like mine:-)!

    Flavors? May I have a grape and cherry mix please?;-)Unless of course there’s some chocolate back there….chocolate ice…hmmm….


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    I just want to tell you how much I have been enjoying reading your blog. Your heart for the Lord and your family and being a blessing to others is lovely!
    I plan to be a regular visitor and get to know you a bit more by ‘reading your thoughts’. :)


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    I cannot WAIT to come see you guys next month – see your new business – and have me some shaved ice! I can’t even decide what flavor I’d want. Good thing I’ll be there for a few days, eh? YAY for Matt and for his entrepreneurial spirit! YAY for you for being an awesome wife!


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    Wow. Just one more reason to wish we lived closer! :) Matt’s a great guy…and smart too. You two are awesome!

    Today I blogged about “Unspoken lessons learned from others”

    I’m looking forward to my post about YOU tomorrow! :)


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    I cannot wait to have some of your shaved ice! It will be a wonderful treat during the hot summer:) What is your favorite flavor?


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