Gratituesday: God Provides…All the Time


I’ve mentioned a time or two about how our twenty-three tomato plants have NOT been producing well. We planted them in a newly tilled up area and we think that our soil just doesn’t have enough good nutrients in it yet. We’re going to have to work on it. Our plants look pitiful and the few tomatoes we are getting are tiny. 

Did I also mention that we planted what should have been a year’s supply of sweet corn? Yeah…the racoons got it. All of it.

These things happen but it is oh so frustrating. I rely on my tomato plants to supply enough tomatoes for me to make and preserve our entire year’s worth of tomato sauce, tomato juice, tomato soup and salsa.  This year we’ve barely had enough for a few BLTs. 

But guess what?! God always provides! (surprise, surprise)

There are others around me who have TOO MANY tomatoes. Guess who they’re bringing them to?! :) 

I’ve been blessed several times by people bringing big boxes of tomatoes to my doorstep. And they’re thanking me for taking them of their hands. (Um, you’re welcome?!)

I found a good deal on sweet corn at the farmer’s market…bought the vendor out…and put a whole year’s supply of corn in the freezer. Yay! Then over the weekend, a friend gave me some more! 

As a matter of fact, I’ve had so much produce in my kitchen over the past few weeks…I’ve been rather overwhelmed.  

Our own garden is still going crazy with potatoes, okra, squash and SO many peppers. We also still have a few green beans growing. We’ve been able to go pick apples, pears and grapes at a friend’s house.  And don’t forget all the tomatoes and corn people have been giving us. 

Yes, even though my tomatoes decided not to grow this year…and some naughty racoons decided to have an early corn harvest party…God still provides.


Our two big freezers are completely full. Our countertops are overflowing with tomatoes and peppers ready to be made into salsa. Potatoes are all over the floor in one room “hardening off”. And there are still more in my garden.

Oh yes…God does provide.

What are you grateful for? Write about it on your blog, then please come link up with us here so we can all see how God is working in your life! If you don’t have a blog, be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you’re grateful for!


  1. says

    We are up to our ears in huge beautiful tomatoes. Since my father is here we are experimenting with dehydrating along with canning. As my daughter would say, YUMMOO


  2. says

    We are up to our ears in huge beautiful tomatoes. Since my father is here we are experimenting with dehydrating along with canning. As my daughter would say, YUMMOO


  3. says

    Our tomatoes leave much to be desired this year, too. If any of them survive the hands of a tomato-loving-toddler, they’re tiny and not the best tasting things around. At least our boy will eat them!


  4. says

    Hooray!! Raccoons also ate all of our corn- I still remember the ache in my back after planting it all. We did get back at 5 of the raccoons :\

    My tomatoes haven’t gone crazy this year, or any other year, but they were better. Our favorite was the little yellow pear tomato plant which continues to give us garden candy every other day. Next year we may only plant yellow tomatoes- they’ve become our favorite!

    As for gratitude- we’re getting 30 or so new chickies this week. I am grateful for that, if slightly overwhelmed at the thought of getting ready for them.


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    I’ll definately put a post on my blog about being thankful for being able to can. Especially since it was your e-book that finally gave me the courage to give it a try. I just have to wait ’til my 17yr. old is available to show me how to ‘link up’, or whatever. I’m still VERY new to this. I would like to know how your potatoes in the trash can worked out. Not having much space, that seems like an idea that might help us out.


  6. says

    What a wonderful perspective! I’ve been fretting over my container garden not producing the bounty I had hoped for. But I should be thankful for the wonderful farmer’s markets and u-pick farms I’ve discovered this year which have blessed us richly with grass-fed and pastured meats & eggs and organically-grown local fruits and veggies. I didn’t even know these places existed until this year!


  7. says

    We didn’t have a very good year with corn (new spot to plant) or tomatoes, but we have been blessed by family and friends sharing, too. Isn’t it awesome how God provides for our needs?


  8. Staci says

    Hi I’ve been a lurker for awhile now but I just wanted to say God is so good in providing for us!!! I also wanted to ask if you’d share your salsa and tomato sauce recipes? I have a ton of tomatoes this year and I need some more ideas on what to do with them. Thank you


    Laura Reply:

    I can’t share my salsa recipe (someday I’ll write a post about the salsa recipe!)…but here’s the link to how I make my tomato sauce:

    Also, you’ll find all kinds of canning and freezing tutorials in this ebook:


  9. Barbara says

    I am thankful for God’s provision too. We’ve been struggling financially, and while I can’t say that we don’t have food, God has sent ‘Angels’ our way with food for me to can and freeze – we should have enough to last until next year’s harvest! We’ve never been on the receiving end before (except when my parents know that we’re short and they send cash)! It is such a huge blessing! I’ve been working hard to freeze and can, and we won’t be able to start school on time because of all the time required to put it all up, but God has a plan for us and I know that it is perfect and beyond what I can even imagine!


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