Gratituesday: Everything Always Works Out


Remember back in mid-June when we opened our Shaved Ice trailer? It’s been going well, and although cars and people haven’t been lining up for miles to buy shaved ice…business has been decent and all of our customers have enjoyed the shaved ice.

Then last week the city began doing road construction right in our area, making it very difficult for people to see our little business.  For a couple of days, they blocked off one of the streets that gave people access into our lot. And then, to make matters worse…they began parking their big, huge equipment in our lot. Our lot. The one we are paying rent on.

We got very little business last week…and knew that this road construction would not be ending any time soon. Obviously, we were getting quite discouraged.

We spent a lot of time in prayer over the situation. Did God not want us to pursue this business after all? Was this not something we should be spending our time on? We’ve spent lots of time and a fair amount of money on our new venture…was it going to be all for nothing?

Did I mention we spent a lot of time in prayer?

We recalled that a few weeks back, some friends of ours had called and asked how things were going. They own a business right downtown and told us that if we ever needed to use their lot to park our trailer on and sell our shaved ice…they would be happy to share it with us. At the time they called…we appreciated their offer, but told them that we had already signed a lease and were paying rent for the other lot. 

Now, we decided that even though we were already paying rent on another lot…we really should take our friends up on their offer and move to their lot. At least people would be able to see us there, instead of only seeing big piles of dirt and gravel and huge machines.

And then guess what?! The very day we made the decision to move, the guy in charge of the construction project approached Matt and said, “If I pay for half of your rent, can I use half of your lot?”  (Hey, if they were going to use it anyway…it was nice of him to offer to pay us for it.)  Then Matt said, “That would be fine…but would you rather have the whole lot?”  And the guy said, “That would be great.” 

Soooooo, now we are in a lot that is open and does not have huge machinery blocking the way….AND our rent for the original lot is being paid for by the construction workers who are using it. What a huge financial relief (because we thought we’d need to move, but still pay the lease on the lot we weren’t using anymore…).  AND how blessed we are to have friends who were pulling for us and willing to help us out by letting us use their lot. You’d better believe…they’ll get all the free shaved ice they want! (That’s a hint, Tanya…bring the kids on over!)

Again God has proven to us that He always works everything out. Always. :)


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    Wow, what an amazing story of how God’s hand is in all things, and how His plans, although not always our own, are infinitely wise and wonderful.

    I am so happy for you that everything has worked out, and that you are blessed with such wonderful friends. You truly do have a lot to be thankful for. :)


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    Yay! I’m so glad to hear that things worked out for your family. God is good, isn’t He? Although I must say that I’m surprised that the construction workers didn’t want to buy lots of yummy shaved ice. You’d think it would be just the thing on a hot day after operating heavy machinery.


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    I love goosebump stories, and that one just gave me goosebumps. It is amazing to see how God works in our lives! Thank you for sharing!


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    I just “discovered” your blog a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to say I really, really enjoy reading it. It exudes peace and joy and that is very rare. This post put a big happy grin on my face for you.

    God Bless!


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    He was eating my peaches! I thought it was so funny because he wasn’t at all scared of me and just kept going into the tree…must have been some good eatin’!

    I hope the new location does really well…



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    Great story of how God works everything out when we turn it over to him in prayer. I hope things continue to work out for you in your venture and that you continue to see God’s hand of blessing on you and your family.


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    I hope the new location works out for you! That is a fantastic reminder of how amazing God is and that if we give HIM the control, it works out. And, we LOVE shaved ice! I make snow cones at home but it’s not the same as shaved ice. Yum!


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    I have been enjoying your blog (discovered 3 weeks ago when I started MPM) Thanks for your comments, too.

    I love reading how God works in people’s lives. HE IS AWESOME!


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