Gratituesday: Dirty Fingernails


I know, I know… 

You’re thinking, “Really Laura. Can’t you think of ANYTHING that you’re thankful for this week? You had to fall back on your dirty fingernails?”

(Hey, it was either that…or my smelly trash can…) (Just kidding.) (My trash can is never smelly…)  ;)

Okay, really…

I’m REALLY thankful for my dirty fingernails this week!

Know why?! Because that means that I FINALLY got to go out and work in my garden!!

It seems like any time I had free to work…it was raining. And anytime it was nice and sunny…I was busy with other things.

So finally, this weekend I got to go play in my beautiful soil…and dream about the fresh peas and lettuce and spinach….and all the other yummy things we’ll be eating soon. 

And that night…I noticed how dirty my fingernails were…and I thought, “Well, here we go!”

This is the season when my lovely manicured hands look like a farmer. (Um, that was a joke… I had to go look up how to spell manicure…. I don’t even know how to spell it…much less give myself one.)  :)

So right along with all the perks (like dirty fingernails) that come along with gardening…I’m loving all of the fresh air and sunshine…and even the hard work that my garden provides. Ah yes…and the promise of fresh vegetables!

I am so grateful for these dirty fingernails.


So…what did God do for YOU this week?! Leave us a comment….or…  Blog about it and come back and link up! Share with us how God is working in your life…even if it’s “just” a simple thing! Simple things are worth praising God about! Let’s encourage one another this Gratituesday!

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    What a great thing to be thankful for! As my 3 1/2 year old likes to remind me, “Why did God give us dirt if we couldn’t get dirty in it?”


  2. says

    I posted my first Gratituesday! However being the illiterate person that I am I don’t know how to put the neat image at the beginning!


  3. says

    Um…can’t relate to this one much since I was born minus the green thumbs AND I live in the Rocky Mountains in a major city. Unless I want to build raised garden beds in my yard – which I’m sure is not allowed – I’ll have to just be happy that there are people like you who were gifted with a knack for horticulture and I get to bless them with my money at Farmer’s markets and grocery stores so my family can enjoy fresh yummy vegetables and fruits. I’m glad that gardening makes you happy and that you get to experience firsthand the fruits (and veggies) of your labor!

    Today I’m grateful for Finding Love. :) Stop by and read my gratituesday post when you get a chance. Have a great day friends!


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