Gratituesday: Creativity and Fun


Remember when you were a kid…and you were given a lump of clay or playdough…and you just sat there molding it and shaping it until you had the form of what you were wanting? I used to LOVE doing that!

Last week, my two oldest kids were able to go to an art class. When I went to pick them up…they were sitting there having so much fun shaping their clay that they didn’t even know I was there. (You know…kinda like when they are watching a movie?)  We got to bring the clay molds home and bake them and paint them so that we can keep them forever.

So…I have a couple of thoughts this Gratituesday.

First, I’m thankful for my kids…who are healthy and able to sit at a table and be creative and just enjoy life. I really am amazed at their creativity. They are so much fun to watch.

Second, I’m reminded that I should sit down with my kids and enjoy simple things more often. Rarely do I want to sit and play with clay…because it gets my hands messy…I have dishes that need to be done…and I forgot to put the clothes in the dryer. I need to just sit down and play more. 

Third, I can’t look at clay without thinking about how God is continuing to mold and shape me to be more like him. I’m so thankful that He’s still working with me. What a great thing to talk to my kids about while we’re sitting down together playing with clay. A perfect teachable moment.

Here’s the recipe for the clay if you’d like to give it a go with your kids…and here are the creative projects my kids came up with!


So…what did God do for YOU this week?! Leave us a comment….or…  Blog about it and come back and link up! Share with us how God is working in your life…even if it’s “just” a simple thing! Simple things are worth praising God about! Let’s encourage one another this Gratituesday!

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  1. says

    Those three points are so perfect, and such simple but powerful reminders. I too need to remember to stop what I’m doing and enjoy my kids more while I still can. How many teachable moments have I lost just because I was too busy doing something that surely could have waited until later?


  2. says

    Oh, I love this post! Lil Allan and I play with playdough on Sunday mornings before we launch into our Bible class material. (He’s often the only one in the 2-3’s class I teach). We always have so much fun making things and telling stories and being imaginative. I always say we’ll do more of it during the week. I think THIS may be the week we actually DO that! Thanks Laura…


  3. Linda says

    I’ve been reminded of this exact same thing this week. Thank you for the clay recipe and sharing your heart.


  4. says

    Sorry my post (God’s Provision)is up late today. Dumb taxes. lol
    Yes Laura, you are once again speaking my heart with this post. Play more. Stress less. See object lessons God has for me. Got it! :)


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