Gratituesday: Books, Books, Books!


Lately I’ve been very thankful for books. 

First, that we are blessed with SO many wonderful books. Books are everywhere in my house…and the library is just a few blocks away. Is the library not one of the beautiful and exciting places in town?

Next, I’ve been thankful that we can learn so much from books.  And experience places and people and activities that we never could in “real life”. In a really good book…you can visit a far off country or travel in time. You can expand your vocabulary, grow in compassion, gain wisdom, and better understand other cultures.

Best of all…I love how reading books with my kids or husband brings us all together. Books make us sit down together. They make us be quiet together. They make us talk together. They force us to listen.

When a day is so full of activity and busyness…sitting down to read books together brings so much peace and joy.

I hope that my children never outgrow the love of books and that together as a family we can always enjoy them together.

Next time you’re having a rough day…sit down with your kids and a big pile of good books. Just see if it doesn’t make you grateful and joyful!

What are you grateful for this Gratituesday? Leave a comment or blog about what you’re grateful for and link up here!


Be sure to join us for the November Gratitude Challenge!  Challenge yourself to focus daily on what God is doing in your life!


  1. says

    I LOVE when I can sit and read to the kids. These days, I’m too often chasing my 14-month old instead! So I really do appreciate the times when I can snuggle with my bigger kids and enjoy a book together – such precious times!


  2. says

    Oh how blissful to curl up on the couch with my children and read books. What a cozy special time that is. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for that.


  3. Tracy Compaan says

    Love love love books, for myself, and for the boys. I adore how they like to listen to the story and like being read to. My youngest now even at 18 months, picks out a book before naptime and bedtime that he wants me to read. Praise God they love to read as much as me!


  4. says

    I absolutely love reading! My daughter loves a good book, too! We started as a family a year or so ago reading together . We went through the Chronicles of Narnia together. Not sure what we want to read next, but I love the time together. We then read a devotional with Scripture together, too.


  5. says

    I was introduced to your blog from Amy’s Finer Things today, and “thankfully” I had a perfect post to add about the gratefulness for my miracle quadruplets. I look forward to visiting often and thank you for hosting!


  6. says

    I am so thankful for books as well! My son (almost one) is really starting to be interested in them and will point things out in them and sit there for quite a while just turning pages and looking at the pictures. For his birthday, some of our family got him a book organizer and a bunch of new books. I’m so looking forward to spending hours reading them together.


  7. says

    We adore books too! There’s nothing like sitting down and being taken away by a good story. I’m thankful our kids love books as much as I do. A blog you’ll enjoy is for wonderful podcast reviews of kids books – I love it! The only thing better than reading a book is reading and talking about them :o) I love your blog!


  8. Janet says

    I love reading to my boys too! And, they love listening. If they sense mommy is just sitting around too much, they bring me a book and cozy up in my lap. :-)

    Today, I am thankful for boxes! We are moving in two weeks! :-)


  9. Jaime says

    We love books!! I love to find them at thrift shops and yard sales. My kids are always so excited when I bring them home. We are thankful for books!


  10. says

    We are thinking alike there, Laura! This morning I was looking at the totes of library books sitting on the floor… by the piles of our books that are up from the basement shelves… thinking, “I’m so glad my kids are lovers of books!” =)

    Hurrah for the home-stretch of combining!!!


  11. says

    Hi Laura – I learned about your site from your SIL Kari — she and I went to college together. And I’ve been participating in a gratitude challenge for a couple months (designed as a 21 day challenge but I’m not moving through it very quickly – grin) so I thought I’d participate in your Gratituesday too!

    PS-I was a mom who worked full-time until last fall when I made the switch to be at home. It hasn’t been an easy transition for me and I still struggle to define myself as a SAHM or a homemaker, but I’ve skimmed through your site and found lots of little bits of encouragement. You write in a way that is helpful and accessible to lots of different parents — not only Christian stay-at-home mothers. Thank you. :)


  12. Crystal says

    I am thankful for my life and my kid’s lifes that we did not die last friday when my sister lost control of her suv with me and my 2 smallest kids in there , she was going way to fast merging onto the freeway (one of those winding turns) and her suv started spinning and we almost flipped over very scary


  13. kim Taylor says

    We also love, love, love books. I think I would enjoy the book about day, but I think my kids would be encouraged by the night one. As sometimes they can be scared of the dark and just need to be reminded that God is with them at night. Thanks


  14. Shannon says

    I am so thankful that we are having warmer than usual weather here in Indiana. It’s been very nice outside and I’ve been able to enjoy the outdoors more!


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