Gratituesday: Awesome Quilt and Painted Toes

Over the weekend we were blessed to go to Kansas for a family reunion. This reunion happens once a year and has become one of my favorite weekends. We always look forward to catching up with aunts, uncles, and cousins. The kids run and play non-stop during the entire reunion. It is awesome!

One of the best parts of the reunion each year is the “craft auction”. Each family brings items they have made, and we all drool over them for hours before the auction starts. (I took some of my Homemade Vanilla!) My dad happens to be an auctioneer (very handy!), so on Saturday we all fight over who gets to buy what he auctions off each item. The money raised during this event pays for the reunion food and facilities, as well as provides extra money to give small scholarships to college aged cousins. It’s a perfect idea and we all enjoy it so much.

Well, one of my aunts had worked for months creating this incredibly fun Disney quilt, and was generous enough to donate it for the auction. There’s something so sweet about taking home items hand-made by a loved one. And when I saw this quilt, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. We love Disney at our house, and I know my aunt must have spent hours making this treasure. I was so happy when I won the bid that I almost felt like a little girl. I stared at it all the way home…

Instead of trying to figure out which of the boys gets to have this quilt, I believe I have decided that the quilt is mine, made just for me by my Aunt Millie. I may be nice enought to let the boys look at it from time to time though. ;)

And hey, look what else I got at the auction…

I have a cousin who offered to paint a special design onto the big toes of whomever won the bid. I have never gone to have my toes done, and well, the thought of having my cousin do it for me was just too much fun to pass up! Therefore, as soon as the auction was over, I got to plop my feet down into her lap and have a lovely visit while she made my toes pretty. It was a blast! 

I am so grateful for our weekend, and even more thankful that I am a part of such a wonderful family.

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  1. says

    I LOVE THIS FAMILY REUNION IDEA!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I borrow so many wonderful traditions from you as I make our own memories with three sons of our own. Thanks.


  2. Brooke says

    That sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love family gatherings!

    Speaking of family gatherings and gratefulness… I’m on vacation right now with my hubby and our 3 daughters. We’re in Palm Springs, CA (couple hours away from home). We’re enjoying/enduring the heat by playing in the pool, watching movies in the hotel, eating yummy food and just spending time together. Blessed to be able to go on vacation with my family :)


  3. Ami says

    We are just finishing up our family reunion week, and thankfully I don’t have to travel for it! My sweet cousins were in for the first time in a while (one from South Sudan!) and we all had a big “hen” party last night. I’ve been coooking, cooking, cooking and on my feet too much for being 7 mos. pregnant, so last night after dinner one cousing gave me a thorough pedicure and another, with “the touch”, gave me a back rub. Other cousins displayed how to tie scarves and other thoroughly feminine things. It was SO FUN and relief for my body too. Thank you, God, for family reunions and pedicures!


  4. says

    The quilt is beautiful as are your toes. :) So glad you had a wonderful time at your reunion. The auction to fund further reunions and scholarships is a wonderful idea!


  5. says

    I love that you got to go to a family reunion, and I’ll admit I’m more than a wee bit jealous! We used to have reunions at my aunt’s house in Louisiana, and they were so wonderful! Haven’t had them now in many years, and I miss them so much. Most of my family lives down south, and with our family of 8, we just can’t afford to get down there anymore (too expensive for all of us to fly, too difficult to find the time needed to drive such a long trip). I’m glad they are a regular part of your family’s life. God bless!


  6. says

    What great ideas from your family reunion. My husband’s family just had theirs and I know funds were needed for it. I’ll have to pass this idea on to them. You won some great prizes.


  7. Lana says

    My Mom’s family does an auction to cover expenses too! My little brother would bid on everything that came up when he was young and my Mom finally started holding onto his arms during the auction!

    I was bitten by a brown recluse spider on Sunday morning. I am so grateful for a natural medicine practitioner friend who helped us know what to do and my husband who has and is taking very good care of me as I recover. My hubby does my toes!


  8. Lena Courbron says

    Laura, I do not have a blog to link up with you on, So I thought I would post a comment here for what I am grateful for. Today, I am grateful for you! i sit down at my computer to check your blog for the day and I get a little gitty. Like I am sitting to have tea with an old friend(wouldn’t that be fun to do). I just thought I would let you know that. I feel like you are an awesome friend, someone I have known foreven and enjoy visiting with everyday. Thank you for being such a great person even through your blog, you can make some feel this special!


  9. Susan F. says

    I love , love, love that quilt!! It is goo that you realize as a mom that you need things for yourself. It’s easy to want to sacrifice everything to your kids. This teaches them that Mama deserves special things or times too. :) I am thankful today,and every day,for my family.


  10. says

    We didn’t have power for the last 5 days. I am thankful for the things that I learned during that time and am very thankful to have the power back on!


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