Gratituesday: A Step Ahead Of Me


Praise God for women who have been there, done that. I need them in my life, and God has provided.

Why do I need them? Well, just like I needed someone with experience to give me pointers back when I had babies and toddlers, I now need someone to guide me along as I raise teenagers. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing, and for the most part, that’s okay. God teaches us as we go, equips us with what we need, and we as parents do the best we can with the greatest Guide there is. But sometimes I just need to talk to someone a little older, a little wiser, and a little more experienced so that I can ask questions like, Is this normal? How should I respond to this? What did you do when your kids did this? Yes, I have a million questions.

I love that God has known my recent need for mentorship in this area, and that within the past few weeks, He has put me in conversations that addressed just what I needed to hear – sometimes before I could even bring it up! Isn’t He cool like that? He continues to remind me that when I take my self out of the equation and quit trying so hard to be a great parent – and instead let Him parent through me – all of life runs so much more smoothly.

I love that there are godly women around me who have raised fantastic children into adulthood. They point me to God, they smile knowingly when I ask questions, and they encourage me on the journey. I love them. I need them. I praise God for them!

Now your turn. Share what you’re thankful for!  Leave a comment on this post letting us know how God is working in your life. If you’ve written a blog post about what you’re thankful for, leave the link in the comments so we can visit your blog to read about it. We love sharing and reading about God’s blessings!


  1. Missy says

    “He continues to remind me that when I take my self out of the equation and quit trying so hard to be a great parent – and instead let Him parent through me – all of life runs so much more smoothly.”

    Thank you for this. I cried out to God this morning because as we were trying to get out the door, my 4 year old made ‘music’ with 2 light bulbs and shattered one and I found out that my 6 year old climbed shelves in our pantry to get himself and his brother a snack. I didn’t have time to clean anything up as we were already late. I left it for Dad who brought the boys back home since I was at a doctor appointment. As I was driving, I begged God to help me. I certainly can’t do this mom thing alone. I’m so tired of fighting them and my own sinful self. Thank you for the reminder that it’s not me who parents, it’s God through me.


  2. Sara says

    Thankful for a discipleship relationship with a loving older woman who skillfully pours into me with wisdom and truth!


  3. ms.p says

    What god is showing me. been a very hard and stressful year. Getting into the new normal. this time god is in the control seat and I finally letting go of the past.


  4. Anitra says

    Yes! With all my kids being 5 and under, I’ve found myself drawn to mothers of teenagers and young adults. About 2 years ago (when my middle child was a baby), I literally approached a mother at my church and told her something like “Would you disciple me for a while? I admire you and your kids seem to have turned out well.” Her youngest was a senior in highschool at that point.

    It has helped so much to give me perspective that this phase of life (pregnant, 3-year-old, 5-year-old) is temporary, and that I need to enjoy this phase while also looking forward to how we are shaping our children to be adults someday!

    More specifically, today I am very thankful for my obstetrician. She’s very no-nonsense but we understand each other well, and she’s been very helpful through all my morning sickness with this pregnancy. Also thankful for an ultrasound today that showed a healthy baby!


  5. dana delaney says

    I am grateful today for Christian friends who only know how to give with both hands wide open. A particular family has blessed me and my family beyond measure. I am thankful for their giving of their time, treasure, and most of all, for the gift of their Christian friendship and love.


  6. Libby says

    I enjoyed reading this post–I find it comforting to know that others ask for help when going through difficulties in life. That being said, I’ve always thought that your children were so well-behaved, imitating what I believe is a good example from their parents. I hope that when we have kids that I’m not afraid to ask for help.
    Oh, and I’m thankful for my heated blanket today, which supplements the heat from our space heaters. It’ll get some use tonight.


  7. says

    I have no words for how thankful I am for homemaking blogs like this. After returning from fifteen years in outside employment to be a homemaker, I found myself without a starting point to get my household back together. Thanks to this blog, and others like FlyLady and Humble Homemaker, I have started getting my home in order, and I am even able to share my experiences with others through my own blog.

    I truly believe homemaking blogs are providential and even essential in this technological age because our society makes it hard to raise Proverbs 31 women. These blogs are the descendents of the homemaking books of yesteryear.

    A lot of us may have come from homes with working (or even, in my case, workaholic) mothers who did not necessarily teach us humble homemaking, rather harried homemaking (oh! please don’t borrow that idea-I just had a brain flash for a post, haha). There is a huge difference.

    I am grateful for blogs like this and Godly women who take the time to teach others how to good stewards of the blessings God has given them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Y’all are a God-send.


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