Gluten Free and Good For You! New Heavenly Homemakers eBook Giveaway!!

Hey, I’ve got a surprise for you! Betcha didn’t know we had another ebook in the works, huh?! 

My friend Kim (she’s the gal who is the rock star behind our church’s awesome clothing giveaway) and I have been working off and on for several months on what we hope will be a wonderful resource for you! Kim’s family has been eating gluten free for over seven years because of celiac disease. She’s got a husband and three young children and she’s an expert gluten free mom, which is why I tapped her shoulder one day a few months ago to see if she’d help me out with a project “in her spare time”. :)

Our goal has been to create an eBook that will provide you with recipes that are both gluten free and healthy…and oh so very easy to make. If you are someone who needs to eat a gluten free diet, you will really enjoy these recipes. AND, if you aren’t someone who needs to eat a gluten free diet…you will STILL enjoy these recipes!

See, here’s the thing:  My family can eat gluten. I bought 500 pounds of gluten filled wheat berries last winter to prove it. But we have friends (like Kim and her family) who aren’t able to eat gluten. We want to enjoy fellowship with gluten free families and friends. We want to be able to take a meal to them when they have a need. We want to take special snacks to a potluck or party that our gluten free friends can enjoy.

And THAT’S one of the biggest reasons I wanted to put together this eBook. I wanted a resource available on this site that would help all of us, whether we’re gluten free or not. I wanted to offer help to those of us who want to show hospitality to gluten free friends but have no idea where to start. 

Kim has been a fantastic source of information and has offered all kinds of tips for creating delicious gluten free meals, snacks and desserts.  I’ve  included some of my favorite gluten free recipes from the website, and Kim has added many more of her tried and true family favorites.

 Chicken Enchiladas, Calico Beans, Cinnamon Almonds, Michele’s Salsa, Cloud Cookies…those are a few of the 34 great recipes we’ve included in Gluten Free and Good For You!  We purposely chose to only include recipes that would require ingredients that you would normally have in your kitchen, not hard to get, specialized gluten free products.  Just normal, everyday foods that you can prepare easily. We were out to prove that cooking gluten free foods is NOT hard. Because of Kim and all that she has been able to share and teach, I think we have accomplished just that.

I’ve had so much fun trying out some of Kim’s recipes as we’ve worked to put this book together. We needed pictures too, you know…so someone had to make the sacrifice and bake the Flourless Chocolate Cake. I selflessly volunteered. Yes, I’m a true friend.

Can you believe that cake is flourless? And made with sucanat? It tastes just…heavenly! A perfect dessert to share for a special holiday – for those who can have gluten and those who can’t!!

 The eBook will be offered for sale on Wednesday. While we put the very final touches on the Gluten Free and Good For You eBook…we’d like to offer you a chance to win a copy!   We’ll be giving away three…If you’d like a chance to win leave a comment on this post. I’ll draw three random winners and let you know how you can purchase this eBook on Wednesday afternoon!

This giveaway is now closed…thanks!

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  1. Cindy Miller says

    We are preparing to embark on a gluten free diet and looking for any help we can get. Thanks to you all provide resources like this!


  2. Terie says

    I would love to win this cookbook. I always take a gluten free dessert to pot lucks because there are a few people I know will be there who have celiac disease, and a few others with wheat sensitivities.


  3. Beth says

    This looks great and I am glad it is written with a “professional” (read: expert mom) gluten-free cook! Last Friday, the doctor just said “gluten free” to me. Hopefully it will be a short term thing, but you never know. Thanks once again for bringing us such good work!


  4. Paula Fuhrman says

    I am a Mom of three boys and have listened to my middle son complain so long about his stomach hurting. Going gluten free stops his pain. We would love having these new recipes to stay pain free.


  5. hailey hughes says

    Going gluten free saved my life and reversed my sons autistic symptoms! Any thing that makes our lives a little bit easier is a welcomed blessing :)


  6. Jennifer says

    I would love to try this – my son and husband have had issues with gluten at times and we have people in the family who have celiac.


  7. Jenny Watson says

    This looks like quite a handy little book. I am currently learning about gluten-free cooking and baking out of necessity, and I was excited to see this! :-)


  8. Natalie Watson says

    This is awesome! Even if I don’t win I expect to by buying the book. We’ve got a few friends here that have the celiac disease and it’s always so hard to bless them with a meal because they feel bad when I ask what they can and can’t have. I’m always searching the internet or paying SUPER high prices for the premade gluten free stuff so I know we can for sure give them a meal that isn’t going to make them sick!

    What a clever idea! This is what every friend of a celiac needs! Way to go ladies!!!


  9. SarahMay says

    This would be perfect for a gluten-free friend at church. She’s having a baby in December and I know everyone will be wondering what to do for new baby meals!


  10. Jennifer F. says

    I’d be very interested in trying some new gluten-free recipes! I’ve been trying to eat gluten-free for several years (due to health issues) but, some things you just miss too much to cut them out of your diet permanently. I’d love some more recipe ideas to help me miss the wheat less!


  11. Jill W says

    What a wonderful resource. I have fibromyalgia and have noticed that it is worse when I eat gluten. I would love to add this to my collection.


  12. Cara F says

    We just had to start out family on gluten free casien free diet for our oldest. I need all the help I can find in family meal planning I feel so lost! We will love having this book to help in our new adventure!


  13. Wendy Smykalski says

    This is fabulous!!! I found you by looking for Gluten Free recipes and have read your posts everyday since!! My daughter and I would love a copy of this ebook, we are both gf. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes and posts!!


  14. Alison says

    I would love to be entered! My dad and sweet coworker were both just diagnosed as gluten intolerant. And we all work in a bakery where gluten is plenty. Needless to say, I could really use this e-book. ;)


  15. says

    I would love to have this book. My son has been gluten free for a little over a year and we are also seeing signs that another of our children also needs to go gluten free. I can use all the help I can get!


  16. Craftymaw says

    I would love to win one of these ecookbooks. I had known a sweet lady that was on this until she had passed away recently. For those that dont know, at our local grocery store, there is a Gluten free Bisquick out now.


  17. Sa'ada says


    i was doing gluten free for one of my sons because of eczema but i’ve gotten lax about it. and although the eczema has stayed away he gets bouts of asthma now. i need to go back to gf and it would really help to have recipes from someone who’s been doing it for 7 years. looking forward to finding out more about the new cookbook!



  18. Jennifer says

    My son has Asperger’s and we’ve been told that a gluten-free diet would be helpful, but I’ve been hesitating. This would be a great way to start. Thank you so much!!


  19. joanie elbourn says

    I have a wheat sensitivity, so I am always trying out new gluten free recipes… this would be great ! I am so glad someone cared enough to formulate and gather these recipe in one place .


  20. Christina says

    Great opportunity! My sister-in-law is eating gluten free AND I suspect my baby may be needing this in the future. That cake looks phenomenal!!!


  21. Susan says

    I would love to win a copy of your eBook “Gluten-Free and Good For You”. I have been having trouble for years with foods that contain gluten and now is the time to go gluten free!!


  22. Merrilee says

    I too have a friend who could use this – this weekend even for our church Thanksgiving potluck. Thanks for the resource!


  23. Amy says

    This ebook looks great! I gave up wheat for about 4 months, and my joint pain went away. I find that I can eat a little wheat and not have any problems, but I find that I ENJOY gluten-free cooking and baking. Would love to have more recipes in my arsenal.


  24. says

    This would be fantastic. I’ve been cooking g-free for one of my girls for about 6 or 7 weeks now. I’ve learned a lot, and stressed a lot, and it would be great to have something like this to add to my (not diet friendly) recipe binder!


  25. Sharmista says

    Pick me!! My DD is gluten-free and it would be great to have some more recipes that didn’t call for specialty flours and whatnot. Plus, I really wanna try that chocolate cake… ;)


  26. Chelsea says

    All my kids have had food allergies at one point in there lives so I try and take allergen free foods to church functions.


  27. Rita says

    I would love to have this book – I’ve been gluten-free for over seven years and now my daughters are too – we have celiac disease – not fun!!!


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